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Bunion Pain Treatment – What are bunions?

For those interested in bunion treatment, you might wonder,
“What are bunions”?

Bunions (hallux valgus) are bony prominences on the outside edge of the big toe where the toe meets the main bones of the foot.

Bunions are a combination of three medical conditions that include enlargement of soft tissue; deformities in foot bones, called hallux abducto valgus; and a third condition called metatarsus primus varus.

The hallux condition is a rotated big toe that either pushes toward the second toe, sits on top of it, or beneath it.

Metatarsus primus is where the bone in the foot connecting to the big toe, rotates outward.

This is the hard bone you feel when you touch a bunion. Understanding the biomechanics behind their formation helps in bunion treatment

Bunion Pain Treatment – What causes bunions?

Bunion treatment isenhanced by understand how they are caused. There are many reasons for bunions:

•Hereditary – almost 70% of people with bunions have a family members with bunions

◦You do not inherit the bunion, itself

◦You inherit the foot structure leading to bunions

•Bunions may be caused by high heels that force the big toe to collide into the tips of shoes

•Wearing shoes that are too tight create conditions for bunion formation

•Flat Feet


•Poor foot biomechanics, such as over pronation (one of the primary causes)

•Abnormal movements, including ballerinas who dance on their toes

•Being a woman (bunions are more prominent in women)


Bunion Pain Treatment – What are the symptoms?

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of bunions helps to recognize and initiate bunion treatment in its early stages.

Bunions may be mild, moderate or severe and they may (or may not) cause symptoms.

People with severe bunions don’t always experience pain People with mild bunions can suffer greatly.

If you have pain on the outside of your big toe joint, swelling, redness, numbness, a large bump, pain in the second toe, pain while wearing shoes,

pain during activities or numbness and decreased motion of the big toe, you might have a bunion.

Bunions have a very distinctive look and if you’re not sure, look them up on the internet.

It’s important to begin bunion treatment as soon as possible to reduce severity.


Bunion Relief UK Treatment – How do you treat bunions?

Bunion treatment at home will not make the bunion go away but can lessen discomfort, allowing you to resume normal activities.

The first step is to buy wider shoes, reducing the pressure on the bunion. Stretch shoes are useful and especially cutting the shoe (in an X manner) directly above the bunion.

Additional remedies include wearing orthotics, icing the area, applying padding and toe spacers and taking medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) such Advil, Aleve and ibuprofen (check with your GP).

If these remedies do not alleviate discomfort, check with your doctor about physical therapy, cortisone injections and surgery.

If time allows, one of the best bunion treatments is allowing the area to resting, giving it time to heal.

Bunion Treatment – How do you prevent bunions?

Bunion treatment begins with prevention.

If you start to notice a bunion is forming, wear different shoes. Avoid tight shoes and high heels.

Purchase extra wide shoes. Whenever possible, wear sandals or flip-flops or go bare foot to take the pressure off the bunion.

If you stop the bunion at its onset, additional bunion treatment may not be necessary.

Bunion Treatment – When to call your GP

Call for an appointment with your doctor if the bunion:

·         Causes pain even after you’ve switched to wider shoes

·         Prevents normal activities

·         Shows signs of infection or a wound begins to form

If you have diabetes, call your doctor immediately at the first sign of infection or wound formation.

Foot infections and wounds are extremely serious in diabetics. Don’t delay in seeking bunion treatment for infection in your feet

Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit Review 2016


Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit Review

1646 Customer reviews so far…..




I was searching on Amazon and came across this product the Dr JK Bunion Relief, Toe Protectors Toepal Kit. 

And it caught my attention because i wondered why I hadn’t thought of this idea.

Plus I couldn’t believe the amazing reviews and testimonials from happy customers who had already purchased the bunion relief kit.

1646 Reviews so far……

Dr JK manufactures Orthotics and gel foot care products, they are based and designed in the USA.

They provide physician certified and patented bunion care, plantar fasciitis, ball of foot cushions and other foot care products.

Presently they sell in 33 countries and growing and I like their money back guarantee and full customer service promise, which is very important when buying online.

And there website is if you want to visit them.
(But the best deals are to be had elsewhere see below)

The Dr JK Bunion Relief, Toe Protectors Toepal Kit is one of several Kit Foot Pain Relief products they have package up as one bulk product.

Which i believe is a fantastic idea!

