Sell These Podiatry Pedicure Wholesale Supplies And 10X Your Income

Pedicure Wholesale Supplies And Suppliers For Your Health & Beauty Business



Do you run a Professional healthy & beauty business offering pedicures, podiatry and nail care services?

Using the highest quality professional pedicure tools and products on your patients will increase your income 100%.

Your customers are not daft and they will demand a high end quality service and treatment.

And if you do this i guarantee by offering and using professional pedicure wholesale supplies you clientele will grow fast and your income will 10X.

Where To Buy Pedicure Wholesale Supplies

The best pedicure wholesale suppliers I use are based in the UK & USA.

Using these beauty wholesale suppliers you can not only use quality products that are usually not found in stores,

Increase your income by upselling and simple referrals giving you a affiliate commission at no extra charge to your customers.


Here is my Top 5 Recommended

Sallys Beauty
My Footcare Supplies
Nail Superstore
Harperton Nail Clippers
Amoils Natural Healing Oils

1: Sallys Beauty

Based in the USA & UK Sallys Beauty has stores near by to you and  online trade discounts.

They offer a full range of pedicure products and their top selling ones include:

Portable Salon Station
Foot Scrub
Foot Soak

2: Myfootcaresupplies

UK Based Chiropody Supplier C&P Medical (Myfootcaresupplies) stock everything you need in your Chiropody & Podiatry Business.

They ship Worldwide with tracking and offer competitive shipping rates.

Stock your salon or mobile business with professional toenail clippers, padding, files, orthotic insoles and gel supports for feet.

Monthly offers on a huge range of products plus regular 10% Discounts on Instruments, creams, and Insoles.


3:Nail Superstore

U.S.-based manufacturer and distributor of professional nail supplies,

The Nail Superstore serves salons and professional nail artists as they shop at wholesale prices

To boost your income when you recommend the Nail Superstore to your friends or other beauty professionals via Facebook, email or twitter .

You will get 100 reward points to use yourself . (1000 points =$50) … Learn more 

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If you run a mobile or a salon manicure & pedicure service the nail store has every treatment and product you need for nail care and nail art.

Nail tools
Pedicure Foot Stools / Furniture
Nail Art – Gels

4: Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

Harperton Precision Toenail Clippers are an excellent nippers for cutting Finger and toenails especially thick nails.

I use these personally and recommend them to my patients too with the bonus of a small commission on Amazon.

They are easy to grip and cut toenails so easily with their  sharp precise blades.

I always use stainless steel clippers with good grips so the nippers won’t slip as I’m trimming my patients nails.

I would recommend My Footcare Supplies and the Nailstore For Clippers you can sterilise and Autoclave daily.

5:Amoils- Healing Natural Oils

Treat nail fungus naturally

I have found over the past 10 years using natural products to treat foot problems are winners.

I believe that our bodies are so used to pharmaceutical products like antibiotics and for example acids for warts and verruca,

that when i use natural oils like wheatgerm, tea tree, marigold, geranium plant extracts i get impressive results especially when you have,

Amoils / Healing Natural Oils is a wholesaler of essential oils with products that treat specific conditions such as:

Plantar Warts / Verruca
Nail Fungus
Athletes Foot & Skin Fungus
Cracked Heels

See the full list here and get $10 off your first order on

Contact Amoils for bulk supplies of their oils to stock in your salon they offer great discounts,

Or if you prefer refer your customer directly and when they place an order you will receive a affiliate commission.   Join, Earn Cash!

Let me give you more solutions.

pedicure wholesale supplies

I hope these 5 Pedicure Wholesale Supplies list  gives you inspiration to obtain the highest quality products and boost your businesses income at the same time.

I can help your business reach the next level

I offer one-to one consultations to newbie and established business owners, salon owners, or entrepreneurs like me who run mobile home visiting services.

Using simple marketing strategies like Facebook, youtube and ecommence you can triple your patient list, add new services and let the internet make your business money 24/7/365.

