7 Causes of corns and callus on tip of toe

callus on tip of toeDo You have a Corn or Calluses?

It is unbelievable how painful they can make everyday walking when wearing shoes.

Corns and Callus are caused by pressure and friction.

These friction and rubbing creates hard skin as you walk,

A corn or callus can form on any part of your foot when pressure and friction occurs.

7 Worst Places TO get Corns and Callus On Your Feet…

  • Hard lump on Side of big toe
  • Corn on top of toes
  • Callus on tip of Toe
  • Metatarsal area/ ball of foot
  • 5th outside of toe (pinky toe)
  • In-between the toes -(soft corns)
  • Under the big toenail

The worst place i believe you can get one is a Corn is the Callus on tip of toe area.

This is because the tip of the bone of the toes is not weight baring,
and the skin is softer than the soles of your feet.

When you walk with every step the toes are pushed forward and the toe rubs and pressure is applied to your toes tip.

7  Causes of corns and calluses on tip of toe
  1. Check your shoes are they too small, narrow or tight.
  2. Do you wear socks with heavy stitching that is rubbing on the toes.
  3. Are your toes clawed or naturally bent so you grip the insoles to much.
  4. How long are your toenails? Long and thick toenails can make you walk with your toes curled.
    (read related post…best long handled toenail clippers for thick nails)
  5. Do you have a hammer toe? that is caused from a bunion.
  6. Are you a runner? and not wearing good quality running shoes.
  7. Do you wear steel capped boots for work?

callus infographic

Small, Narrow or tight shoes

cure corn on toeAll can cause your toes to rub in the end of the footwear and as you walk friction occurs and thats when a callus or corn will occur on the tip of your toe.

Heavy stitching in socks

Socks and tights normcorn on tip of toeally have heavy stitching on the seams within them

And this seam believe it not is one of the biggest causes you may have a  callus on tip of toe.

Clawed Toes/ Bent Toes

People often blame the common foot deformity claw toe on wearing shoes that squeeze your toes, such as shoes that are too short or high heels.

clawed toes treatmentHowever, claw toe also is often the result of nerve damage caused by diseases like diabetes or alcoholism,

which can weaken the muscles in your foot.

When you toes are clawed or bent you grip the floor as you walk so you are more like to suffer for a corn or callus on the tip of your toes.

Over Long Toenails

An easy way to solve your callus pain on your toes is if the cause of your callus on tip of toe is because of your long toenails.

Toenails normally need cutting 4-6-8 weeks, we are all different but those are the averages.

long toenails treatmentBut good regular toenail trimming you can prevent a callous or corn forming underneath the long toenails.

I often see patients who have neglected to cut their nails, often due to poor mental health and callus forms under the nails and grows into one big nail/callus formation.

Hammer toe

Hammer toes and mallet toe are foot deformities that occur due to an change in your muscles, tendons or ligaments that would normally hold the toe straight.

They can be caused from the type of shoes you wear, foot structure, trauma

corn on hammer toe

and certain disease processes can contribute to the development of these deformities.

Number one being a Bunion or Hallux Valgus

Hammer toe and mallet toe usually occur in your second, third and fourth toes.
Runners And Hikers

When you are running or walking a lot more than usual then extra pressure and friction is going to cause your feet to struggle.

If you like to do these sports then i would suggest you invest in the best footwear and socks to prevent not only callus corns and blisters.

But trauma to the feet like Plantar Fasciitis injuries, Swollen ankles and Arch Pain,

These three traumas are the most common injuries patients i meet who like to run and walk a lot.

A good read I would suggest you read from Switch Back Travel is

The Best Hiking Boots of 2017 .

Working In Steel Cap Boots Causes Corns!

Another biggie!

A lot of my patients work in jobs that involve wearing steel cap boots at work.

Its a must and they have no choice.

But Steel Cap Working Boots are renowned for causing thickened toenails, Fungal infections and Corns And Callus.

They cause so much trouble to your feet because they are not flexible they have no give.

So the foot is kept very rigid and often the boots are to wide and this causes your foot to slip and slide and friction and pressure ends up with sore painful toes.

Tips If you wear steel cap boots

  • Wear thicker socks
  • Use gel toecaps to protect the nail and tips of the toes
  • Have a change of footwear and only wear the steel capped boots when you have too.
  • Soak your feet in anti fungal wash
  • Add a thin insole if room permits

Callus on tip of toe Pictures

callus on tip of toe

callous on tip of toe

callouses on toes

I Recently uploaded a video about how to remove corns,
including my view on the Scholl Corn Express Pen ( Do not buy! )

Corns on Toes OMG Don`t Worry Try This!


