7 Causes of corns and callus on tip of toe

callus on tip of toeDo You have a Corn or Calluses?

It is unbelievable how painful they can make everyday walking when wearing shoes.

Corns and Callus are caused by pressure and friction.

These friction and rubbing creates hard skin as you walk,

A corn or callus can form on any part of your foot when pressure and friction occurs.

7 Worst Places TO get Corns and Callus On Your Feet…

  • Hard lump on Side of big toe
  • Corn on top of toes
  • Callus on tip of Toe
  • Metatarsal area/ ball of foot
  • 5th outside of toe (pinky toe)
  • In-between the toes -(soft corns)
  • Under the big toenail

The worst place i believe you can get one is a Corn is the Callus on tip of toe area.

This is because the tip of the bone of the toes is not weight baring,
and the skin is softer than the soles of your feet.

When you walk with every step the toes are pushed forward and the toe rubs and pressure is applied to your toes tip.

7  Causes of corns and calluses on tip of toe
  1. Check your shoes are they too small, narrow or tight.
  2. Do you wear socks with heavy stitching that is rubbing on the toes.
  3. Are your toes clawed or naturally bent so you grip the insoles to much.
  4. How long are your toenails? Long and thick toenails can make you walk with your toes curled.
    (read related post…best long handled toenail clippers for thick nails)
  5. Do you have a hammer toe? that is caused from a bunion.
  6. Are you a runner? and not wearing good quality running shoes.
  7. Do you wear steel capped boots for work?

callus infographic

Small, Narrow or tight shoes

cure corn on toeAll can cause your toes to rub in the end of the footwear and as you walk friction occurs and thats when a callus or corn will occur on the tip of your toe.

Heavy stitching in socks

Socks and tights normcorn on tip of toeally have heavy stitching on the seams within them

And this seam believe it not is one of the biggest causes you may have a  callus on tip of toe.

Clawed Toes/ Bent Toes

People often blame the common foot deformity claw toe on wearing shoes that squeeze your toes, such as shoes that are too short or high heels.

clawed toes treatmentHowever, claw toe also is often the result of nerve damage caused by diseases like diabetes or alcoholism,

which can weaken the muscles in your foot.

When you toes are clawed or bent you grip the floor as you walk so you are more like to suffer for a corn or callus on the tip of your toes.

Over Long Toenails

An easy way to solve your callus pain on your toes is if the cause of your callus on tip of toe is because of your long toenails.

Toenails normally need cutting 4-6-8 weeks, we are all different but those are the averages.

long toenails treatmentBut good regular toenail trimming you can prevent a callous or corn forming underneath the long toenails.

I often see patients who have neglected to cut their nails, often due to poor mental health and callus forms under the nails and grows into one big nail/callus formation.

Hammer toe

Hammer toes and mallet toe are foot deformities that occur due to an change in your muscles, tendons or ligaments that would normally hold the toe straight.

They can be caused from the type of shoes you wear, foot structure, trauma

corn on hammer toe

and certain disease processes can contribute to the development of these deformities.

Number one being a Bunion or Hallux Valgus

Hammer toe and mallet toe usually occur in your second, third and fourth toes.
Runners And Hikers

When you are running or walking a lot more than usual then extra pressure and friction is going to cause your feet to struggle.

If you like to do these sports then i would suggest you invest in the best footwear and socks to prevent not only callus corns and blisters.

But trauma to the feet like Plantar Fasciitis injuries, Swollen ankles and Arch Pain,

These three traumas are the most common injuries patients i meet who like to run and walk a lot.

A good read I would suggest you read from Switch Back Travel is

The Best Hiking Boots of 2017 .

Working In Steel Cap Boots Causes Corns!

Another biggie!

A lot of my patients work in jobs that involve wearing steel cap boots at work.

Its a must and they have no choice.

But Steel Cap Working Boots are renowned for causing thickened toenails, Fungal infections and Corns And Callus.

