How Do You Fix Yellow Toenails In A Hurry ….

How Do You Fix Yellow Toenails In A Hurry …

image of yellow toenails

As a Foot Health Professional I have seen loads of yellow, white and black toenails over my 15 year career.

But what does it mean to have a yellow or white toenail?

And how do you fix yellow toenails fast!

why is my big toenail yellowYellow or white nails on your toes or fingers mean only one thing.

Toe fungus.

Fungus is eating away at your healthy nails but slowly but surely, the infection worsens and you will notice your nails.

  • Weaken and split easily
  • Discolour and look tinged in appearance
  • Small white spots or patches will appear
  • Nails become thicker which traps the fungus
  • Nails look yellow or brown and may begin to smell
  • White stuff under the toenails
  • Nail crumbles and is really hard to cut with clippers

yellow toenail causes how to fix yellow toenails

Although toenail fungus and white or yellow toenails will not cause any harm to your health in general.

The worst part of having yellow nails or thick toenails is how they look,

how to fix yellow toenails

You may get looks or comments from your friends and for most the main reason i get asked how to fix yellow toenails

Is because they make you feel embarrassed and they look ugly.

So what can you do today,

To begin healing and ridding your toenails of their discolouration and thickness.

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Important factor

Fungal nails can not be cured overnight.

Patiences is required and for severe thick yellow nails if may take up to 12 months to get them to look natural and healthy again.

But there is some good news!

When you start treating your nails daily you will begin to see the yellowness disappearing pretty fast!.

Within 2-3 weeks of using a basic product like an antibacterial cream is how long most of my patients nails begin to respond.

Experts tips to heal fungal nails quicker!

  • Keep your nails trimmed and filed short
  • Wash and soak your feet in a anti fungal wash
  • Change your socks 1-2 times a day if you sweat excessively
  • Boost your immune system to encourage your body to heal faster.

Keep your nails trimmed and filed short.

Cutting your nails will encourage them to grow more !

If you struggle to cut your own nails due to poor mobility it may be worth investing in long handled pistol grip clippers.

Learn more here about easy reach clippers.

Cutting the nails is great but even if you can file the nails down every 5-10 days using a emery board or diamondeb chiropody file.

That will keep your nails trim and smooth.

Wash your feet in a quality antibacterial soap wash

how do you fix yellow toenailsSoaking your feet takes no more than 10 minutes!

So once a week grab a bowl of warm water and relax and soak your feet for 10- 15 minutes.

When you are done you must dry your skin and toes really well.

Damp and wet feet is perfect breeding conditions for fungus!

Most products include tea tree oil in them which is a powerful antibacterial and healing natural oil,

You can purchase antibacterial washes for feet on Amazon and i personally like Purley Northwest Anti fungal Wash

Quick Bonus Tip

If you wear work boots or trainers all day you should also use a good shoe deodoriser ,

this acts as a barrier for your feet and prevent bacteria forming and keeps your feet healthy as you treat your yellow toenails.

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Change your socks daily!

Simple and i think obvious thing to do but your wont believe how many patients i meet who wear the same socks 2-5 times a week!

Socks are cheap and easy to wash!

So just change them at least once a day and any bacteria will be killed in your washing machine!.

A healthy strong body repairs faster!

If your health is not great,

Maybe you suffer from diabetes, poor immune systems or just plain exhausted at work.

Increase your vitamin c and zinc intake to boost your bodies natural healing capabilities.

Help your body heal faster and cure the fungus quicker.

How do you fix yellow toenails using over the counter solutions

Im not going to rant here but…..

Do not waste your time on expensive solutions like,

Curanail, dr scholls, Excilor

Sorry but in over 15 years working in the foot industry i have never seen a patient cure their fungal nails with these products!

Products i have used successfully with patients for nail fungus include.

Nail Fungus Treatment by Amoils

Gehwol Nail & Skin Cream

Daktarin Antibacterial Cream

Tea Tree Oil

Loceryl Topical Solution

How do you fix yellow toenails using laser treatment

A new treatment for yellow and fungal nails,

Its pretty pricey to have done as only podiatry clinics offer this service.

The laser is positioned over the infected nails and the laser emits high doses of light which focuses on the bacteria within the nails and destroys the nail fungus.

Several treatments are necessary.

Do not use antibiotics to fix your toenail fungus

Antibiotics cures yellow white thick toenails,

But at the expense of your gut and kidneys!

Every patient i have met who has gone down this route has had to take medication from the Doctor for at least 6 months.

And when you stop the pills the fungus just returns.

So i believe this is not a serious option to heal yellow nails caused by fungus.

Which ever yellow nail treatment you choose to fix your nails with,

I hope you get the results you want asap!

But if you need more help leave me a comment below or send me a private message on my Facebook page here.

Resources for yellow toenails


All natural nail fungus removal

7 Shocking Images Of Plantar Wart Pictures On Feet ….

7 Shocking Plantar Wart Pictures On Feet !

plantar wart pictures on feet


These 7  Shocking Plantar Wart Pictures On Feet images are all real life patients and their warts and verrucae which have been removed.

Do you have wart that looks like one of these?

Once you confirm yes its a plantar wart you can then start removing it from your foot.

In this post you are going to learn how to diagnose, and start a treatment plan which will get rid of your embarassing plantar warts fast….

You will also learn how to prevent warts from spreading and reappearing!

Below are the worst plantar warts i have seen and some i have also treated personally,

All with 100% Success.

Quick Links

Best Natural Wart Treatment Review 2017 ….. I use this daily on patients!

Warts on Feet Vs Corns Whats The Difference

Why Do Warts Bleed So Much?

7 Plantar Wart Pictures

Plantar Wart Picture #1

plantar wart images on feet

This nasty huge verruca i treated and diagnosed as papillary cancer!

The wart would shrink but not go so after referral the patient was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

The plantar wart soon went as the cancer was treated and cured!

Plantar Wart Picture #2

plantars warts pictures

Under the big toe is a really common spot for plantar warts !
And are easily spread as we all like to rub our feet together!



Plantar Wart Picture #3

plantar wart pictures between toesThese cheeky verruca vulgaris warts have spread from the main wart has satellites of little verrucae off it.

Often when you treat the mothership wart! the  others will die quick too.


Plantar Wart Pictures On Feet #4

This Plantar Wart is growing over the 3rd metatarsal head on the ball of the foot.

plantar warts images

This is a very painful spot and will get extra callous from pressure and friction as you walk,

So filing the dead callus off as you treat the plantar wart is necessary.


Plantar Wart Pictures #5

plantar wart pictures on feet A typical mosaic flat verruca / wart on the sole of the foot,

The black spot are caused from pressure and are dried blood spots not roots as many people think they are!

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Plantar Wart Pictures #6

photos of plantar wartsA Raised Plantar Wart on the ball of the foot ,

with callous and hard skin surrounding the wart,

The white skin is were acid has been applied,

and has softened the tissue, the black centre is dried blood.

Plantar Wart Pictures On Feet #7

plantar wart on big toeThis Picture Of Plantar Warts Shows it in its -early stages,

This wart is probably only 1-2 months old ,

If treated now should be easy to remove using a strong solution like Amoils daily.



Why do some wart products not work?

We are all so different and one treatment may work for you and not for me!

Often i find a common factor and a recurring problem with patients!

Poor health and low immune systems

In adults particularly if you suffer from a lot of colds, are diabetic, thyroid disease or generally run down.

Simply by increasing your intake of Vitamin C and Zinc whilst you treat your plantar warts speads up the healing time by half!

What i would recommend YOU do today to start curing your foot warts……

  • Once you confirm you have a plantar wart choose a treatement
  • Apply your chosen product daily without fail!
  • Buy some supplements to boost your immune system
  • File down the plantar wart every 3-4 days using a lava pumice stone

Treatments That I Would Recommend

All three options will work!

And depending on your budget you can choose which one to try.

  • H Warts Natural Oil Treatment  from from $25 Months supply)
  • Cyrosurgery ( Podiatrist Clinics Only)  From $125 per treatment
  • Duct Tape And Tea Tree Oil  Under $10 Slow process

Personally i go for the Amoils treatment which is a natural oil solution that you apply daily to the plantar wart.

Its easy to apply , painfree and does not scar!

Learn More Here:>>  H-Warts Formula

Cyrosurgery is only available in Podiatry Clinics and is a Liquid Nitrogen application which freezes the tissue on the skin.

It hurts a lot !

But for some lucky patients only one application is needed but for most its 2-4 applications!

And If you are on a budget and in no major hurry!

Grab some duct tape and a bottle of australian tea tree oil and apply the oil every 2-3 days, and  cover with tape and remove tape every 2-3 days and reapply until the wart has gone.

So i hope you have a good idea from these plantar wart pictures on feet
If you too have a wart on your feet


And you now have some simple ideas and solutions to treat yours fast.

Please leave me a comment below if you could do with some personal advice and you can learn more about me and the foot pain relief expert blog on my Facebook page here.



Why Do Warts Bleed So Much ? You Need To Do This Now

Why Do Plantar Warts Bleed?

why do warts bleed

Why do warts bleed so much?

It doesn’t matter what type of wart you have,

Plantar wart, verruca, body wart, hand wart they all survive by living off  your blood supply.

Not nice i know, but true.

A Wart is caused by a viral infection called a Human Papillary Virus,

Its part of a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body.

You can learn what is HPV here which is a link to the NHS website.

Most people at some point in their life will catch a verruca or wart,

And a myth that they will just go away on their own is just a myth.

I see patients daily who have had warts and verruca on their feet for many months if not many years,

And they are still growing bigger and  becoming painful too when walking.

So why do warts bleed so much when you start treating them?

Watch this video Why do warts bleed

Why Do Warts bleed ?

  • If you cut them with a razor or scissors removing the callus around them.
  • When you file them down to hard and close to the warts heads.
  • Heavily callused warts become painful to walk on and pressure causes a bleed.

Pressure and callus removal are the two main causes to make a wart bleed.

What to do when a wart starts to bleed…

Do not panic when they start to bleed they can really go for it too.

If you wart starts bleeding apply plenty of pressure with cotton wool or a paper towel and if possible raise your foot.

10-20 mins is not unusual for the length of time it may take to stop bleeding.

I often apply a plaster with a piece of cotton wool over the wart which when applied adds additional pressure and stops the bleeding faster.

When your wart has stopped bleeding make sure you clean the area by either…

  • Soaking your foot in salty water
  • Apply an antiseptic solution or cream
  • Re-apply a plaster for 24 hours.

Your goal when treating warts and verruca is not to make them bleed!

But plantar warts do love to become engulfed in hard skin and callus,

the callus acts as a barrier and prevents your chosen treatment that you apply not penetrating through to the wart.

Removing the callus is very important but i would personally not recommend you use a razor, scissors, knife…..

A Foot health professional will use a scalpel like i do, but its not safe for you the patient to do this.

The two safest callous removers for you to use on your warts and verruca are….

  1. Compeed plasters.
  2. Pumice stones.
  3. Directions

Compeed plasters are gel made and super soft and sticky and i recommend you apply them to your wart or verruca to remove excess callus and hard skin.

Leave on for 24-48 hours and remove.

The super soft but strong gel plaster will pull excess dead skin off when you remove it.

This will make the wart much easier to get too when you apply your chosen product.

why do warts bleed A old fashioned but very successful callous remover is a  lava pumice stone,

There are many on the market but i would recommend the Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus by Zenda Naturals

For best results use in the bath when your skin is soft.

Do not share pumice stones with your family as you will spread your warts to them.

Related blog post: How to clean a pumice stone in just 3 minutes

My patients often ask me why do my warts bleed so much when i start filing them?

Warts grow within the skins membrane and are living off you,

When left alone a wart or verruca is very happy, its warm, snug with callous and just like if you roughed up any part of your skin it will bleed.

And as its surviving off your blood vessels thats why a wart bleeds a lot


You will notice as your treat a the warts and verruca shrink and die off the warts do not bleed so much.

Warts and verruca not bleeding is a great sign!

It means your treatment is drying and killing off the wart and the virus is shrinking and its blood supply is drying up.

And the treatment you are using is working.

What to do when your wart treatment isn’t working!

Warts and verruca are a total pain!

And to be honest there isn’t one single product on the market that works 100% first time.

My wart treatment plan often involves using multiple treatments as i find i get the quickest result.

Most common wart remedies
  • Liquid Nitrogen / Cyrosurgery
  • Acid applications ( Salacylic Acid)
  • Natural Oil Remedies
  • Duct Tape

Over the years i have used pretty much every single wart remedy including some crazy ones such as applying onions, rubbing banana skins over the warts and soaking the feet in potassium permanganate crystals.

So what really works?

This is in my personal opinion the best way you can remove your warts
  • Boost and increase your immune system with supplements.
  • Pick 1-2 products and be religious about applying the products.
  • Remove the callous using duct tape or compeed plasters once a week.
Boost your immune system

If you are run down or have a low immune system then i would recommend you increase your Vitamin C and Zinc intake.

These are both available in supplement forms and quickly increase your bodies intake.

Apply  daily your chosen product or products

What ever treatment you choose to apply,

apply them….

Often i see patients who get fed up with slow results and give up treating their warts and verruca and actually notice their warts getting bigger!

Yes they will, especially if you keep starting and stopping applications.

Remove the callous weekly

Warts and verruca always getting covered with dead hard callous.

This callous gets in the way of your product application so it is important to remove it.

Do not use razors or scissors to remove the dead callous,

If you need to go back up this blog post read again Why do warts bleed 

I like to recommend to my patients to use Duct tape which is very cheap or compeed plasters which are more discreet and water proof.

Both are left on for 1-2 days and when you remove them they pull away any dead skin.

I hope you have found this post Why do warts bleed helpful,

and now find yourself in a focused mindset to start removing and treating your plantar wart or verruca on your foot.

One of the first questions my patients ask me when i advise them they have a wart is…

What would i recommend?

And my answer is,

I would recommend a powerful, Easy application that is pain free and one that will not scar their skin.

Because lots of treatments do scar.

Im confident in my choices of wart solutions and the one get the fastest results is H Warts.

Its the best natural wart treatment i have used with over 100 success cases,

and am confident it will work for you too..

Learn more about my preferred wart and verruca treatment click here

Read this post : Best Natural Wart Treatment Review

But you may be ready and determined already to get removing your warts
for good and if you are read reviews and testimonials

And discover how easy it can be to remove warts in the comfort of your own home.

BUY NOW  H-Warts Formula 

If you are struggling and need more advice on warts and verruca or even another foot problem  leave me a comment below,

And i will answer you back with my best solution.


Zara Butti MCFHP MAFHP Expert Industry Blogger ,
Foot Health Practitioner Since 2001, Working with patients treating and solving foot pain daily.





Top 4 Best Electric Foot File For Pedicures Guide 2017

Best Electric Foot File for Pedicures  Guide 2017

best electric foot file for pedicures guide

Choosing any new product can be a tricky issue with so many options and opinions thats why i have complied a list of the Best Electric Foot File For Pedicures Guide 2016.

These are the Best Electric Foot callus removers on the market in 2016 in my opinion and you can read full reviews with customer testimonials with the pros and cons of the product.

This I hope will make your choice of buying a callus removers a lot easier, and one that suits your hard skin and safe to use without hurting yourself.

What is a Electric Foot Files For Pedicures?

In our search for the best electric callus removers reviews the first question you should ask your self is ….

Why Do i need an electric callus remover?

Having your own electric callus remover allows you to do a mini pedicure
any time you wish on your feet.

Some people naturally have thickened heels some wear a lot of open sandals and flip flops hard skin will form.

Maybe you walk around barefoot a lot, what ever the reason hard thick split heels can be painful and look embarrassing.

Caution is always required when using files on hard skin especially feet,

Be careful not to over use as you may damage the skin and cause a wound or a cut which may bleed.

I do not recommend Diabetic Patients use electric callus removers.

I would suggest a podiatry salve cream such as Gehwol Salve which naturally softens the callus and is the #1 selling cracked heel cream online.

How does a Electric Foot File for Pedicures Work?

Electric foot file for pedicures work by exfoliating and shaving the dead and thickened skin away.

They have rotating pumice rollers or discs have small indentations that as they rotate in a circular movement they skim away the dead hard callus and polishes the skin until its smooth.

Features of Electric Foot File For Pedicures

  • Quicker results then applying a callus remover cream, when using on your heels you get an instant skin removal and polish.
    Normally using a good quality salve cream will take 4-7 days.
  • Re usable and longer lasting.
    You can purchase additional pumice discs and files for your remover and the electric filer is discreet and can be taken on holiday with you.
  • Unlike the old “cheese grater style removers” Electric callus Removers are not aggressive and less likely to cause pain or ripping go the skin.
  • Leaves skin looking smoother , feels lighter , natural and healthy looking.
  • Easy to use only light movements of the file are needed for the perfect finish.


1: Emjoi MICRO Pedi Portable Pedicure Device– Tidy powerful kit for feet.


We start with the Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus remover its a tidy and very powerful machine.

It spins at 360 , 47  times a second!. Fast!

A cordless and rechargeable model with a lot of strength and power each time it is used.

  • It gently buffs and exfoliates dead skin away in seconds.
  • Normally it comes with a 1-2 year manufacturers guarantee depending on supplier and it requires 2xAA batteries.
  • I love its cool safety feature that when applied to hard to the skin the callus remover will automatically stop.
  • The removable and replaceable callous rollers are very easy to replace and easily available online.  They have blue rollers which have an extra coarse coating and the standard files are grey.

They come in packs of 4 and are priced around $7 /£9 on amazon.

All my patients agree that the Emjoi Pedi is a reasonable priced electric callus remover,

it is simple to use, and the rollers are easy to change,
Basically it does what its supposed to do, remove hard callus for the skin.

2: Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File-3 Crystal diamond heads for accurate filing and buffing.


Next on our list of the best electric callus removers reviews is the Amope Pedi.

  • The Amope turns on easily by twisting the silver ring on the left side of the file.  For a salon standard treatment you only need to gently glide the roller head over the thickened or hard skin.
  • It gently exfoliates and you will see the dead skin pieces filing away.
    Only use on dry skin.
  • Do not press down to hard  and if you do like the Emjoi its safety device will stop the file immediately.

Light weight electric callus remover that you can take in the shower.

Quiet and discreet remover hardly any noise.

The extra coarse roller file leaves feet feeling silky smooth in 5 seconds.

3: Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – Smooth & Silky in minutes.


The smooth Scholl Velvet Smooth Express is probably the most known on the market.

This powerful hard skin remover is probably the most talked about when researching for the best electric callus remover reviews on youtube.

And for many good reasons too, the first of the pedi range it offers a smooth polished salon finish in seconds.

Dr Scholl is a hugely worldwide known brand for foot care products and its reputation for excellent products is highly respected in the foot health industry.

best electric callus removers reviews 2016

This product lives up to all its hype, amazon customer reviews are in their 2000 + and growing.

The key benefits of the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi include:

  • Ergonomic design makes it a breeze to use.
  • Its long handle make holding and steering the remover over your feet easy.
  • Comes with one crystal roller exfoliating file.
  • You do not need to soak your feet in advance it can be used on dry feet.

Scholl have a few Electric Callus Removers the bests one I believe are:

Scholl Velvet Express –  Removable heads you choose- 1 coarse head included.
Scholl Wet and Dry   – Rechargeable -Only one head- Dual Speed
Scholl  Velvet Diamond– 1 Extra coarse head included – Removable heads-


Customer reviews state that the Scholl Velvet can be a little noisey! compared to other electric callus removers.

The long handle makes it very simple to steer around the heels and sides of the big toe.

3-5 seconds is all you need to exfoliate the hard skin at a time.


4: The Scholl Wet & Dry -Waterproof Callus Remover use in the shower!


best electric callus removers reviews

This is the newest file on the block and the thing i love about this one has two speeds

and that it is rechargeable so no batteries to replace.

It can be used in the shower or bath and also when your feet are dry,

I personally feel this is better!.

A great tool you can use in between pedicure visits or on holiday to keep your heels looking smooth when wearing flip flops or sandals.

  • Water proof electric file
  • Dual speeds for severe callus on the heels or gentle exfoliating on the toe joints.
  • One coarse roller included, replacements are available.
  • The best finish I’ve found on rough heavily callused heels.

If you are looking for the newest Electric callus remover and love  to be the one of the firsts!  with new gadgets you will not be disappointed.

Leaves an amazing polished smooth look and feel to the worst heels.

Rechargeable and waterproof


Final thought!

I personally prefer to use an electric foot file for pedicures then a pumice or emery foot file because it takes just seconds to do.

A electric callus remover treatment is so much better as it removes more hard skin especially on my heels and bunion joint so much more than i could do with a pumice or file ,

Plus it takes a lot less effort.

So why would you not want an electric foot file for pedicures on your feet?

Maybe you your heels are already pretty smooth and you just need to hydrate them with a podiatry salve cream which softens and nourishes the skin.

Or maybe you live with a Podiatrist and you get them to do your feet already for you!

Well if not i would 100% recommend you try one,  test them on your feet and within 7 days i bet your feet feel smooth and the roughness has gone.

And new in 2017 is the Scholl Velvet Smooth nail Care Set  

If you struggle with thick toenails this new pen style electric toenail set will make life so much easier when its time to trim your toenails.



The Best Kinesio Pre Cut Knee Support Tape To Use 2017 Review

The Best Kinesio Pre Cut Knee Support Tape You Should Use…



I want to share with you an amazing product that i use myself,

and one i recommend to my podiatry patients daily,

This is the Best Kinesio Pre Cut Knee Support Tape that has made a huge difference to my knee pain, my daily comfort and full recovery.

Its called Kinesio Pre Cut Knee Support Tape – a high quality Kinesiology adhesive cotton tape,

Its designed to increase blood flow around your muscles that supports

muscle repair, improves circulation and pain relief to the injury.

I use Kinesio tape now whenever i get a twinge to my knee,

maybe from too much football with the boys or over stretching at the gym and find that 48 hours usually is enough for the pain to go.

I value my health more and more as i get older,

I believe if you do not look after your body i guarantee one day your body will bite back at you,

and the things you love to do and take for granted may not be possible.

I truly believe by investing in my health I always see a huge improvement to my  pain, energy and mindset.


Kinesio pre cut knee support tape creates a lifting effect to the bodies skin, the tape when applied correctly will encourage circulation and pain relief.

Kinesio pre cut tape is not just for knees,  many patients i see suffer from plantar fasciitis ,

its great for strengthening but not preventing motion to the ankle and foot.

The tape will also support and assist natural recovery in so many injury sites of the body including the Hips, back and shoulders.

Made from cotton fibre this 100% medical grade acrylic material and it is a very sticky adhesive

It is water resistant so its fine to shower or even swim.

I recommend to my patients to wear the tape for 3- 5 days.

Unlike many knee support braces Kinesio tape is vey discreet but i believe just as effective .

Who is Pre Cut Kinesio tape for?

Kinesio tape is used for a variety of physical and athletic injuries.

It can help with musculoskeletal and sports injuries, and many inflammatory conditions.

  • Muscle and Ligament strains
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint instability
  • Poor posture
  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Post fracture support
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Brusing

Pricing and Purchase

kinesio pre cut knee support tapePacks of Kinesio pre cut knee support tape ranged from $7.99 -$11.99,

I personally recommend patients to use KT tape which you get 20 pre cut 10 inch strips and comes with accurate and easy instructions how to apply.

This pack presently cost aprox $11.67 on Amazon right now which Is a fantastic price for such a high quality Kinesio products.

But you can check alternatve sites like ebay and walmarts for specials too.

This pack would usually last around 30-40 days.


The really cool thing i like about KT Kinesio Pre Cut Knee Support Tape is that it comes with easy to use instructions.

The majority of Kinesio tape comes in a roll which is by far the best and cheapest way to buy it.

But if you are a newbie to Kinesiology taping then i would defiantly recommend you by pre cut first,

so you can see the sizes required for the best support and motion.


It also comes in multiple colours which have no influence of support or repair to the muscles, you can choose your preference.


The cons of Kinesio pre cut knee support tape way out way the benefits,

But you may notice after a couple of days the edging lifting away from the skin,

It is also very sticky and can be tricky to apply when first using  so it may be helpful if you can get your partner to help.

If the tape is not applied in the correct position or applied firmly enough,

the tape may restrict motion and if not applied firmly not create a big enough lift to improve the circulation.

But once you become a kinesiology master your be fine.

The pre cut tapes are very expensive compared to the standard rolls, so it will be cost effective to purchase a roll rather then pre cut strips.

Alternative Products

You may prefer to try a cheaper Kinesio tape to begin with which will also have all the same benefits as KT Tape but the quality will be not be as high.

I would recommend the Mueller pre cut tape which is available for around $8 and also comes in a variety of colours.

Or if you think taping is not for you and maybe a bit to tricky , the best knee support relief brace i have used on my painful knees is Bracoo.

Read Related Post HERE: The Bracoo Knee Strap Support Review 2017,

The design relieves pressure and helps reduce knee joint fatigue from intense exercises and heavy usage.

My Final Opinion

For me i can only say good things about Kinesio taping and i have experienced the benefits of using the tape which has allowed me to continue to work and train at the gym.

I found initially the tape to be be tricky to apply but once i used the product more i soon purchased a roll of tape which saved me money and could work out easily where and how much pressure was needed to apply the tape.

Don`t be put off thinking it looks hard to apply because its not really that bad, and there are loads of youtube videos showing you how to do it too.

So for a guide price of $11 I wouldn’t hesitate buying a pack and get over my fear of application because the proof is in the pain relieve,

and for me it was intense pain that I believe healed quicker because of wearing the tape.

My recommendations…
Kinesio Pre-Cut Application Knee Tape by Kinesio


KT TAPE Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape, 20 Precut 10 Inch Strips, Breathable, Free Videos, Pro & Olympic Choice, Blue

Theres a good chance if your knees hurt your ankle and feet may hurt too!

Heres a good post on how to fix a sprained ankle with 5 easy exercises.


Best Natural Wart Treatment For Your Feet Review 2017

Best Natural Wart Treatment Review H Warts Formula

best natural wart treatment


Remove your warts naturally

When one of my best friends asked me to recommend a wart product for her 12 year old daughter,

I instantly thought about her using a natural wart remedy.

She had previously had a bad experience at their doctors surgery removing a wart by cryosurgery

and was pretty terrified at the thought of going back, so really wanted to know the best natural wart treatment

So I recommended the Wart Formula.

I wasn’t sure 100% if it would work for her as at the timeI had only had a handful of successful results with my patients.

But I ordered a 11ml bottle and took it over to them to trial for two weeks and every day they applied the oil to the warts ,

after 16 days the warts were gone., Here`s the rundown on the product itself and what i thought about it.


The is the best natural warts treatment I know off that gets rid of common warts, flat, facial, body and plantar warts.
It contains  100% natural product with the highest quality homepathic and essential oil ingredients which you need when choosing the best natural wart treatment for your warts.

Unlike most wart products which either freeze or burn your warts,

the Amoils warts formula is a painless application which does not burn, scar or irriate the skin.

If you have tried several over the counter remedies you will be amazed how well natural wart treatments work I know i am ,

they get rid of stubborn warts by shrinking and healing from within the skin until they finally disappear.

Amoils Warts Formula Ingredients

Amoils warts formula comes in two sizes 11 and 33 ml .Only a few drops are needed each day  to remove the wart.

Active Ingredients:
Phytolacca decandra 12C, Thuja occidentalis 12C

Inactive Ingredients:
Essential Oil Blend (Citrus limon peel, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf-branch, Thuja occidentalis leaf)

Read full ingredients here :>>

Who’s it for?

Amoils warts formula is for everyone including children,  works on all warts of the body (except genital ) .

If you suffer from embarassing wart on your face or hands it works very quickly in my opinion.

I personally recommend this product to my patients who suffer from verruca and plantar warts on their feet.

Especially if the warts are painful and causing additional callus and pressure in shoes.

Its the perfect wart treatment for children as it smells ok! and is doesn’t cause irritation to the skin or burn and most importantly

No Pain!

If you have tried over the counter treatments and not got results i strongly advise giving Amoils ago.

Many of the common treatments such as Bazuka, Scholls , Wartner, Tea Tree Oil just aren’t strong enough nowadays,

Pricing & Purchase

Normally a 11ml bottle costs and 33ml but Amoils are always having sales and if you subscribe on their they have offers such as 25% off coupons and free shipping.

I think this is a reasonable cost for organic high quality product for warts, an average Podiatry appointment is $50 plus products.


The really cool thing I like about this wart treatment is that its painless  and will work on all types of warts, particularly on your face hand and feet.

Its an ideal treatment for people with sensitive skin ,and a perfect choice for children as it is not traumatic , and only takes a few seconds to apply each day.

It seems to penetrate deeper than any other over the counter wart treatments and leaves no scars once the wart has gone.

And a big advantage is that it will save you money on expensive podiatry visits.


I`d imagine that the reason someone would not choose to buy a natural products like amoils warts formula is because they are looking for an instant wart removal procedure.

This product will take a minimum of two weeks before the wart is gone  or has significantly shrunk before disappearing after a few more days.

So you need to be patient this is not a miracle 24 hour cure!.

The dropper bottle is a little tricky to handle and messy but you could use an eye dropper or something similar for accurate application.

Alternative Products

But If you are in a serious hurry I would recommend you try cryosurgery which a local Podiatrist would do.
Another good wart treatment is a topical solution called Salactol which contains a mild acid and will burn a little but is another good alternative.

My final Opinion

For me if I had a wart on my body I would choose a product that caused me no pain and would probably try a week of duct tape!

But its unlikely this would work so i would use Amoils as i believe my chances of curing the wart would be highly increased and i do believe its the best natural wart treatment in this competitive wart market.

Like I’ve said the dropper bottle is a little tricky but i defiantly would use an alternative applicator so i didn’t waste any of the oil.

And its well worth getting over this small issue because of the benefits and end result of being wart free.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from $32.95 but remember to sign up for their free newsletter and you get an immediate $10 OFF plus if you wait 24 hours you usually receive a discount code off too 25-30% !

So what are you waiting for? purchase your bottle now of the Best Natural Wart Treatment Removal by Amoils

You will not be disappointed!

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