If you are ready to grow read more how now.

How To Stop Toenail Fungus Spreading Using Tactics That Work Instantly



How To Stop Toenail Fungus Spreading

Do you have yellow discoloured nails and have noticed your other toenails are beginning to look a little discoloured or have white spots or ridges forming?

Your nails may be under attack from fungus, and if you already have a fungal infection in one of your toenails,

then you have a 75% chance your other nails will also become infected with fungus too?

7 Instant Tactics you can do today How to stop toenail fungus spreading
  • Trim your toenails as short as possible
  • Soak your feet in antiseptic foot wash
  • Change your socks at least 1 X  a day
  • Spray your shoes or sneakers with a strong anti deodorant spray that kills bacteria.
  • Stop wearing nail varnish let your nails breath
  • Do not rub your feet together (comfort behaviour) as the bacteria can pass like this.
  • Soak your feet in potassium Permangantate Crystals – Follow my instructions here…
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How To Prevent Toenail Fungus In The First Place

Toenail Fungus is a bacteria infection and as a Foot Health Practitioner
The 3 Most Common  Causes Of Fungus are:

  1. Nail Varnish  -Nails can’t breathe, varnish is too thick and left on way to long.
  2. Sweaty feet from sports -Football , Running wet clammy conditions the bacteria gets under the nail bed.
  3. Trauma To The Nail- Nail Falls Off or Heavy item damages nail bed.
1: Nail Varnish causes toenail fungus

The #1 cause for women in my opinion.

How many times have you painted your nails and left the varnish on and just let the nails grow out.!

Well 8/10 people do just that.

Instead of removing the varnish after a 7-10 days it is left on for months!

And this causes the nails to become suffocated and unable to breathe due to the heavy varnish suffocating the nail,

the nail  bed becomes hot and bothered and sweats and bacteria forms and the result is a fungal infections forms.

does toenail fungus spreadSo if you like to wear nail varnish wherever its on your finger or toenails my top advice to you is to clean if off at least every 10 days.

Manicure and pedicure gel shellac treatments will need to be done by a professional.

2: Sweaty Wet Hot Feet

I get to meet a lot of patients from all walks of life!,

The top 2 sweaty feet conditions i come across are caused by …

  1. Sports and Poor breathable sneakers / trainers.
  2. Steel capped Boots 

Do you do a lot of sports, or have to wear steel capped boots for work?

And you notice that your feet get hot wet and sweat?

Then this will cause a fungal infection to your skin like athletes foot, over time the sweat and the bacteria from the shoes will spread and infect your toenail beds which will then cause toenail fungus to grow.

A simple solution to stop hot and sweaty feet in the first place is to use a shoe and foot deodoriser .

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I recommend Purely Northwest Tea Tree Wash treatments to my patients.

How to stop toenail fungus spreading my secret home remedy!.

  • Easy to use apply to a warm bowl of water and soak your feet for 15 minutes.
  • Strong anti fungal wash for nail fungus and skin infections like athletes foot.
  • Cures smelly and sweaty feet issues instantly.
3: Trauma To Nail Bed Will  Cause Nail Fungus

I see this a lot with my patients, and I’m sure you can think of many times you have stubbed your toes or dropped something heavy thats landed on your feet.

I have met patients who have had horses stamp of their feet, a gas cylinder landed on their toes, and patients who have run marathons  who’s toenail has dropped off after the race.

Trauma to the nail bed will cause you problems,  and toenail fungus is a big problem after injury.

If you loose your toenail it can take 7-12 months to grow again if you are lucky.

When you loose a toenail the nail often grows back with ridges and much thicker than before.



2018 Testimonial Healing Natural Oils H-Warts Formula Review

My Honest Review Of Healing Natural Oils H-Warts


Once in a while you come across a product you can honestly say it has worked!

The H Warts Formula has been nothing but a miracle cure of verruca and plantar warts for my patients.

The natural healing oils of Amoils works by killing off the HPV virus without pain or scaring.