They cause so much trouble to your feet because they are not flexible they have no give.

So the foot is kept very rigid and often the boots are to wide and this causes your foot to slip and slide and friction and pressure ends up with sore painful toes.

Tips If you wear steel cap boots

  • Wear thicker socks
  • Use gel toecaps to protect the nail and tips of the toes
  • Have a change of footwear and only wear the steel capped boots when you have too.
  • Soak your feet in anti fungal wash
  • Add a thin insole if room permits

Callus on tip of toe Pictures

callus on tip of toe

callous on tip of toe

callouses on toes

I Recently uploaded a video about how to remove corns,
including my view on the Scholl Corn Express Pen ( Do not buy! )

Corns on Toes OMG Don`t Worry Try This!


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Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns


How To Remove A Soft Corn Between Toes 2017 Guide

Question of the day #askthefootpainexpert …Facebook

soft corn picture

How to remove a soft corn between toes?

A Corn is a build up of skin caused by friction or pressure mostly from shoes.

A hard corn and soft corn between toes normally appears when you wear too tight shoes or boots,

Your feet are pushed and squashed together causing the toes to rub each other as you walk.

Its the action of movement and confined space in the shoes that cause corns to form.

Soft corn in between toes are SOFT because your toes are tight against each other,

The skin sweats and air ventilation between the toes is limited, this then causes the skin to become clammy and wet.

Soft corn photos

soft corn between toes soft corn in between toessoft corn picture

Soft corns between the toes look very different to hard corns which look like a circular hard pin head.

The white circle around the corn is wet sweaty skin and the callous is sunken.

Its the soft white skin that makes it so hard to remove the corn with a scalpel so hardening the soft corn always helps to remove it quicker.

How to treat soft corns

As a Foot Health Practitioner i must admit is hate soft corns they are trickier to treat then hard corns which are just lumps of hard skin.

The problems you face treating soft corns

  •  Getting access to the soft corn
  •  Removing the entire corn
  •  Preventing bleeding
  •  Infections

Home Remedies for treating Soft Corns

These are the best treatments i can recommend you try at home but you may need your partner or a friend to help!

  1. Compeed Gel Corn Plasters
  2. Animal Wool
  3. Gel Spreaders
  4. Corn Wraps
  5. Toe Divider Supports

Do you notice on my list i have not listed ACID CORN PLASTERS!

The reason i do not like them is because they usually cause more damage then good to the skin.

When you apply a standard corn  plaster to your skin you need to know what to expect!

Corn plasters ( except Compeed plasters) all contains salicylic acid,

Yes Acid.

After about 10 minutes  your toe will begin to get warm as the acid embeds into your skin,

Corn plasters have a reputation for not staying in place ,
this is due to your bodies skin temperature  warming  or even if you have cool feet.

Plaster find it difficult to stick and they slide and move and when this happens to corn plasters with acid you will feel discomfort and burning.

That burning sensation is the acid burning healthy skin not the corn.

Are YOU Sure you have a Corn Maybe Its a Wart?

Often plantar warts and Verruca are mistaken for corns on toes so if you are not 100% wherever you have a corn vs wart,

read my post on Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns

Do you have a wart on your foot?

I would highly recommend you apply H-Warts Formula,

This powerful natural wart remover that i use on all my patients for getting rid of unwanted warts.

How you can remove your soft corn between toes without visiting a Podiatrist….

Soft corns ,hard corns, seed corns, calluses are all caused by friction and pressure.


So eliminate the pressure and friction and you will not get a corn.

Normally the cause of your corn is a particular pare of shoes, boots, or slippers.

You are going to have to hunt down these corn makers!

either get them stretched , dump them or use one of my top 5 preventive products if you want to continue to wear them.

3 Most common footwear types that causes of corns
  1. how to remove a soft corn between toesSteel capped shoes and boots. Timberland label stitches always create corns!
  2. Slippers, The Stitching around the toes and labels especially moleskin types of slippers for men.
  3. Narrow high heel dressy shoes, which are too tight and push the toes together.



Compeed Gel Plasters

Animal / Chiropody Wool

Dr Fredericks Gel Toe Spreader

Gel Toe Wraps / Sleeves

Corns on toes OMG Don’t Worry try this for the best results

Corns on toes Don’t Worry try these Chiropody Expert Tips

You don’t need to struggle with corns and callus on your toes.

Using simple and effective treatments easily available will soon have your corns on toes gone and the pain will be a distant memory.

Im not a big fan of the schools corn express kit! and i believe you can remove the corn 8/10 time yourself without seeing a foot professional if you just do these simple things first.

1/ Use a Gel Compeed plaster to remove the core

2/ Soften the corn or callus using petroleum kelly – Vaseline

3/Wear a Corn wrap everyday to protect and prevent the corn returning

Product Brand Number Of Items
Compeed Corn Plasters N/A N/A
Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Vaseline 1
ProFoot Vita-Gel Corn Wraps, Profoot 1

What is a corn?

  • Hard Skin and Callus
  • Dead rough hardened skin
  • Caused by friction & pressure
  • Tight or loose shoes – your feet rubbed or move about to much
  • Hammer toes or bent or clawed toes tops rub in top of shoes
  • Soft corns appear in in-between the toes
  • Hard corns appear on the outside especially the little toe
  • Corns do not spread like warts
  • Corns are painful and often feel like a sharp needle is being dug in
  • Corns on toes are either hard  soft or seed corns.







The 7 Best Podiatry Clinics In London You Can Visit In Your Lunch Break

The 7 Best Podiatry Clinics In London – You Can Visit In Your Lunch Break

 podiatry clinics in london

When time is a restriction and your feet are in desperation to be attended too then check our our guide to the Best Podiatry Clinics in London that you can visit in your lunch break.

Podiatry Clinics in London will offer a full medical menu of foot health related treatments including:

Toe Nail Trimming
Warts & Verruca
Fungal Nail Treatment
Hard Skin  & Callus Removal
Diabetes Care
Flat Feet And Arch Pain Advice
Orthotic Insoles
Corns and Callus removal
Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spur Pain

At some point in our lives visits to the podiatrist or chiropodist will be a regular occurrence, Personally i see having my feet looked after by a professional as necessary fixture in my calendar.

Just like going to the Physio and Hairdresser!.

If you stand all day on your feet or do a lot of walking for work you may find that your feet suffer from hard skin, corns and thick toenails.

By visiting a foot health professional your feet can be medically and expertly treated for a multiply conditions including just good basic foot care hygiene, diabetes, poor circulation, arthritis, sports injuries.

3 Podiatry Products That You Must Own For Smooth & Healthy Feet

3 podiatry products your feet need

Best Podiatry ProductsWhat It DoesWhen To Use It
Scholls Pedi Callus RemoverExfoliates Hard Skin On Heels + Polishes Skin Silky Smooth1- 2 times a week
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom SaltSoothing Foot Soak Softens Skin And Corns, Bacteria Soak Treats Athletes Foot & Fungus1 X Week
Gehwol Blue Foot BalmDaily Foot Cream Moisturises , prevents foot odour, infections.
Softens Skin, Diabetic Safe.
Every Day

A podiatry clinic in london normally offers appointments in 20-30 minute sessions, allowing plenty of time for a visit in you lunch break.

Private health cover?

Some Podiatry clinics accept private health insurance such as AXA and Bupa so if you require more than an average foot health appointment you may be able to claim.

Patients like to visit a podiatry clinic  every 6-8-12 weeks depending on their feet and and medical conditions they have.


Find a Podiatrist  Tool

The SCPOD “Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists” have a tool that will allow you to search on their database for accredited Podiatrists who are members of the SCPOD .

Click Here to find your local podiatrist here :>>>  Find My Local Podiatry Clinic


Podiatrist London Price List

What can you expert to pay for a 20-40 minute Podiatry Clinic Visit in Central London?

