My Foot Pain Relief Expert Products

foot pain relief products

Solving foot pain is my daily goal in practice and with patients online searching for solutions for their foot pain relief.

Talking and working with patients over the last 15 years has been eye opening to the problems our feet can cause us,

A huge problem for many of  my patients is finding sourcing products in stores which clearly solves their problem fast.

Thats why i have created a new brand of proven products which experts like me in the foot health industry use and ones my patients endorse.

Introducing the Foot Pain Relief Expert Range….

Heel Pain

Our New Range Of Foot Pain Relief Products

The Ultimate Corn Relief Removal Kit

2 X Ball Of Foot Cushions
3 X Toe Wraps For Soft Corns In-between toes and on hard corns on tops of toes
2 X Ultimate Toe Spreaders Stops Toes Rubbing Together
2 X Bunion And Hammer Toe Shields Stops Callous In Corns

Only available on Amazon


Chiropody Animal Lambs Wool For Toe Comfort Pressure Relief And Corn Prevention

25g of real lambs wool or animal chiropody wool,

Chiropodist favourite for toe protection and comfort , chilblain and blisters prevention.