How to use the Scholl velvet smooth nail care set on thick toenails

You MUST Watch Before You USE The Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set

Whats included in the System?

  •  1 X scholl velvet smooth nail care set Blue PEN + 3 Heads
  • 1 X File Head
  • 1 X Buff Head
  • 1 X Shine Head

How much does it cost to buy?

2017 RRP £39.99 But I recommend as they have kits starting from £17.99

Why Buy a Electric nail file for your toenails?

The problem with toenails as we get older is that

a) They become thick and hard to cut, and

b) We can’t reach the toenails to cut them !

Electric nail files have been used in Chiropody and Podiatry Clinics for years and if you visit a nail bar all the technicians use them!


  • Easy to hold
  • Alternative to clippers when you have weak hands.
  • Results are like you expect from a Nail Salon .
  • Safe and Simple To Use.
  • 3 Step process protects and strengthens brittle nails.
  • Thins thick calloused toenails
  • Compact kit can be taken on holiday to keep nails trimmed.

Follow these 3 easy steps for perfect toe nails

scholls velvet smooth electronic pen USE THE 3 HEADS SUPPLIED
Step 1 :
  • Best rescholl velvet nail care systemsults clean hands or feet first and dry well.
  • Remove the battery seal
  • Remove protection cap
  • Click blue file head with #1
  • Switch on speed to normal or fast (normal is more precise accurate)
  • Round the toenail edges for good toenail care and leave no sharp corners
  • Always move the file in one direction to prevent damage to nail
  • Direct the file into a slow curve for fingernails 
Step 2
  • Replace the file head with #2 BUFF
  • This smoothens out and evens the nails surface
  • MAX 15 SECONDS per nail Every two weeks is safe for the nails health
  • Gently move the head over the nails surface without too much pressure staying on one spot
  • Finally wipe the nails with a damp cloth to remove debris
Step 3
  • Apply head #3 Shine head to polish and shine
  • circular movement side to side not too much pressure
  • When you see your desired shine stop

Watch the above video for Suppliers Instructions on how to use the scholl velvet smooth nail care set.

Bonus Tip For Salon Condition Pedicure For A Fraction Of The Cost!

Scholl Recommend another one of their products for shiney looking healthy nails.

The nail care oil contains minerals and vitamins essential for nail health.

The Nail Care Oil will strengthen, soften and leave nails looking stunning.

Scholl nail care oil ingredients

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil  is enriched with a seven-oil complex.

This formula contains sweet almond, sunflower seed, linseed, apricot kernel, avocado, argan and shea seed oils,

as well as omega 3 and vitamin E.

The oil helps soften and moisturise the cuticles, for healthy looking nails. The brush allows for easy application.



Additional Note: Replacing the heads

You only get one of each of the needed 3 heads supplied and these will only last a 1-2 months.

Refills are available and cost from £7.95 Buy Here…

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care System Refills



Alternative products

If you are concerned for your nail health?

You may need to firstly treat the toenails or fingernails for fungus or bacterial infections .

When you apply nail varnish often the varnish suffocates the nails and this will discolour and you will notice the nails becoming

  • Thicker
  • Yellow
  • White Spots
  • Flaky


If your nails look like this i would highly recommend you read my blog post on what does toenail fungus looks like here:

Final Note

As a Foot Health Practitioner I am not really one to promote a tool that does my job for me!

But i can totally appreciate the Impact scholl velvet smooth nail care set will have in the audience it is promoted in.

Women in particular spend over £450 a year keeping their nails healthy and looking good at Nail Bars!

Read the report from the Standard here!

So for under £20 the nail care system is a good purchase financially and also it does what you need it to do too!

It Files and buffs finger and toenails down, smoothing rough edges , thinning thicker nails.

And leaves them polished and shiney and looking great!

The only one issue i may have with the nail care system and that is there is always a possibility a user may over use or hold the file heads too long in one spot !

This will not only hurt by burning but also damage the nail and the nail bed.

So be super careful if you purchase this product and read the instruction fully and if in doubt visit a Foot Health Practitioner to do the job for you like me !