What you get with the Dr JK Bunion Relief Kit is a comprehensive kit that gives you options to Correct / Protect/ Realign / Splint / Separate

Whats included in the Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toe Pal Kit

dr-jk-bunion-relief*Gel Bunion Sleeves
*Built in Toe Spreader
*Gel Bunion Guard Protects Hallux Valgus Joint
4.9% Protection
bunion big toe cap relief*Silicone Gel Bunion Guards sits over painful bunion joint.
Built in Toe Spreader
Hammer Toe Protector
4.8% Protection
dr-jk-toe-spreader-kit*Silicone Gel Toe Speaders Sits in-between the bunion (Big Toe) and Hammer Toe Second Toe
*Gently realigns toes.
4.4% Protection
Can Be A Little Uncomfortable
Dr JK Bunion Toe Protector toepal kitGel Bunion Separator
*Smaller version of Bunion Guards mostly separates the two toes and has a little protection to the outside of the bunion joint. Perfect from wearing at the gym
4.5% Protection
dr-jk-the-most-comprehensive-bunion-relief-toepal-_1Gel Bunion & Hammer Toe Spreaders.
Wear over night as a splint to encourage the toes to return to their natural position
4.00 % Protection


The Dr JK Bunion Relief Kit is the only comprehensive all round treatment product on the market i have seen.  The Kit comes with 5 pairs of bunion protecting and correcting podiatry supports.

Normally you would buy one product at a time but i can appreciate the thinking behind  Dr JK Bunion Kit, as like with many foot pain issues you need more than one product to solve and relief the pain.

Whats included:

So you get 5 Pairs of Products so 10 pieces in total in the Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit

  • One Pair Gel Bunion Sleeves with built in spreader.
  • One Pair Gel Bunion Guards with built in separator to push hammer to away.
  • One Pair Gel Bunion Mini Gel Guards with built in spreader.
  • One Pair Gel Two Toe Spreaders Use on Big Toe & Second Or Bunionettes 4 & 5th Toe.

If you have tried a Gel Bunion Guard the Dr JK Bunion Relief supports are excellent quality and the spreader is just the right width to gently push the hammer or second toe away from the bending bunion.

Bunion guards are one of the first purchases for bunion relief and I’m a big fan,  What you are getting in this kit is day and over night bunion relief options.

Plus depending on what shoes you are wearing theres a choice of support to choose from that will not be too visible or bulky in footwear.

Who`s Should Buy the DR JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit.

  • This is a unisex kit for anyone with a hallux values, Bunion disorder, Arthritic Big toe Joint, Hallux Rigidus, Broken Toe Joints.
  • If you suffer from pain in the big toe joint and second toe.
  • Your shoes are pinching and causing pressure on the big toe joint.
  • Anyone that suffers from clawed and arthritic toes.
  • If you have been diagnosed with a Hallux Valgus or Hallux Rigidus Condition.

Pricing & Purchase

I have found that Amazon offer the best prices for the Dr JK Bunion Kit and in the US & UK options with free postage too.

Plus when you buy from Amazon you get the Dr JK Price promise and full customer service included, so i thinks thats a win win for the consumer.

Now you could buy all these 5 pairs of supports individually and i have priced out the kit to be over $27 using poor quality gel supports so at around $15 / £14 you are getting a unremarkable deal. 

I believe if I packaged up this kit using medical silicone gel supports i would be looking to charge my private patients £25 plus to give you an idea of the value of this kit.


The really cool thing i like about the Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit is all of the piece you get in the kit and the choices it allows you to make depending on how your bunions are aching or not.

You have supports to guard and shield the bunion  joints if you just want protection from pressure and friction.

And also splints and realigning supports to gently correct the bunion and hammer toes so they sit comfortable in footwear.

Wearing podiatry supports will ease and prevent foot pain when worn, and for the majority of people they will make walking and standing for long periods of time a lot more comfortable.

Gel supports will prevent callus and corns on the bunion joint.

The Gel bunion sleeve is discreet and also prevents ball of foot pain as well as bunion relief support.

Gels can be washed in soapy water to keep clean.


These will not stop you from getting a full blown bunion but they may prevent surgery for the time being.

Some of the pieces like the spreaders and separators can be a little clumsy and uncomfortable in smart shoes.

If wearing daily the life span of gel supports is normally around 2-3 months only.

For some patients who may be elderly or having trouble reaching their feet the supports can be tricky to put on the toes.

Alternative products

If you are still unsure about the bunion 5 piece kit, i would personally recommend a slips bunion guard which is a mesh sleeve with a built in silicone gel pad that sits around the bunions joint and offers fantastic cushioning and offer all day comfort when on your feet for long periods of time.  My buddy who is an air steward swears by them to get his feet thru a 12 hour flight.

Also you can try a soothing or ice treatment gel like biofreeze this is an inexpensive ointment which you rub into the big toe joint 2-3 times a day and this relaxes the ligaments, tendons and joints.

My Final Thought!

Bunions are a real pain! and thanks to my mother i have inherited one too!