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How to remove skin tags naturally at home without surgery

How to remove skin tags naturally,
Watch this video first before you choose to surgically remove your skin tags!


Do you have a Skin tags?

They can be so annoying especially on your neck or under your armpits.

I used to have several and i liked wearing necklaces and every time i did

they would get caught and pull on the skin tag making me winch and sometime the tags would bleed!

I decided to look into Skin tag surgery and i watched the above video!

And to be honest it put me off as it seemed very stressful and painful experience.

Instead i decided to look into natural treatments for skin tags a product and treatment plan,

One i could apply at home and one that wouldn’t hurt me or my skin!.

This is my findings which i hope will help you to choose the right treatment plan for your skin tags!

What is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags are small soft growths a=that are skin coloured that hang of our skin.

Often mistaken for warts they are harmless but can be annoying and catch easily.

Common places Skin Tags appear.
  • Neck
  • Armpits
  • Groin
  • Eyelids
  • Under breasts
What causes Skin Tags.

A skin tag is a build up of looses collagen fibres and blood vessels surrounding the skin.

Collagen is a type of protein found in our cells throughout our bodies.

Who is prone to Skin Tags.

Men and Women grow skin tags and often if you have poor health including diabetes or if you are obese you are more likely to have them.

Hormones can also cause skin tags so women who are pregnant or people with thyroid issues can also be prone to them.

Where do Skin Tags appear?

Skin tags often appear in the folds of our skin, like under our armpits or creases in our necks.

When the skin rubs together thats why if you are over weight you may get more skin tags as the skin rubs together (chaffing) around your groin or breasts.

Are skin tags warts

No, a wart or verruca are a viral infection and totally different.

Read related post here Natural wart and verruca treatments

How to remove skin tags naturally:  Best  Methods

How to remove skin tags naturally with out surgery or cutting them off.

Firstly you want to confirm you have a skin tag not a wart.

  • Skin tags are smooth
  • Skin tags are skin coloured
  • They appear knobbly and hang from the skin
  • They catch easily especially on the neck and groin

Skin Tags VS Warts

  • Warts are raised and look have a cauliflower appearance
  • Warts are painful and bleed easily
  • Warts are contagious and will spread fast
  • Body warts can be flat in appearance

Removing skin tags

If you choose to see your Doctor they may recommend skin tag surgery.

The skin tag is wither frozen or burnt of in clinic

This can be painful and may cause irritation to the skin for a few days and may also cause slight bleeding to the skin tag sight.

Sometimes the skin tag does not fall of in one treatment so multiple applications may be necessary.

Alternative Skin Tag Treatments

The two best alternative treatments i believe and have personally used include;

  • Using cotton or dental floss around the skin tag.
  • Natural Skin tag Oil That Shrinks the Skin tags until they disappear.

Applying a piece of cotton or dental floss around the skin tag does work!

But it can be tricky fixing the cotton in the first place so you may need some help!

Once in place the idea here is the cotton will cut of the blood supply to the skin tag and when it has 100% the tag will fall off naturally.

As the skin tag dies do not be tempted to cut it off with scissors as it will really hurt and you may get an infection.

how to remove skin tags naturally

skin tag removal

If you fancy an easier skin tag treatment  then i would recommend you use a H Skin Tags Removal Oil or even apple cider vinegar.

This twice a day application will heal and remove your skin tags without pain or by expensive surgery costs.

Natural healing oils are great for

  • Sensitive areas
  • Under the arms and arm pits
  • On the neck and face
  • Stomach, torso and groin area
  • On the legs and feet

Why go natural?

This is a natural, topical skin tag product containing carefully selected homeopathic ingredients.

The formula rapidly absorbs directly into the skin tags and works to gently flake them away.

Its a no hassle easy application.

Costs from $33.95 for a 11 ml bottle

Removes painful skin tags in difficult areas like armpits and necks fast

Safe and gentle on your skin, which i believe is essential option when treating skin tags on your face and neck areas.

Get $10 off your first Healing Natural Oils order

Learn more at the Healing Natural Oils website and read thousands of successful testimonials including mine !

And remember to click on the above link to claim your discount !

Best Gout Diet, Foods To Avoid When You Have Gout

Best Gout Diet To Follow To Avoid Gout In Your Feet


What Is Gout?

Gout is an arthritic condition when uric acid crystals form around the joints synovial fluid,

Uric acid is found in the bloodstream and is a waste product that is produced by purines,

Purines are proteins that are found in some foods and all of our cells.

This fluid is found around every joint in our body which means you can gout on any one of your joints!

When you think of gout you immediately think of your big toe!

But it can effect any toe, elbow, hands etc.

How YOU can prevent Gout

You hold the power and the choice wherever you want to prevent gout attacks to be honest.

The simple and the best answer to prevent gout is Lifestyle & Diet!


If you are prone to Gout attacks tweeting your diet and reducing purines will make a huge difference to your life.


If you eat to many foods and drinks with purine in or have a kidney disorder you will most likely start over producing Uric Acid.

The crystals will form around a joint.

That joint will become swollen , red and very painful and the
result is GOUT!

I have patients who have reduced their gout and the extreme pain in under 24 hours,

Just by drinking Cherry Juice and eating celery sticks and drinking nettle tea!

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What is the Best Gout Diet For You

You need to eat healthy but that doesn’t mean boring food!

Everyone should eat a healthy balanced diet and when you don’t you know what happens!

  • You become over weight
  • Tired
  • Headaches
  • Diabetic
  • Bad skin
  • Sluggish
Top tips for to prevent further gout attacks include

Eat moderate amounts of meat & fish

  • Avoid eating large amounts of meat and fish

Increase breads, cereals and plenty of potatoes

  • By increasing whole grains, and eating potato skins this will guarantee you are getting sufficient vitamins and minerals and fibre that your body needs

Eat moderate amounts of dairy products

  • The daily recommended advice is 200ml milk, 30g piece of cheese and a pot of yoghurt.

Eat as many vegetables and fruits 5 a day!

  • We all need at least 5 a day ! but more is good.
    Fruit and Veg contain minerals, vitamins, and all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and keep healthy.

Drink plenty of water

  • A simple and free health kick you can and should be doing.
    1.5 litres a day or 8 glasses is the minimum your body needs.

Lower your intake of processed foods

  • Processed foods and drinks especially microwave meals and diet drinks contain unnatural hormones and proteins which are high in purine.

Drinking alcohol causes gout so stop or reduce daily intake

  • Although the weekly recommended amount remains 21 units for men and 14 for women.If you are prone to gout you will need to seriously think about reducing if you want to stop gout attacks.Beer and Port and two of the worst offenders for purine and are the two products i advise to stop in my best gout diet tips to my patients.

Foods to avoid when you have Gout

These are the top foods and drinks you should avoid that all contain HIGH /MODERATE/ LOW Purines and increase Uric Acid Production.

High Purine Foods

Seafood: Mussels , Crabs, Shellfish (lobster etc) Caviar.

Game: Venison, Rabbit, Pheasant

Offal: Liver, Kidneys, Heart

Oily Fish: Trout, Mackerele, Sardines, Shrimps, Caviar,

Meat & Yeast Extracts:  Marmite, Bovril, Gravy, Beer.

Moderate Purine Foods – eat in low moderation

Meat: Lamb, Beef, Chicken & Pork, Duck

Mushrooms & Quorn

Wholegrains: Bran, oatbran,wholemeal bread

Vegetables: Asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes

Dried Beans: Soybeans, Kidney beans, Baked Beans

Low Purine foods 

Fruit & Vegetables
Dairy , Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, Butter.
Breads & Cereals
Noodles and Pasta

Watch out also these foods may trigger gout attacks.

Tomatoes, Strawberries, Turkey, sherry, Oranges, Nuts have been reported by gout patients to cause problems.

Further reading….

A sufferers guide to beating gout and some good and easy lifestyle changes.

Beating Gout: A Sufferer’s Guide to Living Pain Free

The ultimate cookbook and meal planner with over 100 recipes to be gout free.

Gout and You: The Ultimate Gout Diet & Cookbook



How to Cure Gout In Big Toe 5 Natural Remedies

Gout In Big Toe?

Do you suffer from gout?

Well you are not alone you are one of many patients i treat every week suffering from gout.

Gout is a build up of uric acid in the body and these are the 5 best Natural Remedies i can recommend you try to prevent and cure your gout fast.

Foods to eliminate

You will need to really watch your diet and you must eliminate as many excess sugars , grains and processed meats from your daily food in take.

Sugars in particular cause extra yeast, grains increase sugar and meat is full of unhealthy hormones and also antibiotics!

All this adds to acidic build up!

Watch your beverages too!

It is really important when treating or if you are suffering from a gout attack to not drink alcohol.