Read this before you buy ! Bracoo Knee Strap Review

bracoo knee strap review

Knee Braces and Supports need to be robust ,durable and breathable and the Bracoo Knee Strap is defiantly covers both of these factors!

Do you live in fear of you knee giving out?

Then most likely you have a knee injury or arthritic problem that could get worse if left untreated.

Knee braces and straps are designed to give the knee joint stability, strength and correct posture to enable you to get on with your day.

Im a big fan or all Bracoo supports.

But don’t just take my word for it read the 1116 reviews left by just by buyers.

So why is the Bracoo Knee Strap so good at protecting and support the knee and patella when it is worn?

Basic Features
  • bracoo knee strap✅Open Patella brace design reduces stress when working out.
  • ✅Good quality thick Neoprene material
  • ✅Easily adjustable to fit all sized knees
  • ✅Velcro Straps fully customise to your knee shape
  • ✅Discreet knee strap fits under clothes
Who’s it for?
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Inflammation
  • Instability and weakness
  • Jumpers Knee
  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain and discomfort
  • Long term ligament injuries
  • Torn meniscus
  • Twisted knee
Important facts about the Bracoo Knee Strap
  • Fits knees 12.5″-18″ in circumference
  • Reduces chronic knee pain before or after surgery
  • Prevents re injury to the patella joint
  • Inflammation and swelling reduced

Product Specifications

  • 76% neoprene, 12% nylon, 12% spandex
  • Hand wash in cool water – hang dry
  • Available in black (unisex)
  • One size fits knees 12.5″-18″ in circumference (left and right leg)
  • 1 support per package

You can expect to pay between $9.99-$16.97
(£9.95- £15.99) for a Bracoo Dual Stabiliser Knee Strap .


Pretty much all of the feedback from people who use and wear the brace knee brace is a positive one.

They all say that the knee strap supports and pain is relieved when worn.
It is great for protecting and supporting ligament injuries suffered by runners and footballers and basketball.

And it can be worn so you can get on with working out or playing sports knowing the strap will prevent re occurring patella injuries or strains,

Whilst assisting the knees natural healing process.

The adjustable velcro straps allows you to position the support in the correct position for your knee that fits well and is comfortable when wearing.


Pretty much the only negativity about the Bracoo knee strap is that for some people they say the support rides up and migrates as they walk?

Well this is probably due to the support not being fitted correctly and the adjustable straps not placed right.

The product comes with full instructions so you can easily go back over the information provided.

Of course the product will not suit everybody thats just life so if you struggle with a open brace support why not try a smaller knee strap like tennis player wear?

My final opinion on the Bracoo Knee Strap

I remember a few years ago i tore a ligament in my knee whilst trying to copy Jillian Michaels doing a work out lol!

Ok i should have known better then try in the first place!

I am very stiff and defiantly not flexibly and i remember two pure weeks of hell , feeling and being sick, by knee swelled huge i could hardly walk!.

And i so wish i had purchased a knee brace strap as i do believe it would have 100% stabilised my knee,

so i could walk and not be scared my knee was going to give out.

Im sure the pain would have been less too.

Instead i struggled on with hot and cold compressions and gels,

loads of anti inflammatory pain killers and even a tramadole which made me sky high!.

For the price of a knee support i now know i was stupid not to invest in one.

Don’t make the same mistake as me!

Click here for the latest deals and free shipping offers.


7 worst warts on toe pictures

warts on toes pictures

Warts on toe pictures

Have you go a small bump or lump on your toes and are wondering if it is a wart?

Then check out these warts on toes pictures to see if your toes need urgent treatment to cure your foots virus.

Warts and Verruca are HPV (Human Papillary Virus) infections and can appear anywhere on the body.

The HPV virus is a viral infection which means that warts on toes can spread easily to other toes and your other foot too if untreated.

Read more about my recommended product for getting rid of warts fast

Common sites warts on toe appear on the foot include:

  • In between toes
  • On top of toes
  • Underneath on the ball of the foot
  • Sole of the heel

Warts on toe pictures

warts in between toes pictures


verruca in between toes


I don’t like these warts! and I find treating warts in between toes can be tricky !

