How To Avoid A Ingrowing Toe Nail

How to Avoid A Ingrowing Toe nail

By: Zara Butti MAFHP MCFHP Foot Health Practitioner

avoiding ingrown toenails

Avoiding ingrowing toe nail is a necessity when cutting your own toenails.

If you cut the toenails too short or cut down the sides of the toenails then you will be in trouble.and

Within a few days the toenail will begin to feel sore along the side of the skin of the toenail.

The toe will become red and swollen looking, and finally a infection will form noticeably by a yellow or green pus in the skin.  This then causes the skin to swell up and over the the side of the toenail and covering the toenail with a fleshy looking mass.

The end result is a painful ingrown toenail.

Simple tips to avoiding a ingrowing toe nail

  • Do not cut your toenails too short
  • When trimming your toenails cut them straight across were possible
  • Get someone else to cut your toenails for you.
  • Do not wear tight fitting shoes that will pinch the toes
  • Walking barefoot around the house increases your chances in stubbing your toes, this may cause the toenail to jolt and split and cause and ingrown nail.
  • Seek professional advice if you are diabetic or can see an infection forming

Avoiding ingrowing toe nail and prevent bacteria and infections

If your big toenail looks like the one above one you have a BIG problem as you now have an ingrown toenail.

The toe will look red down the side and may be red all over the tip too.  Your toe will be feeling very hot and pulsating in imagine and very sensitive to touch and sore in shoes.  DON`T PANIC

Whats happened here is your Toenail has a split / a jagged piece of toenail or just plain irritating the skin.  This most likely has been caused by poor or too low cutting.

Until this piece of toenail is removed or the toenail recovers naturally your ingrowing toe nail will not recover.

I get frustrated by patients who call me up and need help with a ingrown toenail and their doctor has had them taking antibiotics  for the past few weeks and the toenail is still red and the pain is still there.



ingrowing toe nailSTAGE 1 :The first thing you need to do to help the swelling of the toes infected state and to encourage natural healing is to soak your feet in salty water.

Grab a bowl of warm water not hot and add 3 tablespoons of table salt.

Salt is a natural healer and will help kill any infection you have around the toenail. Repeat this twice a day.

You may want to protect the toe avoiding ingrown toenail pain in your shoes. Applying a plaster all day will actually encourage more bacteria growth and the infection to get worse!

If you do want to cover the toe i usually advise my patients to use micropore which allows the skin to breath or a plaster with iodine in the padding.

Remove the plaster when you are home and soak your foot in salty water.

Whats important when treating an Ingrowing toe nail is to keep the toenail clean this way the infection will not get worse.

 STAGE 2 i do and get my patients to apply 2-3 times a day is to use salon dry or betadine which are iodine sprays.

Benefits of Dry Iodine Sprays

Dry Antiseptic Powder Sprays are easy to use.
The benefits of iodine have been used for years in medicine. Its an antiseptic and heals infection.

A Spray makes life easy without needing to touch the affected area itself. Once sprayed, the powder forms a protective antiseptic layer that helps to prevent further bacterial infection and aids the healing process.

The combination of soaking your feet in salty water and spraying the toe with an antiseptic iodine spray

in my opinion is the best way to ease the pain and eliminate the infection .

Once the redness and soreness begins to go you can then begin to think about removing the piece of toenail that is causing the pain.

And if there is no piece of toenail just irritation continue the treatments to help long term healing.

3 Tips to Avoid ingrowing toe nail  from reoccurring
  1. If your toenails are naturally curly or involuted , thick or split, use a i  Ingrowing toe nail softener. These solutions prevent infections and redness reoccurring and encourage natural looking and growing toenails.
  2. If you play sports where pressure is applied to the toes like football, basketball and running try a silicone gel toecap to protect the tip of the toes from pressure and trauma.
  3. Use the best tool for the job! When cutting your toenails make sure you use a podiatry quality toenail clipper or nipper.  Its tricky cutting your own toenails but i use  Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper Set  on my own nails as i can’t get the right angle using the professional clippers i use on my patients which cut accurately .

I just wanted to finish up by thanking you for reading this post and if you have found this information of some value that you would share or like with friends.

I have been working with patients for the past 13 years and i am enjoy sharing my self help tips i think will benefit patients with foot health problems and appreciate your feedback.

If you have any questions or need assistance on avoiding ingrown toenails please leave me a comment below and i will answer you back.

Avoiding ingrowing toe nail resources:
  • Watch this video by the NHS discussing ingrown toenails the causes and how you can avoid them in the first place . WATCH VIDEO  Credit :NHS CHOICES
  • Dr Foot Is the worlds most comprehensive foot health site with “how to facts” and videos. They offer a full range of podiatry products including ingrown toenail solutions and toe protection caps.

What Are The Best Toenail Fungus Cures

Toenail fungus cures that work.

toenail fungus cures

What are the best toenail fungus cures?


What are the best toenail fungus cures available to use on your discoloured toenails and where can you buy them from?

In this blog post i will share with you the products i have been using on my patients and the benefits and results i have seen with these toenail fungus cures.

As a Foot Health Professional i see discoloured and toenail fungus everyday and although the appearance of some nails is not pretty Fungal toenails are very common and will not cause you any harm.

If i had a penny for every new patient i meet who has a) fungal infection in their toenails and b) purchased Curanail which is heavily priced and personally in 13 years of practice i have never seen one result from using it.

Recently the foot health industry has been cashing in on us and our discoloured nails and the way for many people how they feel about having fungus toenails.

Many people are embarrassed by their toes appearance and will not expose their feet in the summer in fear of comments.

Companies like Scholls ,Boots, Curanail, Excilor have had big money marketing campaigns on tv and on average this products cost around £20 with the promise of fungal free toenails.

But before you spend any money on curing your toenails i would recommend you try some simple Podiatry recommended tips and products that foot health professionals use daily and see if these toenail fungus cures work for you, plus you save lots of money.

Before we start discussing the best toenail fungus cures here is some basic information about toenail fungus.  If you would like to learn more about fungal nails the NHS website is a great source for medical advice and information.

Resource : NHS Toenail Fungus Information

I have put together a FREE Guide on the best treatment plans for toenail fungus cures including the stronger treatments and success stories. You can gain instant access to here:>>>

Here`s a quick video i done in 2008 which shows pictures of fungus on toenails.

What does toenail fungus look like?

  • Discoloured / yellow / black toenails
  • Toenails are thick and crumble and may smell
  • White patches or white lines within Toenails
  • Toenails may be rough and edgy and hard to cut

Why have i got Toenail Fungus

  • Poor foot hygiene / sweaty feet / constant athletes foot infections
  • Diabetes
  • Poor circulation / chilblains / cold feet
  • Poor health
  • For women wearing Nail varnish which is left on for too long and sweats into the nail bed over time preventing the toenails to breath
  • Gyms and swimming pool floors

My Treatment plan

You have two options when treating toenail fungus but i believe treating the fungus with both options heals the nail bed faster and for good.

  1. Natural remedies
  2. Anti-fungal / Antibiotics

Option 1 (Mild)

If your nails are still a fairly natural appearance and not thickened by the fungus and a little discoloured then i recommend my patients to use a Antifungal cream like Daktarin or Mycil or Mycota.

These are all available in supermarkets and chemists and are under £5.

PLUS i also advise my patients to either use Vicks Rub or Tea Tree Oil.

Option 2  (Medium)

For thicker toenails that are crumbly and smelly i recommend starting with an anti-fungal oil like Gehwol Nail & Skin or Amoils. And apply this to the toenails for 4 weeks.

After one month soak the toenails in tea tree oil in a bowl of water with a table spoon of tea tree. twice a week for 2 weeks.

This treatment will need to be reapplied 3-4 times in my opinion before the fungus will be gone.

Option 3  (Severe)

If your nails look like the ones on the video! then you really do have a battle on your hands and i would be lying if i think you could totally heal your toenails back to their natural appearance.

BUT you can sure give them a good overall health boost and improve the thickness and remove the discolouration of the nails.

I would imagine to get a satisfactory improvement to severe toenail fungus cases you will need to be very patient and 12-24 months is not unusual.