Well it will vary on the treatments you require of course but a basic podiatry visit will vary between £45-75.

Locally in Clinics in the suburbs the average Podiatry / Chiropody Appointments cost £27- £45 for 30-45 minutes.

If you require more medical treatments including Verruca and Wart Removal Prices start at £240 for Cryosurgery to freeze the verruca away.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery starts at £325 as a local anesthetic is needed and follow up appointments.

Foot mapping and Foot Analysis diagnoses your foot and discovers unusual movements, muscle and tendon weakness, pore posture , stress areas.  Prices start fro £45 for a 15 minute analysis.

If you suffer from weak arches, plantar fasciitis , flat feet, running injuries or trauma it is a excellent way to diagnose the injury site to determine the type of orthotic insoles you require or before making custom made orthotics for your feet.

Some local authorities do still offer NHS Podiatry Services including Diabetic Care, Nail Surgery and Bunion Removal.

Due to cost cutting only a small amount of areas now offer FREE Podiatry .

You can be referred to a NHS Podiatrist via your local GP or a Foot Health Professional will be able to do a consultation and referral letter which makes getting a referral to the NHS a lot easier that going straight to your Doctor.


#1 The London Foot Clinic

27 Harley St, London W1G 9QP, United Kingdom
Nearest Tube: Bond St/ Oxford St.

Specialists in foot and ankle injuries, ingrown toenail surgery , heel pain. Bunion surgery.
They have Podiatrists, Podiatry Surgeons, Sports Medicine Doctors.
Bonus: They offer video consultations

#2 The London Podiatry Centre
 3 Courthill Rd, London SE13 6DN
Nearest Tube Oxford St/ Lewisham

Specialise in Orthotic Insoles and Sports Injuries and Gait Analysis. Run My Dr Ron Mcclough he also has a clinic in Harley Street.
Bonus: Custom made insoles

#3 The Walk In Clinic London
64 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7JF
Nearest Tube: Knightsbridge

Good walk in centre near Harrods although booking is defiantly recommended for lunch breaks.
Specialise in common foot problems and day to day chiropody services.
Bonus: Parking nearby and wheelchair access.

#4 City Chiropody

5 Clinics / Barbican, Fenchurch st, Gresham St, Canary Wharf E14, South Kensington.

Specialists in Verruca removal , Ingrown toenails, Corns and Callus removal. Diabetic advice, Sports injuries.
Bonus: Swift verruca removal treatments

#5 Feet By Pody
ondon Wellness – Port East Building, 14 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4AF .

Located in Canary Wharf in the London Wellness Centre,  Foot Care Service offering Toe Nail Trimming, Callus and Corn removal , Hard Skin, Verruca, Nail Fungus .
Bonus: 4 Other locations available.


Resources : Podiatry Clinics In London

Diabetes Care – Visit www.diabetes.org
Society Of Chiropodists and Podiatrists – Find an accredited Podiatrist in your area.

How To Clean A Pumice Stone In Just 3 Minutes

How To Clean A Pumice Stone

how to clean a pumice stone

An essential to all bathrooms is a pumice stone!  But how many have you seen in peoples bathrooms and they look nasty the pores get blocked up and looks like it could do with throwing away!.

I think most people chuck out their pumice stones before they need to probably because they do not know how to clean a pumice stone in the first place!

It actually is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

I use a Cuccio Earth Lava Pumice Stone which i love and i purchased mine on Amazon as i find they have the best price.

I usually replace it every 6-9 months just because I’m a hygiene freak but to be honest they can last much longer!.

Especially if you clean it!.

How to clean a pumice stone … Follow these easy steps

1: Grab these items

1 X old toothbrush
Washing up liquid or Body wash
Latex gloves (optional)
Miltons Tablet for anti bacterial cleaning (optional)


I personally always put a pair or latex disposable gloves on too but totally optional here!.