A good gout diet would involve eating lots of health vegetables and fruit, i would recommend a bone broth or chicken vegetable soup.

5 Natural Remedies For Big Toe Gout

I always see an increase of gout in my patients straight after christmas!

Gout Season!

My reason behind this is over christmas we all eat and drink a lot more than we normally do.

And eat and drink rich acidic foods like turkey, puddings, and port.

Studies prove that what we eat is linked to an increase of uric acid that our body creates from the food we choose to eat!

You will need to look at what you eat and drink and make changes to prevent gout being a regular occurrence in your life.

These are my top 5 natural remedies you should use to get rid of your gout for good!

Follow these tips and you could be pain free from gout in less than 24 hours.

Heres your list….

1 Black Cherry Juice

Cherry juice or a Cherry juice extract reduces inflammation and prevents uric acid building up,  it is also used to treat arthritis and rheumatism.

cherries for goutJust by drinking Cherry juice gout will go fast!.

A recent study was done and the results showed by drinking

Cherry Juice it reduced the gout attacks by 35%. ( Read report )

Benefits of Cherry Juice

  • High source antioxidants
  • Loose Weight
  • Boost Heart Health
  • Anti Inflammatory
2 Celery Seed Extract

Now this may sound like an unpleasant drink but taking in celery seed extract or juice is a really fast way to reduce uric acid in your body!

You may prefer to buy celery supplements but if you have a juicer i would recommend you make a celery juice.

Or you can just eat celery sticks throughout the day!

Benefits of Celery

  • Stops joint pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • Anti inflammatory
  • IBS symptoms
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Skin disorders
3 Nettles

For a super power cure for inflammation and gout try Nettles!

The best source to is thru Nettle teabags, you can also buy supplements but i would recommend tea.

Drinking a couple of cups of nettle tea is no hardship and a sure fast cure for your gout in big toe.

Benefits of Nettles

  • Powerful anti inflammatory
4 Magnesium

Magnesium is a old fashioned but a fantastic source to cure gout in big toe   fast especially if you have acute gout.

Magnesium is alkaline mineral which decreases uric acid in your body.

Foods are the best source of magnesium but you can take supplements,
high sourced foods that contain magnesium include,


Dark leafy vegetables, fish, beans, bananas ,avocados, and dark chocolate.

Benefits of Magnesium

  • Good heart health
  • Strong bones
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Calcium Deficiency
  • Increase natural healing
5 Fish Oil

Fish oil is not a fast attracting gout cure but when taken over time is proven to reduce the risk of gout.

big toe gout

The main reason fish oil is great is due to omega 3 fatty acids,

Omega 3 will reduce diseases that are causing inflammation in your body


Eat plenty of oily fish like salmon or take a daily supplement.

Benefits of Fish Oil

  • Reduces inflammation that causes bad diseases
  • Prevents arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Heart Disease

Your mission now is to reduce the bad foods and beverages, sugars, grains and processed meats,

along with the alcohol and now increase your diet with healthy fruit and vegetables,

Plus add these 5 healthy natural remedies and you will defiantly see a huge reduction of gout and its pain in just 24 hours!

Who gets Gout?

Anyone really, but we see it more in men and most post menopausal women!

Gout can be amazingly painful and can appear in any joint of your body.

It just happens for most of us we get gout in big toes.

Gout is caused by Uric Acid which are small crystals of rate, uric acid crystals.

These crystals like to form around the synovial fluid which is our lubricating fluid found around all of our joints.

They then cause inflammation, pain and redness and swelling to the joint.

What gout in big toe looks like

gout in big toe

When you get gout in big toe you can hardly bare a sock or shoe touching the area,

and when gout attacks the big toe it will look bright red shiney and swollen.

Other causes of gout

  • Insuline resistance
  • Kidney stones
  • Stress
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity

As we have already discussed the best way to prevent gout is by not eating Sugars, Grains, Processed Meats and Alcohol.

And instead make sure your diet includes

  • High Fiber Foods
  • Omega 3
  • Fruits and Berries
  • Potassium Rich Foods
  • Plenty of Water 3-4 litres a day
What not to eat when you have gout!
  • Refined sugars
  • Tomatoes
  • Turkey
  • Mushrooms
  • Aspargus
  • Bacon
  • Lamb
  • Lentils
  • Peas
  • Fatty Red Meat
  • Shell Fish
  • Soybean
  • Corn Oils
  • Mackerel
  • Gravy
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Salt
  • Sugary drinks like cola , energy drinks, Beer
Download This FREE Gout Diet Fact Sheet
Tests For Gout
  • A simple blood test (or multiple blood tests) to ascertain uric acid levels in your blood can be carried out by your Doctor. However, a blood test alone will not prove that an attack of joint pain is due to gout. ••

  • A more specific test is the analysis of the fluid in the affected joint. Fluid from the space between the joint is aspirated (removed through a needle and syringe) and then examined under a special type of microscope. The presence of needle-like, uric acid crystals confirms the diagnosis of gout.

    •• Information provided by the UK Gout Society

Prescription Treatments for Gout

Your Doctor will prescribe you a pharmaceutical drug like Colchicine, Corticotropin (adrenocorticotropic hormone),Febuxostat, Aloprim, and Zyloprim.

Like all prescription drugs they always have side effects and i would encourage you to change your lifestyle and your diet to prevent and recurring  gout attacks.

Side effects include
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Shortness of breath

Remember by changing your diet you can prevent gout!

Do this now

You now have the facts and information you need to be gout free in just 24 hours.

So get going.

Reduce your sugars, grains, processed meats and alcohol today,

Drink plenty of water

Fill your fridge with Cherry juice and celery sticks, and put the kettle on a have a cup of nettle tea.

And remember to drink plenty of water and exercise and be healthy and enjoy life.

More Resources: Gout In Big Toe Help

Further reading 6 Natural Remedies article by Dr Axe
FREE Download NHS Fact Sheet Gout Diet And Foods To Avoid When You Have Gout
Arthritis.org , USA Learn more about Arthritis





How to use the Scholl velvet smooth nail care set on thick toenails

You MUST Watch Before You USE The Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set

Whats included in the System?

  •  1 X scholl velvet smooth nail care set Blue PEN + 3 Heads
  • 1 X File Head
  • 1 X Buff Head
  • 1 X Shine Head

How much does it cost to buy?

2017 RRP £39.99 But I recommend Amazon.co.uk as they have kits starting from £17.99

Why Buy a Electric nail file for your toenails?

The problem with toenails as we get older is that

a) They become thick and hard to cut, and

b) We can’t reach the toenails to cut them !

Electric nail files have been used in Chiropody and Podiatry Clinics for years and if you visit a nail bar all the technicians use them!


  • Easy to hold
  • Alternative to clippers when you have weak hands.
  • Results are like you expect from a Nail Salon .
  • Safe and Simple To Use.
  • 3 Step process protects and strengthens brittle nails.
  • Thins thick calloused toenails
  • Compact kit can be taken on holiday to keep nails trimmed.

Follow these 3 easy steps for perfect toe nails

scholls velvet smooth electronic pen USE THE 3 HEADS SUPPLIED
Step 1 :
  • Best rescholl velvet nail care systemsults clean hands or feet first and dry well.
  • Remove the battery seal
  • Remove protection cap
  • Click blue file head with #1
  • Switch on speed to normal or fast (normal is more precise accurate)
  • Round the toenail edges for good toenail care and leave no sharp corners
  • Always move the file in one direction to prevent damage to nail
  • Direct the file into a slow curve for fingernails 
Step 2
  • Replace the file head with #2 BUFF
  • This smoothens out and evens the nails surface
  • MAX 15 SECONDS per nail Every two weeks is safe for the nails health
  • Gently move the head over the nails surface without too much pressure staying on one spot
  • Finally wipe the nails with a damp cloth to remove debris
Step 3
  • Apply head #3 Shine head to polish and shine
  • circular movement side to side not too much pressure
  • When you see your desired shine stop

Watch the above video for Suppliers Instructions on how to use the scholl velvet smooth nail care set.

Bonus Tip For Salon Condition Pedicure For A Fraction Of The Cost!

Scholl Recommend another one of their products for shiney looking healthy nails.

The nail care oil contains minerals and vitamins essential for nail health.

The Nail Care Oil will strengthen, soften and leave nails looking stunning.

Scholl nail care oil ingredients

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil  is enriched with a seven-oil complex.

This formula contains sweet almond, sunflower seed, linseed, apricot kernel, avocado, argan and shea seed oils,

as well as omega 3 and vitamin E.

The oil helps soften and moisturise the cuticles, for healthy looking nails. The brush allows for easy application.



Additional Note: Replacing the heads

You only get one of each of the needed 3 heads supplied and these will only last a 1-2 months.

Refills are available and cost from £7.95 Buy Here…

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care System Refills



Alternative products

If you are concerned for your nail health?