The chance of spreading the warts is very high because of skin contact of the other toe next to it so do not be surprised if two toes are effected.

The best way to prevent the warts from spreading is to apply a plaster like a compeed plaster which will acts as a separator and prevent the toes from rubbing.

The most effective and painless treatment i would recommend is to use the H Warts Formula which is a natural remedy.

  • It is a painless and easy to application treatment and leaves no scaring or long term damage to the skin around the toes.Unlike Salicylic acid which is in most over the counter treatments it can burn and damage the good skin,

I also find treatments like Bazuka messy and awkward to apply in between the toes.

Another good tip is to use Compeed plasters are great as they also will remove excess callous from the wart in-between the toes when you take it off!.

Pictures of warts on toe – big toes

pictures of warts on big toes

Read These Compound W Wart Reviews Before Your Buy

Compound W Wart Reviews & Instructions

compound w wart reviews

Im guessing you have already been diagnosed or discovered a plantar wart on your foot.

And are searching for the best home treatments to cure your foot wart as quickly as possible…… I don’t blame you.

The first thing you will discover about curing plantar warts on your foot is that there is not one single product that will 100% work the first time you use it.

Patience and consistency is the secret in curing warts.

You have 3 options when treating plantar warts on your foot.

  1. Freeze the wart with a home kit or visit a Podiatrist for Cryosurgery.
  2. Burn the wart out of your foot using Salicylic Acid.
  3. Naturally cure the wart using homeopathic and essential oils.

All three methods will work and to boost and fasten up the recover i would suggest you up your

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc

Both will improve and restore your immune system and enable to bodies natural healing to cure your body of the Warts virus .

Below are honest amazon buyers Compound W Wart Reviews from real people who have tried and applied the products to their warts.

The majority of reviews highly recommend the liquid and the gel treatments for fast removal of warts and plantar warts,

What is Compound W Warts?

Compound w is a wart removal treatment that comes in Gel , Liquid and Freezing treatment options.

They offer fast acting treatments for Warts (body) and Plantar (Foot)  

Compound W Freeze Off Warts
Compound W Freeze Off Plantar Warts & Advanced
Compound W Fast Acting Liquid
Compound W Fast Acting Gel
Compound W One Step Pads

compound w wart reviewscompound w freeze off reviews

How to use Compound W Wart remover

compound w wart instructions


Compound W Warts Liquid & Gel 

Wash affected area. May soak wart in warm water for 5 minutes. Dry area thoroughly.

Use a Pumice Stone or file to remove loose or rough dead skin.

Squeezing tube gently, apply one drop at a time to sufficiently cover each wart. Let dry.
Repeat this procedure once or twice daily as needed (until wart is removed) for up to 12 weeks.

Compound W Wart Freezing: 

  • Soak foot with the plantar wart in warm water for 5 minutes. Dry thoroughly.
  • File the plantar wart area with a pumice stone or pumice file before applying Compound W Freeze Off®.
  • Attach the applicator (stick with the foam tip) to the handle as shown. Firmly press the stick into the opening in the middle of the handle.
  • Place the aerosol can firmly on a table or other sturdy surface. Caution! Do not hold the spray can near your face, or over parts of your body or clothing.
  • Insert the handle, with the applicator attached, into the top of the canister. Line up notches in handle with the openings in the top of the canister.
  • Keeping the canister upright and holding the canister firmly with one hand, press the handle downward until you hear a hissing sound. Continue to hold down for 2 to 3 seconds to saturate the applicator. You will hear a hissing sound for the entire period.
  • After releasing the handle, wait 30 seconds, and then remove the handle with the attached applicator from the canister. The foam applicator should be saturated with cold liquid and have a frosty appearance. You may also smell some dimethyl ether.
  • Lightly press the foam applicator for several seconds on the wart that is to be frozen. Do not swab.  Compound W Freeze Off® should be applied immediately after removing the applicator from the canister. Hold the foam applicator on plantar warts on areas with thicker or calloused skin, such as the ball of the foot or the heel, for 40 seconds or less. Treat plantar warts occurring on less calloused areas of the foot, such as the arch of the foot or the toes, for 20 seconds or less.
    • When treating warts on the top of toes, slowly move the toes while administering treatment. There may be an aching, itching, or stinging sensation during treatment.
    • Discard the foam applicator after a single use, taking care not to touch the foam applicator with bare hands, to ensure that re-infection with the wart virus does not occur. Wash hands after treatment.
  • Comfort pads have been included with the Compound W Freeze Off® Plantar Kit only.  They can be used to protect the tender plantar wart area after treatment has been completed.  Carefully remove pad from backing.  Apply adhesive side of pad to skin with hole directly over the small tender spot.


