How To Stop Your Sore Back Of Heel For Good…

How to stop your Sore Back Of Heel Pain

I get asked every day what are the best insoles i can recommend to stop heel pain.

Especially for people who suffer at the end of the day after a long day at work.

This guide will i share my best 5 Insoles for your sore back of heel pain that will comfort and prevent pain when walking and standing.

Why i recommend these insoles and how you can stop heel pain at work

1# They are inexpensive and easily available without visiting the podiatrist.

2# The are universal and offer instant relief to the heels and arches of the feet.

3# They will stop sore back of heel pain all day plus they will give all round relief to your feet knees and back.

All these insoles are professionally made with the foots biomechanics in mind, with heel pain you often get arch pain and ball of foot discomfort.
Plus the added bonus of back and knee pain.  What over the counter insoles will do is to support those main 5 factors.

I would recommend at the end of the day to soak your feet in a warm bowl of water and do some heel and toe stretched Read the Foot Pain Relief Plantar fasciitis post here.

5 Best heel insoles for Heel Pain at work.

1 : Superfeet Super Green Full Length Insoles 


  • Full length design
  • Deep heel cup
  • Slimline design
  • Long lasting supports
  • Suits Office work or standing roles
  • Superfeet are always developing research into producing the perfect over the counter insole for feet that will work for a multitude of foot conditions. But at the same time keeping costs affordable, these insoles come in at around £35 a pair but in my opinion these are as good as a custom made pair retailing at £200.

A perfect insole for heel pain at work fits in shoes and boots. They will offer comfort and support when standing or walking for long periods. But are slim and discreet whilst offering full biomechanics support to your feet.  They have a deep heel cup design which is excellent for plantar fasciitis or heel spur injuries.

You will definitely notice a big difference in your feet within a few days.

To learn more about superfeet go to:
Superfeet deals UK  Superfeet Unisex Supportive Insole Green F Green SF/3000-12/14 10 – 11.5 UK

Superfeet deals  USA
Superfeet main website.

2: Barefoot science Active foot insoles


  • Full length Insoles
  • 6 step active design is unlike any other orthotic insole on the market
  • Not a quick fix insole but designed to strengthen and stimulate  rehabilitation improving your foots balance and stability.
  • Eliminates Foot-Back-Body Pain

Barefoot Science is an intelligent solution to an age-old problem that has never been solved by traditional orthotics. Pain and dysfunction is caused by muscle weakness, so it follows that strengthening is the path to wellness.

Over 96% of ER Doctors and Nurses reported pain reduction in at least one of eight body parts studied. (Participants’ fatigue scores fell over 20% while overall pain reductions scores plummeted over 80% during the four-week study.)  … Facts from

The Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System is not an instant fix, but with consistent use, works like an exercise program to quickly and safely restore healthy foot function, optimizing comfort and performance.

If you suffer from sore back of heel pain at work due to standing for hours for example as a nurse, store assistant , restauranteur  the investment in these insoles is 100% worth it .  They work out at approx £65 / $72 a pair but when you think an average podiatrist charges £40 for 30 minutes and you can easily spend £150 -£200 on a custom moulded pair of orthotics the maths totally work out in Barefoot Sciences advantage.

Learn more about the benefits and local distributors here: Read more


3: Scholls Orthaheel Gel Heel Reliever



  • Gel Heel Cushions
  • Relieves heel and plantar fasciitis pain when walking a lot
  • Wear in boots and work shoes
  • Easy to fit and transferable to other shoes

Ive not had one bad report on these supports from Scholls Ortha-heel. Every patient confirms they give 100 % relief when doing a lot of walking and are easy to fit in any shoe types.  It is well worth doing physiotherapy exercises along with wearing these insoles to strengthen and relieve the inflammation in your sore back of heel tissue.
See my post here on exercises.

Good choice for diabetics and patients who suffer from neuropathy.

Protects fascia tissue around the heel bone, achilles tendon and heel spurs by reducing the pain with its thick silicone medical gel.
Comes in at around £17.95 a pair maybe worth buying two pairs as the gel won’t last for ever but every day use should give you 3-4 months worth of usage from these insoles for heel pain at work.

See the latest deals for
Scholl Orthaheel Gel Heel Pain Reliever Medium here.

4: Footactive medical active insole


  •  Basic everyday insole for aching tired feet
  •  Cut to size 5 sizes to choose from
  •  Full length insole supports arch/heel/forefoot
  •  Transferable to other shoes

If your feet are just aching and just tired from a long day at work  and you are not suffering from a heel or ankle injury and just need good quality cushioned orthotic insole then these are perfect for feet at work.

Some shoes and boots have a very hard built in insoles and using foot medics will simply make standing all day a tonne easier especially on a hard floor like in a store, pub, hair dressers etc.
You cut these insoles down to your correct size but they come in 5 sizes from extra small to extra large.  Used in the NHS and by private Chiropodist in the UK this all rounder comes in at around £22-26 a pair , save a visit to your foot health professional and buy online at amazon and save money and normally they offer free shipping.  View latest deals FootActive Medical – Full Length Arch Support Orthotic Insole for Plantar Fasciitis. Corrects over pronation and stabilises the foot (L 9 – 10.5)


5:SLimflex Simple 3/4 Length Insoles


  • Deep heel cup stops heel pain
  • Built in arch lift 
  • Easy to fit – cut to size
  • 3/4 length orthotics perfect for work shoes and boots
  • Low cost £12.95 average price

Highly versatile insole with a medium density eva, deep cup cushion protects heel pain including plantar fasciitis and spurs. Arch support provides gentle lift and balances foot to its normal position.  This in term relieves foot ankle and knee pain.

Additional advice

Sore Back Of Heel can if you let them get you down.

Make sure you decide on a good affordable pair of insoles and i would recommend you supplement your diet with additional,

magnesium and Vitamin B5 both are proven to heal inflammation especially heel pain.

Read this post on the best vitamins and minerals to help heel pain here

Runners use Epsom salts at the end of their runs which are packed with magnesium and all you have to do is soak your feet for 10-15 mins .

This is a very effective way to relax the tight stressed muscles and foot tissues at the end of the day and is really worth doing to relive your pain.



How To Stop Your Sore Back Of Heel For Good…
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