You may need to firstly treat the toenails or fingernails for fungus or bacterial infections .

When you apply nail varnish often the varnish suffocates the nails and this will discolour and you will notice the nails becoming

  • Thicker
  • Yellow
  • White Spots
  • Flaky


If your nails look like this i would highly recommend you read my blog post on what does toenail fungus looks like here:

Final Note

As a Foot Health Practitioner I am not really one to promote a tool that does my job for me!

But i can totally appreciate the Impact scholl velvet smooth nail care set will have in the audience it is promoted in.

Women in particular spend over £450 a year keeping their nails healthy and looking good at Nail Bars!

Read the report from the Standard here!

So for under £20 the nail care system is a good purchase financially and also it does what you need it to do too!

It Files and buffs finger and toenails down, smoothing rough edges , thinning thicker nails.

And leaves them polished and shiney and looking great!

The only one issue i may have with the nail care system and that is there is always a possibility a user may over use or hold the file heads too long in one spot !

This will not only hurt by burning but also damage the nail and the nail bed.

So be super careful if you purchase this product and read the instruction fully and if in doubt visit a Foot Health Practitioner to do the job for you like me !



Read this before you buy ! Bracoo Knee Strap Review

bracoo knee strap review

Knee Braces and Supports need to be robust ,durable and breathable and the Bracoo Knee Strap is defiantly covers both of these factors!

Do you live in fear of you knee giving out?

Then most likely you have a knee injury or arthritic problem that could get worse if left untreated.

Knee braces and straps are designed to give the knee joint stability, strength and correct posture to enable you to get on with your day.

Im a big fan or all Bracoo supports.

But don’t just take my word for it read the 1116 reviews left by just by Amazon.uk buyers.

So why is the Bracoo Knee Strap so good at protecting and support the knee and patella when it is worn?

Basic Features
  • bracoo knee strap✅Open Patella brace design reduces stress when working out.
  • ✅Good quality thick Neoprene material
  • ✅Easily adjustable to fit all sized knees
  • ✅Velcro Straps fully customise to your knee shape
  • ✅Discreet knee strap fits under clothes
Who’s it for?
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Inflammation
  • Instability and weakness
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain and discomfort
  • Long term ligament injuries
  • Torn meniscus
  • Twisted knee
Important facts about the Bracoo Knee Strap
  • Fits knees 12.5″-18″ in circumference
  • Reduces chronic knee pain before or after surgery
  • Prevents re injury to the patella joint
  • Inflammation and swelling reduced

Product Specifications

  • 76% neoprene, 12% nylon, 12% spandex
  • Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
  • Available in black (unisex)
  • One size fits knees 12.5″-18″ in circumference (left and right leg)
  • 1 support per package

You can expect to pay between $9.99-$16.97
(£9.95- £15.99) for a Bracoo Dual Stabiliser Knee Strap .


Pretty much all of the feedback from people who use and wear the brace knee brace is a positive one.

They all say that the knee strap supports and pain is relieved when worn.
It is great for protecting and supporting ligament injuries suffered by runners and footballers and basketball.

And it can be worn so you can get on with working out or playing sports knowing the strap will prevent re occurring patella injuries or strains,

Whilst assisting the knees natural healing process.

The adjustable velcro straps allows you to position the support in the correct position for your knee that fits well and is comfortable when wearing.


Pretty much the only negativity about the Bracoo knee strap is that for some people they say the support rides up and migrates as they walk?

Well this is probably due to the support not being fitted correctly and the adjustable straps not placed right.

The product comes with full instructions so you can easily go back over the information provided.

Of course the product will not suit everybody thats just life so if you struggle with a open brace support why not try a smaller knee strap like tennis player wear?

My final opinion on the Bracoo Knee Strap

I remember a few years ago i tore a ligament in my knee whilst trying to copy Jillian Michaels doing a work out lol!

Ok i should have known better then try in the first place!

I am very stiff and defiantly not flexibly and i remember two pure weeks of hell , feeling and being sick, by knee swelled huge i could hardly walk!.

And i so wish i had purchased a knee brace strap as i do believe it would have 100% stabilised my knee,

so i could walk and not be scared my knee was going to give out.

Im sure the pain would have been less too.

Instead i struggled on with hot and cold compressions and gels,

loads of anti inflammatory pain killers and even a tramadole which made me sky high!.

For the price of a knee support i now know i was stupid not to invest in one.

Don’t make the same mistake as me!

Click here for the latest deals and free shipping offers.