Although at 43 years I’m not experiencing a lot of movement to the joint I can see the common inward bend of the toe appearing and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will not progress into a full blown bunion disorder and hammer toe problem.

But if it does i would defiantly try some the Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit help me relieve the pain in my joint and also protect the pointed out joint from corns and friction from tight shoes i may wear.

I presently get some pain from my bunion and my arch as i have a flat foot and i have worn a silipos gel sleeve which i found very comfortable.

The cons many patients say about the kit is theres so many pieces,
Some of the spreaders are uncomfortable,

but please do not let that put you off the bunion guards and sleeves and night splints are all very comfortable and easy to put on.

I Believe the pros of the kit totally outweigh the cons on this product and the cost of $15 is simply remarkable!  Well done Dr JK.

To purchase a Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit and get the money back guarantee and the full customer support deal offered on

Amazon click here:>>>>
DR JK- Toe Separators, Bunion Relief and Ball of Foot Cushions Kit-5 Pairs of BunionPals and Metatarsal Pads for Men and Women
I hope you have found this post Dr JK Bunion Relief Toe Protectors Toepal Kit Review 2016 helpful and you can now make your choice of bunion supports a lot more easier.  I would be grateful of you would share on social media and like the post if you have found value in it.

Also im a real person ! if you have a foot health question please leave me a comment below and i will be more than happy to respond.

Foot Pain Relief Expert

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5 Natural remedies for Bunionette pain

Bunionette pain is a sharp or burning pain in the 5th / little toe.

Tailor`s Toe or a Bunionette is a painful bump on the side of the bone on the 5th metatarsal toe joint,

just like a Bunion on the big toe a Bunionette aka tailors toe can be very painful and corns and callous formation is a common causing inflammation and swelling making footwear very difficult.

As the toe rubs in the footwear the joint becomes red , blisters and corns appear and the toe becomes very painful to touch.

bunionette pain
Pain is the inital symptom of a bunionette on and around the 5th toe.

A blister or corn may appear making foot wear uncomfortable.

To cure a tailor`s toe pain if you have a corn is to have the callous removed and wear a bunionette pad this will stop the inflamation around the joint and ease the pressure and friction.
Podiatrists recommend unique designed bunionette pads or guards these supports the joint and protects the toe in footwear by preventing pain and friction associated with tailor`s toe pain.

Natural remedies for Bunionette Pain

1:   Soaking your feet 
Something simple and free. this relaxes the bones, tissue and muscles a Chiropody favourite remedy but very effective treatment which i would recommend you do after a long day at work or after exercising.

For additional bunionette relief add some table salt or epsom salts into the warm bowl of water .

Salt is a natural healer and if the bunionette has a blister or corn on it the salt will help prevent infections and increase healing .

Epsom salts is a natural remedies that relieves aching muscles and is used by athletes after training, it contains magnesium which is know for its healing powers.

2:  Ice treatments

Sports therapy ice sprays and gels will give good bunionette relief and are easily available from chemists and supermarkets.

Bio freeze is a main brand but any will do.   The cooling elements of the freeze relaxes the tissue around the joint and freezes or numbs the area you apply the gel or spray to.

Its a quick fix and with 10-15 minutes you the area will feel very cold and the pain will subside.   Using ice cubes or frozen goods is the same idea but these only give 5- 10minutes of relief  so not ideal.

3:  Bunionette pads or guards

bunionette padsBunionette pads like bunion supports are podiatry designed gel guards that slip over the toe and sits comfortably over the bunionette joint preventing friction in foot wear.

These are the best treatments for bunionettes i believe because they give immediate relief and prevent blisters and corns and are slim enough to fit over the toe and not cause additional restriction or pressure in your shoes.

4:  Chiropody Felt

Moleskin or fleecy web felt is ideal and is available at chemists . Apply stripes of felt along the side of the 5th toe and across to anchor like a cross.  This will cushion the achy joint and precent friction.  Bit tricky to apply to the foot.

5:  Wear comfortable footwear

Tight or narrow footwear will effect your bunionette pain, your feet will be squashed and pressure and friction will occur and additional pain from the tightness will most likely cause a blister or a corn on the little toe.

So being sensible and allowing room for your bunionette is important when choose shoes especially for work.

Bunionette pain over time can have damaging effect on the bone joints of the toe, our little toe has three bones and these can become traumatised bruised and infected in serious cases of bunionette pain.

The best cure for stopping bunionette pain is :

1: Don’t wear tight shoes
2: Wear a bunionette pad or guard

Helping your bodies immune system and preventing inflammation the to the joints is a great preventative too taking vitamin B5 and Vitamin c and Zinc are all anti-inflammatory boosters and will keep your bones and muscles healthy and strong.  Read our blog post on the best 3 vitamins for good foot health here: