My Plantar Wart Treatment Plan

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You know that bump you’ve got on the sole of your foot,

The one thats been there for ages!

The one you have been half heartily applying with an over the counter gel….

Well its your lucky day I’m about to tell you the exact treatment plan i use with my patients to cure their warts and verruca.

Not wanting to brag!!

But i have over 15 years experience and have cure over 300 patients warts in just the last 12 months!.

I am a Qualified Foot Health Practitioner and a member of the British Foot Health Association,

So i get to meet  and treat a lot of feet!.

Im a legit person come over to my Facebook page here or my Youtube channel and send me a private message if you are struggling to cure your warts.

Lets get down to business and I’m going to give you two options !

There are so many products available nowadays to solve and cure warts!

But i have discovered in fact their are really only two treatments that will 100% remove the warts and stop them returning.

Treatment #1 Cryosurgery 
Treatment #2 Natural plant based topical applications

Both of these treatments will get rid of the worst gigantic warts on your feet.


How you choose which treatment you want to take comes down to:

  • Can you cope with extreme pain?
  • Are you on a budget
  • How fast do you want the wart gone.
If you are like me and hate pain! and heck you had this wart for so long anyway i would encourage you to choose the natural remedy route!

Its only going take a few more weeks and your foot will not be traumatised or scared from the experience of visiting a podiatrist to have Cryosurgery.


Fast Facts

Q: Does H Warts burn or scar the skin?
A: Unlike most acid and freezing treatments H Warts is gently and leaves no scars.

Remove your warts naturally

Q: How fast will it cure my warts?
A: On average 5- 8 weeks for long established warts.

Q: I am a diabetic and suffer from eczema is it safe to use?
A: Yes it does not irritate and is diabetic friendly. All new patients are required to do a 24 hour skin test before use.

Q: Is it safe to use on my child?
A: 100% yes i actually had a child with over 10 warts and they went in 16 days!

Q: How much does H Warts Cost VS Cryosurgery?
A: H Warts starts from $32.95 for a 33ml bottle Cryosurgery costs £190 /$220 per treatment.

Q: Do you guarantee this product?
A: H Warts comes with a 90 day money back guarantee!

3 Bonus tips for faster results!

1: Your immune system is probably pretty low so would suggest you increase your daily intake of

  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc

2: File the warts down every 3 day using a pumice stone , emery board or foot scrubber.

  • Don’t worry if the warts bleed thats what they do! they live of your blood supply

3: Apply a compeed gel plaster every few days ! these are super absorbent and waterproof,
When you remove the plaster it will remove any dead callous and skin on and around the wart making it easier for you to apply to treatment.

So what are you waiting for?
Are you ready to get rid of your foot warts forever!

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Good luck and remember if you need any foot health advice you can contact me and
#askthefootpainreliefexpert a question at our Facebook page


Zara Butti
Member of The British Foot Health Association