Compound W Wart Ingredients

Active ingredient – Purpose. Salicylic Acid 17% w/w – Wart remover. 
Inactive ingredients: Alcohol, Camphor, Castor Oil, Ethyl Acetate, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Hypophosphorous Acid, Isopropanol, Nitrocellulose, Polysorbate 80, Silicon Dioxide.

Compound W Wart Reviews By Real Amazon Buyers

Read Reviews Here: >>>

  • Took care of a SUPER stubborn (HUGE) plantars wart on my sons foot –this was a last resort after every other treatment failed. I’ll NEVER use anything else again. WOW
    Seriously WOW.
  • This stuff works better than anything else I have tried and I have tried most.
  • We have tried EVERYTHING for my daughter’s warts on her toes. Had them frozen off several times which was extremely painful and didn’t even work. A friend had told me about this and I was willing to try anything! This is like miracle gel in a bottle. I couldn’t even believe when after a week her warts were disappearing!!!! I don’t even know how much I’ve spent on dermatologists…this was the best 13 bucks I’ve ever spent! Look no further this really WORKS!!!!
  • This stuff works! With time and persistence, it works. I love the tube. It is so much easier to direct the flow of the liquid with a tube rather than with the Compound W that comes with a bottle and a brush. I highly recommend this product.

Read More Reviews Here:>>>

  • This works on just about any skin bump you may have, not just warts. Removed calluses on my toes immediately. Very pleased. Highly recommended.
  • The wart that I had on my hand for almost 3 years was gone in less than 2 months. I applied this product twice a day and then every week I would take a scalpel and cut off the wart until it would bleed a tiny bit just to make the process faster.
  • I used this to get rid of a corn. It worked well as long as I scraped it with a flat blade as well. Be sure to get the product only where you want it otherwise it removes the good skin as well.

Summary Compound W Wart Reviews

From all the reviews and comments left by customers of the Compound W products the two outstanding products that got the best results were


Compound W Warts Maximum Strength Fast Acting Gel. 


Compound W Warts Maximum Strength Liquid

Easy grip toenail clippers for weak hands review

Easy Grip toenail clippers Review


easy grip toenail clippers

Easy grip toenail clippers are great for weak or arthritic hands and fingers.

You may find it easier to use a straight jaw style like these then actual clippers or scissors as you can hold this style of clippers with ease.


Watch my review below


Easy grip toenail clippers are great for people who suffer from weak or arthritic hands and fingers.

They are designed to be gripped and be non slip so when you make the cut the cutters cut without too much pressure.

You may find it easier to use a straight jaw style like these then actual clippers or scissors as you can hold this style of clippers with ease.

These ones are 3″ length with an adjustable blade which allows you to angle the cutters and are suitable for left and right handed people.

If you are looking for toenail clippers for thick toenails then these probably are not the best choice for you,

but for every day toe and finger nail trimming they do the job perfectly.

The are made of strong stainless steel and have 4 holes in the arms which makes them non slip and easy to grip.

They double spring design will allow an acurate cut and the 3″ length works well if you need help reaching your toes.

Overall i like these easy grip toenail clippers,  i would give them a 4**** 

  • Solid easy grip toenail clippers, they don’t slip out of your hands.
  • long handled design for extra reach.
  • Sharp blades for normal to medium thick nails.
  • Under £5 price range.
  • Adjustable head allows you to position the clippers and perfect for left or right handed people.

Related post : Top 10 Long handled toenail clippers for thick toenails 

For an alternative choice try these.