Where can i buy Healing Natural Oils H-Warts Formula?

Online at the

Healing Natural Oils H-Warts  OFFICAL WEBSITE , they ship worldwide, and sign up to their newsletter as you get 10% OFF.

Buy H-Warts Formula Here >>>


If you sign up to their mail list often within a 7 days you will be send offers and often they email a 25% OFF code.

This month is JANUARY enter this at check out for 25% off your order.!

Healing Natural Oils H-Warts Directions

Remove your warts naturally

When you receive your bottle it will come with full instructions,

but always do a 24 skin test before your begin treatment.

You do not need plasters but i would recommend you either file the callous down before use,

or apply duct tape or compeed gel plasters which will extract any excess dead callous over and around the verruca or plantar wart.

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2018 Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review Read Before You Buy

Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review 2018

Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review

If you are struggling to bend over to reach cutting your toenails?

Have you tried a long handled toenail clippers or nippers to cut your nails.

There are plenty of nail scissors on the market ,

you can choose from long handled toenail clippers with straight cutting edges or long handle toenail scissors which are very popular.

Cutting your toenails accurately and safely should be your top priority.

No one wants to cut their nails and leave them jagged and if you are a diabetic safe cutting without causing cuts and infections is essential.

Why use toenail scissors to cut your nails?

  • Normally they are long handled which means they allow you to reach closer to your toes
  • They are easy to hold and use just like a normal pair of scissors
  • Light weight and comfortable to hold
  • Angled blade to cut nails so good for left or right handed people
  • Good if you struggle with mobility issues like bad backs, arthritis , strains, weakness in hands

Benefits of using a Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors

  • Makes reaching your feet a lot easier
  • Good quality and good value pair of toenail scissors
  • Extra extension allows longer and safer reach to toes
  • Cuts toe and finger nails
  • Easy to use scissor design
  • Sharp blades
  • Easy to hold comfortable to use
  • Accurate angled blades for precision cutting

Negatives about this product

  • Some people say the holes in the scissors are too small for large hands and fingers
  • No grips or padding on plastic handles
  • I wouldn’t try these on ingrown toenails
  • The blades will not cut thru extra thick toenails easily


And as a Foot Health Practitioner i get asked to recommend the best toenail clippers for people who find it hard to reach their feet!.

Toenail scissors do make cutting your toenails a lot easier at home and are normally safe to hold and cut well.

But i would always recommend you seek advice from a professional if you suffer from diabetes or any circulation issues and get your nails cut at home or in a clinic by an expert who can see and be closer for a perfect trim.

My Review

The Helix Naturals toenail scissors will do a good job if you want well trimmed toe or finger nails, they cut well without leaving rough edges.  The extra length is great if you can’t reach or bend over well to your feet.

I would recommend to patients who suffer with weak or arthritic hands but are still pretty flexible with their mobility.

Not a good choice for very thick toenails but for average nails the Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors will do a fine job.

My Summary

These long handle toenail scissors will enable you to reach your toes a lot easier if you struggle to bend over maybe with a mobility of arthritic problem.

They cut average thickness toenails easily but struggle to cut extra thick toenails.

They are easy to hold but do not have extra grip built in within the scissor handle design which i think would be helpful for people with weak hands and fingers.

Some reviews I have read say the holes for your fingers are too small if you have big hands!.

You can cut your toe and finger nails using these Helix toenail scissors and for under £10 a good quality pair of toenail scissors that do the job in hand.

CLICK HERE :2018 Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Best Deals 2018 Online

21 Reasons You Should Buy Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

Fast Facts About Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

best toenail clippers reviews

  • Easy to grip larger handles which prevents hands slipping
  • Heavy Duty Surgical Instrument Graded Clippers
  • Super sharp precession blades leave nails smooth no rough edges
  • Cuts very thick and fungus nails accurately
  • Can be used by left or right hands customers
  • Best Toenail clipper on the market for ingrown and very thick toenails

Harperton Nippit – Precision Toenail Clippers for Thick or Ingrown Toenails

harperton nippit clipper review


If you are searching right now for a pair of toe nail clippers for your thick or ingrown toenails.

