13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tuli`s Heel Cups Review

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Tuli`s Heel Cups Reviews 2017 Update

buy tuli`s heel cups

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis?
and you are finding every day a struggle with content agonising heel pain?

If you are not coping with your heel pain you are not alone,
millions of people all suffer from mild to severe strains of inflammation of the heel fascia tissue,

And its no laughing matter….

Have you been suffering from Plantar-Fasciitis for over 6 months?

If you have I’m sure you have already tried many different ways to ease and heal your aching foot.

You have lots of products to choose from BUT which ones actually work?

Plantar Fasciitis Support Groups all sing the praises of  Medi-Dyne Heel Cups.

But which ones will suit your stressed heels?

This guide will help you choose the right fit and comfort support before you go ahead a buy tuli`s heel cups online.

7 Proven Self Help Tips You Should Do.
  1. Acupuncture
  2. Soaking Feet In Epsom Salts
  3. Increasing Your Vitamin B12, Bromlein And Magnesium
    (Read related post: Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days)
  4. Rolling an Ice bottle of water under the sole of your foot heel to toes
  5. Massage Feet this breaks the scar tissue down
  6. If Ice doesn’t help try warmth ice can make the pain worse for some people
  7. Buy good running shoes

And never go barefoot!

Many patients i have treated and met who have suffered from heel pain and plantar fasciitis all say that the Cortisone shot do not work.

They are extremely painful and for most only last a few days.

Also they are not good for your bones! , And may damage your tendons.

10 BEST Work Shoes/ Boots For Heel Pain Sufferers
  1. Red Wings
  2. Timberland Pro
  3. Fitflops
  4. Hokas
  5. Asics
  6. Heavenly Boots
  7. Naots
  8. Abeos
  9. Dansko
  10. Vionics

Where Can You Buy Tuli`s Heel Cups

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Direct From Your Podiatrist

Tuli`s Heel Cups Come In two Strengths,
Classic and Heavy Duty.

Both are well made strong with a soft structured design that will support your heel and fascia tissue.

But I would suggest if you have severe plantar fasciitis pain and you have already tried several insoles, injections or other treatments

You should Buy Tuli`s Heel Cups for Heavy Duty Support


Learn more about the classic and heavy duty Tuli`s Heel Cups below

Tuli`s Heel Cups will support your feet when you suffer from….
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendon
  • Heel Spurs
  • Post Surgery Comfort
  • Shin Splints
  • Tendonitis
13 Reasons WHY you should buy Tuli`s Heel Cups…. in my opinion!
  1. They are super comfy in all shoe types.
  2. Made of soft thick gel not a hard density material, this allows them to be pliable and comfortable all day.
  3. Instant relief when walking
  4. Best Orthotic Support to wear after surgery.
  5. Built in shock absorbing design within cup this absorbs every move you make.
  6. They will out live any other gel insert on the market!.
  7. Mild cases totally cured 5-7 days of wearing gel cups!.
  8. Improves walking gait and aligns body to natural position.
  9. Suitable for wearing for long periods of time.
  10. Reduces inflammation and sore heels.
  11. All round protection when running or high density sports including crossfit training.
  12. Reduces further heel inflammation trauma to foot.
  13. Can be transferred to different shoe types.
Tuli Heel Cups Sizing

How to get the best fit for your heels,
Tulis heel cups come in two sizes for you to choose from

Mens US Shoe Size 7 and Under and Women US Shoe Size 9 and Under
Weight 40 Kg’s to 80 Kg’s


Mens US Shoe Sizes 8 and up and Womens US Shoe Sizes 10 and Up
Weight over 80 Kg’s

Whats the difference between classic vs heavy duty Tulis?

buy tuli`s heel cups amazon

Classic Heel Cups – flexible enough for any shoe.

Good all day plantar fasciitis support and comfort.

Heavy Duty Heel Cups – provides additional thickness and support for athletic performance.

I recommend these ones to patients who have had multiple treatments or tries insoles previously which have not worked.

And new to the range…

Tuli`s Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups-  These have extra comfort shock absorbing cushions and Extra Comfort for sports.

Tuli`s Heel Cups Instructions

Insert each heel Cup, waffle side down, into the heel of the shoe. Carefully put on footwear and reposition Cups as needed.

Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly. Press with a towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry completely before reuse.

Choose Your Medi-Dyne Tulis Heel Cups

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Best Vitamins And Minerals To Help Heel Pain

I hope you have found this post helpful and you can start the recovery of your heel pain,

Im afraid heel pain won’t go over night but you can help yourself i believe by investing in not only good orthotic supports,

but also supplementing your body with health vitamins and minerals,
Stretches and rest.

Goodluck ,

And if you have any comments or questions please leave me one below or join the foot pain relief expert Facebook page.

Foot Health Practitioner & Expert Foot Blogger

What happens when you freeze a wart ?

Apart from a black blister and a lot of pain!

what happens when you freeze a wart on your foot

 Is Cryosurgery painful?

Hell yes!

Ok maybe i should be more sensitive but i have had this done personally and it was pretty awful!

The Extreme coldness and applicator pressure takes some mind over matter power,

But if you can bare with the pain its the quickest way to get rid of a plantar wart or verruca for sure.

Home kits are no where as strong as Cryosurgery done by Podiatry clinics.

That is why the kits have 10-15 applications usually as it will take several treatments to the warts to blister.

What is Liquid Nitrogen?

A colourless clear liquid, It is nitrogen in a liquid form,  It is extremely cold and will freeze any living tissue it makes contact with.

Read more about liquid nitrogen here

Your Podiatrist Or Doctor will hold the applicator onto the wart for 10-30 seconds MAX.

Before it becomes uncomfortable and un bearable!.


What happens when you freeze a wart over the next few days?

The coldness of the liquid nitrogen forms a black blood blister over the wart,

This is good!

Once the Black blister hardens it will fall off with the warts root attached.

Keep your foot dry and watch out for:

  • Redness and tenderness
  • Bleeding
  • Infections
  • Pain (the skin will be super sensitive)

What happens when you freeze a wart using a home kit?

what happens when you freeze a wart at home

This is Dr Scholls Freeze Away Kit but to be honest they are much alike with Wartner and Compund W.

You Get a can of liquid nitrogen and 10-15 applicator heads included.

Only use an applicator once.
This prevents cross contamination.what happens when you freeze a wart




Hold the applicator on the wart for 3-5 seconds.

Top 3 Freezing warts at home kits

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover, 7 Treatments, Box
  2. Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System, 15 Treatments
  3. Wartner Cryogenic Original Wart Removal System, 12 Count

Do Home Freezing Kits Work?

Yes it does!
But reading through the amazon reviews on all three products i would say the product really works on children feet and warts on hands.

But for stubborn long established warts the testimonials are
all bad actually with only 48% say they got the results they wanted!

I wouldn’t cross Cryosurgery off your list yet,

I believe you would get the result you want…. that is the wart gone

If you visited a Podiatrist clinic who uses the clinical cryosurgery equipment and the highest strength liquid nitrogen that soft tissue can take.

Yes it may be painful but fingers crossed you will only need one treatment and the wart or verruca will be gone for good!

infographics wart treatments

My 2016 Infographic photo here explains how my patients warts were treated best.

The winner being Natural plant based oils and the worst Bazuka Gel.!

Alternative treatments

Now my poor old mum has been plagued with autoimmune problems all her life and warts on her feet and hands have been a really problem for her!.

She had Three Cryosurgery treatments on her feet and the warts would just not die!

I remember being with her watching her in pain from the treatments and it wasn’t nice ! but she was prepared to try it to be wart free.

When i qualified as a Chiropodist in 2001 i made it my mission to find her alternative pain free treatment to try on her warts.

What we came up with after 10 or more products was the H Warts Formula.

A natural essential oil plant based treatment that was applied to the warts daily for 15 weeks and thank heavens success was ours!

It is a product i have now been recommending to my patients for over 10 years with my biggest success (apart from mum) being a child who had 10 warts and we got rid of them in 16 days!.

Click here to learn more about the H Warts Formula To Get Rid of Your Wart

I hope this answers a few of your questions about what happens when you freeze a wart at home and if you need any more help,

Leave a comment below and i will reply with my best advice for you.