Hold the pumice under warm water for 10-15 seconds just to soften the pumice bar ,

Apply 2-3 drops of washing up liquid or body wash onto the pumice then grab the toothbrush and begin gently scrubbing the pumice in circular movements.

Keep the pumice under running warm water whilst you do this.

The pumice will begin lathering up and you will very quickly see the discolouration disappearing and the pumice looking spanking clean just like new!.

It is that simple.

Do not scrub the pumice too hard as you may cause the pores in the pumice stone to split and crack.   You do not want sharp or jagged edges which you may hurt yourself on when you next use it.

For an alternative cleaning option for you pumice stone is to soak it in a warm bowl of water  for 10 minutes and add a miltons tablet which are sterilising tablets and soak.

This is how i would clean a pumice stone if you or a family member had a bacterial or fungal infection or plantar wart.

So here you have the two effective ways how to clean a pumice stone in minutes,

No more excuses to have dirty look pumice stones in your bathrooms guys!

But if you think you pumice stone has had it here are
my favourite Best Sellers on Amazon Right Now!

ProductNamePrice Range
Coco Earths Lava$$
Buy now on Amazon
Dr Scholls Exfoliating Stone Pumice$
Buy No On Amazon
Newtons Chiropody Sponge$
Buy Now On Amazon
Mr Pumice PURPLE$$
Buy now on Amazon

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How I Cure My Dry Feet

I recently found the following video which i found really beneficial for a curing dry feet. It from Irisvlogging who has a youtube channel which you can view here

If you feet are in desperate need to be freshened up before a night out try this super quick treatment to cure dry feet.

It quickly rehydrates and moisturises the skin amazing well.

What you are going to need:

  1. Soap & Water
  2. Foot Exfoliating scrub / or Body Scrub
  3. Pedi Stone/Brush File
  4. Plain yohurt
  5. Plastic Wrap
  6. Socks
  • Wash your feet in soap and water.
  • Grab a Pedi Stone/Brush File And with the brush first scrub the heels to the toes.
  • With the pumice stone gently file the feet in a circular motion
  • Rinse
  • With the Emery file scrub go over the feet and heels
  • Use the exfoliating scrub and wash the feet and any loose skin away.
  • Rinse and Dry the feet well with towel.
  • Grab the yoghurt and cover the soles of the feet.
  • Wrap the feet using plastic food wrap.
  • Put on a pair of socks
  • LEAVE for minimum 15 minutes ideally 20-1hour for maximum effects.

I hope you have found this information helpful and your pumice stone is going to be given a new leash of life !.

Leave me a comment or question below if you need any more help !

Foot Pain Relief Expert



Newtons Chiropody Sponge Review : The Magic Hard Skin Remover

Newtons Chiropody Sponge Review

newtons chiropody sponge

The Magic of Newtons Foot Therapy Chiropody Sponge is a not a secret in the Podiatry & Chiropody Industry.

This very effective and inexpensive pumice sponge will smooth the hardest, driest, roughest feet and heels out there including my sisters feet which are nasty!

She used it twice and couldn’t believe how much better they looked and felt baby soft !

If you struggle to keep hard skin at bay on your feet especially your heels you will be very pleasantly surprised how good your feet feel and look after using a Newtons Chiropody Sponge.

Why Buy A Newtons Chiropody Pumice Sponge?

Any one who has hard skin on their feet!

Maybe you are going on holiday and want to neaten up your heels before wearing flip flops!

If your feet and heels are painful because of the hard skin build up, and i use one on my bunion joint where i get a callous from the friction as i walk from shoes.

  • Inexpensive and very effective tool to remove hard skin.
  • If you suffer from hard, rough and cracked heels.
  • Easier to use then a foot file and stronger callus remover.
  • Podiatry & Chiropody recommended tool.
  • Polishes and smooths feet like a Pedicure Salon treatment! no more visits to the salon required.
  • The sponge takes seconds to use so a quick solution if you are in a hurry.
  • If you suffer from callus and corns the sponge will remove the excess callous.
  • Bunions with hard skin on the joint is easily removed.

Where can you buy a Newtons Chiropody Sponge?

The best place is at Greens Pharmacy on Amazon UK ,they also have multi buy deals and offer free postage and packaging promotions.

Buy Online At Amazon.co.uk for latest deals

Boots and Lloyds Chemist used to but do not stock them anymore.
You may also find a smaller local chemist may stock newtons chiropody sponges too.

ProductPriceGet Best Deal Now
">One Sponge
Buy Now
">Three Pack
Buy Now
Six pack
Buy Now
One Sponge & One Newtons Chiropody Pumice Scrub

Buy Now



The sponge is 7cm long x 5cm wide x 1.cm depth, it is very neat and can fit into a wash bag if you are going on holiday.

I recently came across a forum discussing Newtons Chiropody Sponges which you may find helpful to read : Mumsnet

Newtons Chiropody Pumice Sponge Instructions for the best results.

To get the perfect salon pedicure smooth heels simply follow the instruction on the packaging of the Newtons Chiropody Sponge.

But many reviews on Amazon.co.uk recommend that you soak your feet first and use soap to soften,  some testimonials advice you to rub the sponge on a bar of soap too.

Holding the  sponge and apply with some pressure to the hard skin in circular movements.

This chiropody sponge is very strong pumice and will remove layers of your hard skin. And leaves the heels really smooth and polished.

*** Warning ***

As you use the sponge in a circular motion you will see the dead skin falling off!

You can over use the pumice and do damage to your skin if you file to hard, and some reviews have commented on soreness redness and bleeding.

The Pros and Cons Of Using A Newtons Sponge

The sponge comes with full instructions on how to use it.
Feedback from customers is that they find the most effective way is to use it after soaking your feet in warm water.

  • Some customers say buy using soap they get a more polished and smoother finish.
  • The hard skin when filed down looks amazing and feels super soft just like a salon treatment.
  • Newtons sponges are strong and lasts for ages and are very effective way of removing thick hard skin.

newtons chiropody sponge

The only issues you may get with a chiropody sponge include:

  • Over use may cause soreness and bleeding.
  • Sponge may fall apart if you are too rough.
  • Leaves black grit after use in the bath or shower.

Overall the pros over come the cons of the Newtons Chiropody Sponge, if you read the instructions it states not be too rough with the sponge as it could fall apart.

Also i`d like to think its common sense that if you scrubbed your feet to an inch of their life that they may become sore and red!.

Newtons Foot Therapy Products Range

The Chiropody sponge is just one of the newtons foot therapy products that are available to buy.

The product range also has a foot scrub and foot cream which I have also used and found benefit for my feet.

The Foot Pumice Scrub particularly excellent in my opinion.

It is the best exfoliating foot scrub i have tried.  I use it only my patients feet and they all comment on the smooth polished their feet feel.

The cream is so so and i personally use Gehwol Blue on my patients feet which is a rich creamy foot cream it hydrates , softens and is antibacterial.

Foot creams need to be thick and i have found most high street creams and the avon range is to thin and does not penetrate the dry and hard skin.

Final Thoughts

Overall I can’t see why you would not buy a Newtons Chiropody Sponge for your hard skin.  It is very inexpensive to buy and I have found the  best stockist deals on Amazon plus they offer free shipping.

If you are looking for an alternative option to remove hard callus on your feet the electric callus removers on the market including the Wet and Dry Scholls Pedi file over a less messy treatment, plus they have a safety cut off so you can not cause soreness to your skin.

Read Related Post : Best Electric Callus Removers Reviews

So if you have a wedding or a holiday coming up and need a quick fix and you haven’t got time to go to your local pedicure salon,

i would defiantly recommend you use one on your feet if you suffer from hard rough heels.


Save money and buy more than one sponge not only will you save money you will definitely use them.

Buy now on Amazon UK