Read these 21 reasons Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers reviews from Real Buyers who are already using the clippers to cut their stubborn thick ingrown nails.

Here are 21 Reasons You must add a pair of Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers to your Amazon basket.

  1. Harper Nippit Clippers Eliminate a trip to the Podiatrist
  2. They’re wicked sharp (which is usually good but can be bad if you’re not careful)
  3. Easy to grip and makes a clean cut
  4. Sharp blades + good leverage = much easier to cut thick hard nails
  5. Handles are easy to grip They seem much more “heavy duty” then clippers I have used in the past. Plus they must be super sharp as they clipped each nail in one press of the clipper.
  6. These are perfect for those hands that don’t work so well any longer
  7. These work great for tough finger Or Toe nails
  8. These bad boys are STRONG! The grip is excellent and does not slide off (even in sweaty palms) like other models.
  9. Outstanding tool and superior customer service from the company. Very impressed.
  10. Far superior to regular nail clippers
  11. Great quality clippers. Opens wide enough to get thick toenails
  12. rubberized grips are so convenient to hold and there is no slip
  13. grips are excellent for my arthritic hands
  14. There is absolutely no question, this is simply the very best toenail clipper I have ever used
  15. Harperton nippit precision toenail clippers You will be amazed and won’t have to go pay someone to cut your toenails anymore
  16. Cut is very smooth and easy
  17. I’m a nurse and use these at work, these are fabulous for my diabetic patients. Love them.
  18. I have had thick and “fungus-y” nails for over 3 decades. I’ve never had a nail trimmer as good as this one
  19. Great nail clippers. I’m losing feeling in my fingers due to diabeticneuropathy and could no longer handle regular clippers. These work great.
  20. Surgical instrument grade
  21. The best clippers EVER – you won’t be disappointed!

See Product detail below

I cut toenails for a living!

As a Qualified Foot Health Practitioner i get to talk to a lot of patients
and they all ask me what toenail clippers i recommend for their nails.

You too may visit a professional like a Podiatrist or Chiropodist and you will notice we all use heavy duty toenail clippers.

The ones i use are just like the Harperton Clippers and thats why i recommend them to my patients.

When choosing a new pair of toenail clippers for your nails make sure the clippers cover these 3 important factors.

The 3 factors when choosing toenail clippers for thick toenails are:

  • Easy to grip so they do not slip when cutting the nails
  • Blades need to be sharp and allow one cut clipping
  • Heavy duty stainless steel so they are strong enough to cut very thick nails

Other problems you may have!

You like many of my patients may not be able to reach your toenails in the first place.!

And that is a serious issue!

But do not worry!

There are 2 long handled toenail clippers i can recommend you investigate.

1: Ableware pistol grip remote clippers
2:Helix Scissors

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What the experts (Harperton)  say about their product
  • EFFECTIVE: The Nippit nail nipper was designed to easily clip nails of all sizes, making it the best toe nail clippers for thick nails, ingrown toenails and they can assist in toenail fungus treatment as needed.
  • VERSATILE: Precision crafted blades will make your manicure pedicure routine making quick work of finger nail and toe nail trimming. The Nippit is also a nice addition to your cuticle nipper trimmer, nail oil and cuticle oil nail fungal treatments.
  • GUARANTEED: Comes with Harperton’s industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty means your purchase is protected by Amazon and backed by Harperton.
  • ERGONOMIC: Unique handle design is constructed from heavy duty polymers and coated in a proprietary non-slip material delivering great clip no matter what.
  • OTHER: This toe nail clipper and cuticle trimmer was built for a variety of uses including: assistance with toenail scissors, toenail clippers for thick nails, toenail clippers heavy duty trimming and assisting with toenail fungal treatment.
Product Specifics

Harperton Nippit Clippers Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 4.3 ounces

Handle: Black Rubber Grip

Manufacture: designed in the USA and assembled in China.