How to cure runner’s heel pain with 3 easy tips


How to cure runner’s heel pain with 3 easy tips


If you love to run but struggle with heel pain during or after each run then try these 3 easy tips to cure runner’s heel pain

The most common injury to the heels is called plantar fasciitis which is when the fascia tissue in the heel becomes inflamed from injury or trauma.

When you run a lot of weight and pressure is put through the ankle and foot and even with professional running shoes injuring the heel is a VERY common injury.

I suggest to my patients to do these 3 things when then exercise, not only will they strengthen the foots muscles and tissue but prevent  injuries returning.

Tip 1 : Epsom Salt Soaks

Simple simple simple !! Epsom salts are magnesium based salts which have been used by athletes for years, and a old Chiropodist secret weapon.

Epsom Salts will
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Ease fatigued aching muscles
  • Relax and relieve tension in the tendons and ligaments

Tip 2 : Cold Water Bottle Stretches

My favourite tip !! Grab a cold (ideally iced) bottle of water and place under the arch of the foot.

Apply pressure and roll backwards and forth up and down the foot from the heel to the toes. Repeat for 3-5 minutes .

You want to feel the pressure and a little pain but do not press to hard!

Cold water stretches will…
  • Stretches out the tight fascia band and tissue
  • Relax the tense muscles
  • Reduce inflammation within the heel area

Tip 3: How to cure runners heel with Vitamins & Minerals .

The best 3 vitamins and minerals to help heel pain are:

1# Magnesium

Signs your body need is low on Magnesium

Low energy
Weak bones
Muscle tension, cramps, spasms
Low energy

Additional magnesium deficiency may include constipation, vertigo,stiff and achy muscles.

2# Vitamin B5

Benefits of Vitamin B5

Improves cardiovascular health
Lowers Cholesterol
Maintains a healthy nerve function
Metabolises our food into energy
Helps our mental health
Reduces our stress
Assists healing
Helps rheumatoid arthritis
Boosts our immune system
Improves our skin including preventing or curing acne

3# Proteolytic Enzymes

These enzymes support our immune system and acts as a anti- inflammation agent and helps reduces inflamed sports injuries and traumas to the body. They are used to treat auto immune diseases such as lupus , rheumatoid arthritis and by increases your proteolytic enzymes intake you can see how it assists the healing of the fascia tissue and your general muscle and joint pain heel.

Read related post: Best vitamins & minerals for heel pain

My Personal Recommendation For Additional Protection When Training

Wearing the footwear and support of course is a no brainer but i have found even with good running shoes if your foots biomechanics are put under stress and pressure such as if you have a high arch or a flat foot then you are more likely to suffer from injuries.

I have been working with runners locally and i have found that the best solution to avoid injury and strengthen weak feet is to use a “silicone gel” orthotic insert within the running shoes.

Silicone gel is soft but durable to high impact pressure as you run and does not loose its structure or strength quickly like leather and foam insoles.

best heel pain relief for plantar fasciitis

For a limited time we have a offer on these inserts buy 1 get 1 free with free shipping. 

To place an order click below now.


Make sure you do these simple tips to prevent or cure your runner’s heel pain and if you find them beneficial please share of tag with friends.

If you have a foot health question drop me a comment below or message me on the foot pain relief expert Facebook page and i will be answer any questions.

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Amazon Best Sellers for heel pain relief for plantar fasciitis

Amazon Best Sellers For Heel Pain Relief For Plantar Fasciitis

best heel pain relief for plantar fasciitis

What works for plantar fasciitis

Solving the mystery of the best cure for plantar fasciitis is a tricky one, and what works for one maybe doesn’t for another.

But what i have found over the last 12 years of treating patients with heel pain is that a combination of therapies works the best with the fastest results.

Buying a heel pain relief insert and hoping the fascia tissue will heal by itself with time just won’t cut it I’m afraid.

It is very important that the heel and the tissue and tendons are strengthened as they repair to prevent a repetitive strain and the plantar fasciitis returning.

Which is not what we want!

Researching for inserts and insoles to help heel pain relief for plantar fasciitis in your feet can be a bit over whelming.

Choices to make!

Your first decision to make is what type of orthotic should you choose

    • 3/4 Length insole
    • Full length inserts
    • Heel cushions/ Pads
    • Heel sleeves or socks


3/4 Length Insoles

These are insoles that support the heel and also arches of the foot.
Personally i believe these and heel cushions are the best choice for heel pain especially if you are looking for pain relief at work or if you play sports.

3/4 insoles are pretty handy if you want to alternate them into different shoes and trainers.

Full length Inserts

Full length inserts support the whole foot so the heel , arches, ball of foot and toes are cushioned and aligned comfortably.

More suitable for work shoes and boots they are excellent if you suffer from arch or ball of foot pain too or flat footed.

Heel Cushions/ Pads

Heel cushions/pads simply support the heel area of the foot and are easily transferable to different shoes and trainers.  Then are well padded and are a good choice if you stand a lot at work or do running or hiking.

If you can get one that is cupped around the edge as this supports the spur area too.

Heel sleeves or socks

Heel sleeves and socks are great for cushioning the heel area and helping reduce inflammation.  They do not take up much space in shoes so good if you want extra protection when running or at the gym.


Strengthen, Heal, Prevention Treatment

The course of action i recommend to my patients is to not just use inserts to cushion and stop the heel pain.

This works, don’t get me wrong.

But you have to also repair the damaged fascia band and reduce the inflammed tissue as well as strengthening the foot to prevent reoccurrence of plantar fasciitis.

I have found these three things work the best….

1: Use an orthotic insole for all day comfort

I recommend to my patients to use either a 3/4 insole or a heel cup cushion as i believe these offer the best comfort to the inflamed heel fascia tissue.

Both will have a centre part of the insole which will have a thicker pad to cushion the middle of the heel where the pain penetrates from.

But if you suffer from flat feet and or fallen arches you may prefer to use a full length insert.

All are transferable to different shoes but i would recommend you use two pairs and keep one set for trainers and the other for your work shoes.

2 : Do specific plantar fasciitis stretches to strengthen the fascia band

Stretching, and strengthening the foots biomechanical structure stops reoccurrence episodes of plantar fasciitis.

It also is a key treatment to healing the fascia band and ligaments around the heel to full recovery.

The best strengthening exercises for plantar fasciitis include:

  • Rolling a cold bottle or golf ball under the foots arch from heel to toe. Pressing firmly on the bottle. This stretches out the fascia band.
  • Tree balance. this is when you balance on one foot for 20-30 seconds a time.

Calf stretches , leaning towards the wall stretch the heel and calf muscles out.

Read related post on the best exercises for heel pain and recovery here 

3: Vitamins & Minerals

Increase the bodies natural healing process by taking Vitamins B5 pantsthenic acid , Magnesium and Bromelain.

Read related post: The Best Vitamins and minerals to help heel pain

You can of course increase these vitamins and minerals through intake of foods but the fastest and cheaper way is to purchase vitamin supplements.

Taking these vitamins will help:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Encourage heeling
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Energy levels
  • Muscle cramps
  • Burning feet
  • Inflammation
  • Reduces stress on the body and its muscles and ligaments



Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 Days Review Watch This Video Now

Plantar Fasciitis Relief In 7 Days
Yes Its True!  Try These 4 Simple Tips….

plantar fasciitis relief in 7 days

One question i get asked daily as a Foot Health Professional is
“What is the best Plantar Fasciitis relief treatment ” .

Heel Pain is such a massive problem that actually effects millions of us every year, and thats why i would like to share with you this amazing video i found on Youtube.

These 4 simple tips for plantar fasciitis relief in 7 days.

The Best thing  they use free stuff you have around the house that are absolutely free!

This video is by Dr Axe who is a youtube mogul and has huge content on healthcare and nutrition advice.

I love is clear and informative advice and he also recommends fabulous smoothies and natural foods that heal your body.

This video about How you can cure plantar fasciitis in 7 days has had over 1 million views and i would encourage you to check his youtube channel out at
Dr Axe Youtube.

What are the 4 things to Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7days ?

Dr Axe has experienced plantar fasciitis pain before as he loves doing triathlons his personal pain encouraged him to research the best natural plantar fasciitis relief for his feet and these are the best 4 remedies he has found that has worked and the reasons behind the remedies.

  • 1 Deep tissue work
  • 2 Stretches
  • 3 Nutritional foods and supplements
  • 4 Strengthening the muscles in the foot.

1: Deep Tissue Massage

He recommends to either higher a massager or physio therapist to work on your fascia tissue and foplantar fasciitis relief in 7daysot muscles, but of course this can cost a lot of money.plantar fascia relief

Lucky there is a better and cheaper option open to you.

4 absolutely free treatments that will be even more effective form of direct massage to your fascia tissue .

And that is by using a tennis ball, rolling pin or baseball bat.

Grab your tool! and simply put the ball or rolling pin under your foots arch barefoot or with a sock on.

All you have to do is roll your foot backwards and forth stretching the tendons in the foots.

Make sure you apply good pressure you want to feel the tension,  over time slowly increase the pressure applied as they strengthens the muscles.

This stretch works over time and it will relax the tendons and muscles.

Similar to puling a muscle in your back or shoulder the pain initially is tight when you exercise and strengthen the muscles they begin to repair and relax .

The same issue is in your foot the plantar fascia tissue become tight and tense, inflamed and difficult to stand and walk on.

Deep tissue massage really breaks down the scar tissue, inflammation and pain subsides.

Best to do this exercise 2-3 times a day and work up to 5 minutes but start at 2 minutes and make sure you concentrate on the arch area.

2: Deep Stretching


Another simple and  totally free method for plantar fasciitis relief.

Grab some blocks or use your house stairs and lean the foot into the stairs.

Pressing arch inwards stretching in and out for 2 minutes at a time 2-3 times a day.

Be careful not to topple over hold on the banisters or wall.

3: Vitamins and Nutrients

Getting certain nutrients into your body will also naturally help relax tendons.

Your body needs nutrients to help it relax the muscles and if you have a poor diet you  may be doing your body a disservice.


Eating leafy green, lentils and bananas all contain magnesium, Avocados, salmon and broccoli all contain Vitamin B5 and Omega 3 is also found in Salmon.

  • Magnesium 500mg a day before the bed, this relaxes the foots muscles.
  • Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is known to relax the muscles and heals the plantar fasciitis tissue.
  • Fish Oil – Omega 3 in your diet increase natural repair and healing.

Eating anti inflammatory foods like turmeric, salmon, carrot, also contain the nutrients you need to get plantar fasciitis relief in 7 days and repair your plantar tendons and muscles.

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4: Strengthening The Muscles By Wearing Barefoot Shoes

One of the main causes of heel and plantar fasciitis is our footwear not wearing the right shoes for our feet and this weakens our foot muscles.

We were built to be walking barefoot and as we all wear shoes nowadays certain muscles and tendons are being used as shoes do not allow the natural movement they were designed for.

The majority of our foot muscles are weak as they are not being use!

So try walking around barefoot or use a pair of barefoot shoes naturally strengthen your feet fast.
Barefoot shoes look just like feet! so perfect for at home but you can buy barefoot shoes and trainers and Dr Axe recommends Merrells Barefoot Trainers and also Vibram Fivefingers KSO EVO.

Click here for more info and current pricing.
Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe, Black,43 EU/10.5-11 M US
Vibram Women’s KSO Evo Cross Training Shoe, Black ,39 EU/8 M US

By wearing barefoot shoes they will strengthen your calf muscles and all your small muscles in your feet plus your foots arches will be lifted,

The benefit of barefoot shoes are that will make your foot strong and the fascia tissue inflammation will be relieved and your foot pain free.

Not only do barefoot shoes relieve plantar fasciitis pain they will prevent reoccurrence of plantar pain.

When starting to wear Barefoot shoes Dr Axe recommends you start out 30mins – 1 hour a day and build your muscles up and allow the foot to become comfortable with the fit.

My Final Thoughts

These really are the solutions to plantar fasciitis relief in 7 days, Grab a pen and write them down.

  1. Deep massage
  2. Deep stretches
  3. Nutrients
  4. Barefoot shoes

“These 4 effective remedies for plantar fasciitis do not cost a penny!.”

You most likely have a tennis ball or rolling pin indoors as well as stairs!
And you can increase your daily nutrients through your food intake or by in expensive supplements.

Why not try walking around the house barefoot.

I challenge you to do these 4 things over the next 7 days and leave me a comment below of your progress.

So no more excuses my friend, get working on your feet and be plantar fasciitis pain free in the next 7 days.

Thanks for reading my post and i really hope you enjoyed and found value here to solve your plantar foot pain.

For more Plantar fasciitis tips and Foot Relief Guides to heal your feet click here and sign up to receive our latest blog posts and product discounts.
For More Plantar Fasciitis Relief in 7 days Resources:

 plantar fasciitis Relief NHS Info Pages
 5 most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis

Best vitamins and minerals to help heel pain

Learn about the Best Vitamins and minerals to help heel pain to solve your plantar fasciitis injury.  We recommended to patients who are long time sufferers or when physio and orthotic insoles are not curing the heel pain.  I believe in addition to heel relief pads that patients increase these 3 vitamins into their body through natural sources of food and vitamin supplements.

Self help and natural solutions for plantar fasciitis in my opinion is the best way cure.

The best 3 vitamins and minerals to help heel pain are:

1#  Magnesium
2# Vitamin  B5
3# Proteolytic Enzymes

How to increase these vitamins and minerals naturally into your immune system


This essential mineral helps bone formation by utilising calcium. Half of the bodies magnesium is stored in our bones.


Epsom Salts are a magnesium sulphate and have incredible  beneficial    properties that relieve pain and inflammation.

Used by athletes after training to relax and relief aching muscles and foot pain.  Take a bowl of warm water and add 2-3 table spoons of epsom salts and soak your feet for 10 minutes.  you can also use Magnesium Oil similar to salts which are more flakes which you can rub directly onto your skin or soak your feet in a bowl.

Eating magnesium rich foods like leafy greens including spinach , swiss chard, pumpkin   seeds, lentils, white beans.black eyed peas, brown rice,avocado,figs, and bananas.

Or take a daily magnesium supplement.

Signs your magnesium levels could be are low include:

Low energy
Weak bones
Muscle tension, cramps, spasms
Low energy

Additional magnesium deficiency may include constipation, vertigo,stiff and achy muscles.

You magnesium levels may be low due to these factors:
Diet (Coffee, Sugar, Alcohol)

You need magnesium in your body because it is responsible for multiple body processes and its the 4th most abundant mineral that our body needs to operate over 300 essential bodily functions. It is well know to prevent constipation but magnesium is essential for our hearts,muscles, kidneys as well as balancing out additional nutrients including calcium and potassium.  Ensuring our magnesium levels are correct will prevent diabetes , osteoporosis and keep our blood pressure level.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

Vitamin B5  prevents nerve damage and reduces muscle impairment pain and stress.  A low B5 count can mean muscle and nerve disfunction. Taking vitamin B5 will accelerate the bodies healing process.

You can naturally increase your B5 intake by eating foods such as avocados, beef liver, duck, broccoli, sunflower seeds, eggs , salmon and lentils.

You would struggle to get the boost from eating all these foods so try taking a B Vitamin complex supplement.

Signs of Vitamin B5 Deficiency may include:

Burning feet
Muscle cramps

People who may have higher Risk factors of a B5 Deficiency may include women who are on the oral birth control pills.  people with severe malnutrition , Alcoholics.

Benefits of Vitamin B5
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Maintains a healthy nerve function
  • Metabolises our food into energy
  • Helps our mental health
  • Reduces our stress
  • Assists healing
  • Helps rheumatoid arthritis
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Improves our skin including preventing or curing acne



Proteolytic Enzymes

These enzymes support our immune system and acts as a anti- inflammation agent and helps reduces inflamed sports injuries and traumas to the body.  They are used to treat auto immune diseases such as lupus , rheumatoid arthritis and by increases your proteolytic enzymes intake you can see how it assists the healing of the fascia tissue and your general muscle and joint pain heel.

The best form of proteolytic enzymes  for heeling your plantar fasciitis and heel pain is Bromelain this is found in the stem of Pineapples! Unknown-4
but there is an easier way then coring out the stem of a pineapple.
Bromelain supplements are available 1000gdu is recommended to produce enough anti-inflammatory enzymes to reduce heel pain and swelling.
Vitamins and Minerals to help heel pain recommended Resources: