Best Natural Verruca Treatment Review – Tried and Tested

What is the Best Natural Verruca Treatment For Your Feet

By Zara Butti

Do you have a verruca on your foot? and are totally sick of its presence,

Well i best verruca treatmentcan totally relate to you,

I had this stubborn plantar wart or verruca,
on my foot for over two years.

Yep thats my foot

and its nasty which ever way you look at it, it was embarrassing and painful and i just wanted it gone.

I guess i got this beast at the gym i used to walk around as we all do barefoot in the changing rooms.

Verruca & Plantar warts consist of the HPV Virus which is a viral infection.

You can pick them up so easy as walking over the same floor as someone who has one.

Just by walking their foot print or using the same bath towel as someone who has a verruca you can catch one too.

Especially if you have a cut or split in your skin the virus can just jump in and before our know it a wart/ verruca begins to grow.

Verruca Myths and Facts

  • Verruca may look like a corn or callus to begin with.
  • They will get bigger over time.
  • Filing them down causes them to bleed.
  • If you rub your feet they will spread…. so don’t!
  • They can be painful due to the extra hard skin growing over the verruca.
  • Its a myth that they have a 7 year life spam.
  • Onion and garlic and banana skins do not cure verruca.
  • If you have more than one verruca they are called verrucae

Back to the Best Natural Verruca Treatment …..
In my opinion

I had tried on my foot to date……

best verruca treatmentScholls Wart Plasters
Salactol – Acid base
Banana Skins
Tea Tree Oil

I was pretty fed up!

But of all the plantar wart treatments i had tried,

The only one that had any real effect was the tea tree oil.

I decided to do my research as I’m sure you have too and i read every blog post and forum about using natural remedies to cure warts.

I soon discovered that the top natural plant oils that other wart patients were recommending included products containing,

tea tree oil, geranium, wheat germ,marigold oils

These all contain organic and natural healing ailments that have been used for years by buddhas and chinese doctors.

I personally like the idea off natural treatments ,

You may have already used tea tee oil on blemishes or finger nail fungus.

After reading an article about the natural healing powers of organic essential oils,

One product stood out and was being repeatedly mentioned for the use on  warts , verruca, hand warts, and skin tags.

The company were based in California,

Now I’m in the UK ,

but even with the shipping costs i decided after reading so many positive testimonials i should  give it a shot.

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My Honest Review of the best natural verruca treatment that worked on my foot!

I purchased two bottles of the H Warts Formula in total, at the time one bottle contained 11 ml of product.

You have several options now a 11ml or 33ml bottle if you have more than one verruca or a large stubborn one i would recommend the 33ml size.

Problems i encountered with previous verruca treatments.

Remove your warts naturally
Two of the things i hated most about using the Bazuka , Wartner and W Compound

gels and wart plasters was the mess and the pain they caused.

Applying a gel which has an acid base  is difficult,

Especially underneath your foot,

Quickly the gel runs down your foot and you end up burning good skin and causing pain from burn damage.

Wart plasters are the same they are so hard to keep in place ,

they are acid based too so the same problem occurs.

I also tried using a banana skin and crushed garlic on my verruca!

Both ended up with a negative result a lot of mess and my foot stinked!

Also i read that banana skin can actually cause infections from rubbing it into the skin.

  • Amoils Wart Treatment is not aggressive to your skin and does not cause any burning or scaring.
  • It comes in a easy to use dropper bottle.
  • Its ingredients contains 100% of the highest quality homeopathic essential oils.
  • They offer a 90 day no quibble guarantee.


Why you should you buy Amoils H Wart Formula?

If you have a verruca or wart on your body i believe you should buy this all natural verruca treatment.

I recently recommended it to one of my friends daughters

She had previously had a scary and painful experience at the Podiatrists!

She had over 10 small verruca on her feet and they all went using the oil.

If you don’t like pain and need a speedy non messy application this will work for you.

Also you will be delighted that this natural verruca treatment will not burn or scar your skin.

It smells nice too !

And if you are pushed for time then this application literally takes 2-3 minutes twice a day.

Pricing and Purchase

Im based in the UK so i had to pay overseas shipping fees,

but to be honest i was at wits end , i had read so many positive reviews and done my research on natural oils i was happy to pay.

I just wanted my bottle.

So i paid on the trusted and secure website and i immediately got an email confirmation of my order.

As of Aug 2017 a 11ml bottle costs $32,95 33ml $69.95

Get $10 off your first Healing Natural Oils order

FREE USA Shipping on orders over $49 


  • PAINLESS EXPERIENCE                                    


Remove your warts naturally


How i used the best natural verruca treatment on my foot.

When i received the product in the post from California,

i was super excited and the package contained the product and full instructions on how to use the oil.

Firstly i had to do a 24 skin test!…….. UGGGGH

Patience is not one of my amazing skills but i done it and i  had to wait 24 hours to ensure i did not have an allergic reaction to the product.

Test done , all ok , so i was good to go.

Firstly i buffed down my verruca first with a pumice file as i could see so much hard skin was covering the verruca.

Removing as much dead skin will allow you to apply the oil directly onto the verruca it self not just the dead callus covering it.

I guessed i the less callus the easier the oil could soak into the verrucae.

I then applied two drops to the verruca and waited 2-3 minutes before i moved to ensure the oil had dried 100%.

I then repeated this twice daily for 37 days until the verruca was gone.

Yes I had to reorder the product as i could tell i would run out and,

Lucky for me i had received a coupon for 25% off from when i signed up to the news letter so that really helped keep costs down.

Extra tips i would recommend to you…

I found buffing down the verruca and the callus around and over the verruca every few days really helped initially.

It allowed me to expose the verruca so the treatment could penetrate deep into the root of the verruca.

I use a Mr Pumice Bar on my feet like this one its available on Amazon.


I also initially applied a compeed plaster,  after my morning application.

Compeed gel plasters are strong gel based plasters and they help pull off the dead skin tissue as the verruca is dying.

I noticed that if i used a plaster more of the dead verruca skin came off and the verruca was becoming smaller which each application.

My Final thoughts

I believe this is the best natural solution to heal  your skin,

And as a Foot Health Practitioner i have 100% confidence

in the Amoils treatment and would not hesitate,

recommending it to you or a loved one who is presently struggling to cure  a verruca or warts.

I think that because it worked for me!

However just because the Bazuka and Wartner treatments didn’t work
on my foot

theres no reason that they wouldn’t work on yours.

Bazuka and Wartner costs a lot less but a waste of time i believe,

and using these treatments i found it messy,

and i burnt my healthy skin ,

and personally my verruca got worse.

Alternative natural home remedies include using Duct tape .

Maybe its worth a try,

Simple to use and cheap to buy  a roll at your local hardware shop

Jus apply a piece of tape for 5 days and rip it off.

The wart should come out with it.

Best Natural Verruca treatment … Natural Healing Oils

If you need a easy and pain free and simple application,

That doesn’t take long to apply,

A strong and healthy treatment that will 100% cure your body of

warts and verruca,

Buy the Amoils H Wart Formula For Healthy Wart Free Feet.

It was the best choice i made,

And i now recommend all my patients to use it too.

Which ever treatment you choose to use i wish you luck and a speedy wart free foot.

Don’t for get to leave me some feedback on your own experiences.

And if you have found my post beneficial or have a family member or friend who also want to rid them self of a their verruca then please share my post with them.

Don’t forget to claim your $10 off Code here…

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Best Natural Verruca Treatment Review – Tried and Tested
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