Blades: Made of stainless steel and open 1 inch wide

Hands: Can be used as a left or right handed clipper

Pictures of Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

harperton clipper reviewharperton nippit clipper review

World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper Amazon Review 2018

World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper

Don`t you just hating cutting your toenails?

Well make your life 100% easier using these extra large toenail clippers by 777 available on Amazon.

We have put them to the test and here are my honest views and opinions the good and the bad about these top selling clippers available on Amazon only.

So whats so special about the World No.1 Extra Long Toenail Clipper that is worthy of your purchase?

Product Features I Like…

These clippers feel solid and strong and are comfortable to hold which is very important so your hands do not slip whilst making the cut.

The blades are sharp and make accurate and precise cutting and each cut leaves the nails smooth with no jagged edges.

The extra large design and its built in longer length makes reaching your toenails a lot less stressful.

I would recommend these clippers to people who struggle to reach and cut their toenails.

Product Detail

World`s No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper Amazon

✅ Dimensions Size : 5.6″(L) X 1″(W) X 1″(H)

✅ Weight 4.5 ounces

✅ Model number TS-N-221VSC

✅ Jaw length 4mm


Best Features
  • The extra length 5.5″ thats long for a pair of clippers. Makes reaching your toenails so much easier!
  • They come with a LIFETIME Guarantee.
  • The clippers are made of stainless steel.
  • Made in South Korea who are market leaders of Nail Clippers.
  • Super strong firm gripper.
  • Quality packaging and tools supplied, makes great gift.
  • Precise nipping and clean cut toenails edges.
Things you should know about 777 World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper before you buy….
  • They are heavier than standard clippers
  • Not the best solution for extra thick toenails
  • The Jaw of the clippers does not open wide if you have very thickened toenails.

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Read Genuine Customer Reviews
  1. Easiest to use clippers online
  2. Best Extra Long Toenail Clippers
  3. Extremely easy to hold
  4. Comfortable firm grip great for arthritic hands
  5. Highly recommended for thick toenails
  6. Perfect for all people
  7. Fabulous and sharp
  8. Excellent product i was surprised ow sharp the blades were!
  9. Wow
  10. Excellent quality
  11. The best toenail clipper i have ever used!.

Read over 708 more reviews and testimonials online now

6 Tips to help you cut your toenails using world no.1 extra large toenail clipper
  1. Soak your feet for 10-15 mins in warm water to soften the nails before cutting.
  2. Do not cut nails in bath with wet hands as this may cause the clippers to slip.
  3. Find a comfortable position the cut your nails.
  4. To reach your toenails try raising your foot onto the side of your bath or your toilet seat (closed) for a closer reach.
  5. For extra thick toenails apply a nail softener daily.
  6. Ingrown toenails.  If your nails are sore or infected treat the infection first, soak your feet in salty warm water and use an iodine spray like betadine to cure the infection.
Also in the range…

777 also have a three piece set which is a great travel set or gift….
The 5.5″ toenail clipper is standard and in addition you receive a quality nail file and a cuticle trimmer.

For only $8 more the upset is well worth it,

And you will have a professional all round toe and fingernail trimming system.

Another Problem You May Have!

If your toenails are discoloured thickened or suffer from toe jam!

I would recommend you read this great article about toenail fungus here…

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Final thoughts

Overall i like the World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper product a lot!

The precise sharp nipping cuts average thickness toenails and is comfortable to hold,

Unless you have small hands! you made struggle a little.

The easy grip and larger length design allows you to reach you toenails with less effort,

And you don`t have to worry about the product slipping.

So for everyday nail trimming i would give this product an 8/10 rating.

The World no.1 extra large toenail clipper jaws widths need to be wider for extra thick toenails,

Is my only real negative.

For todays best deals on the World No 1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper visit  Amazon.