Treatment options for severe cases include Loverly a topical over the counter solution or prescription in the UK , Amoils Toenail Fungus Oil.

I belive soaking your feet in potassium permanganate crystals is a good option and you need only do this 1-2 time MAX. Two teaspoons of the crystals is added to warm water.

The water will turn purple! and your  feet brown so be careful to limited how far your feet and ankles go into the bowl as you will get an instant st tropez tan.

The discolouration will wash off over a week in the bath!.  But this is an old chiropody secret weapon for fungal infections including severe athletes foot and toenail fungus.

Some patients are advised to go on antibiotics to get rid of the fungus , THIS WORKS , but the problem is the damage it causes to your stomach and kidneys as the treatment plan is a minimum of 6 months , I do not advise this and most Doctors do not either.

Over a period of 6-12 months as you treat the nails you will see at the base of the toenail a healthy pink looking new nail growing and a ridge of the old infected nail which will grow out.

Some times if you play a lot of sports or run you may loose the toenail and the nail bed will be exposed. You will still need to apply a treatment as the new nail grows.

My shopping list for toenail fungus cures you can buy online.

To make it easy for you i have listed the products i use on my patients so you can do more research on what treatment plan you want to take,

Daktarin Intensive Cream 15g Mycota Athletes Foot Cream 25g (6 PACK) – Gehwol – Nail & Skin Oil | 15ml | 6 PACK BUNDLE Tea Tree Essential Oil – 100% Pure – 500ml Vicks VapoRub Topical Ointment, 50g


I have put together a FREE Guide on the best treatment plans for toenail fungus cures including the stronger treatments and success stories. You can gain instant access to here:>>>

I hope you find this post helpful and points you in the right direction in choosing the right toenail fungus cures for your feet. If you think this post may be valuable to a friend or family member i would appreciate it if you would share the post.  And please a comment or question i would like to know how i can help improve patients toenails and will answer you back.

Zara Butti MAFHP MCFHP Foot Health Professional & Expert Blogger

Easy Foot Callus Treatment For All Day Comfort

Easy Foot Callus Treatment Tips You Can DO To Achieve All Day Comfort?


This Foot Callus Treatment advice will help you define what type of corn you may have on your toes.

I would say that 85% of my patients call me initially because they need  corn removal is a big part of my business and keeps me busy.   Corns on toe pictures show how corns have common spots that they appear on the toes and are either hard or soft callouses.

I know from first hand experience how painful a corn can be and without the correct support and protection these hard callus on foot formations can have you crippled up in pain by the end of the day.

The Definition of a corn is : Thickened Skin caused by
friction and pressure.

Small circle in appearance hard skin i remember when i got a small corn on my little toe because i wore a new pair of boots which were a little tight and as i walked my foot rubbed into the boot and within 2 hours my toe was killing me i took the shoe off and the toe was red and inflamed and i could see a pin head corn. Me being me i carry micropore with me so i wrapped the toe up the best i could to get me through my night out.

The 4 Most Common Callus On Foot Pictures

1: On the tips of the little toes

corns on toes pictures

2: On the top of the toes knuckles

corn on foot removal

3: In between the toes   corn on foot

4: On the top and side of the 5th (little) toe 


I believe the worst types of shoes which cause corns
High Heels
Ankle Boots
Steel Capped Boots
Flip Flops

But at the end of the day any shoe new or old can form a corn if the shoe is too tight or too loose if friction and pressure occur so will a corn.

Symptoms of corns

Soft corns appear in between the toes and are very tricky to get rid of and can be painful.  These soft corns form when the toes are being cramped together by a pair of shoes and they are being squashed on top of each other. High heeled shoes or pixie toed shoes are normally the culprits for these corns especially if you wear these shoes for long periods of time.

Corns that form on the tip of the toes i personally believe are the worst types of corns. When your toes begin to claw over or arthritis begins the toes natural position changes so as you walk your toe tips are gripping the sole of the shoe and pressure and friction causes the tips which are not weight baring to form corns on the distal (tip ) of the phalanges bone.

If you suffer from a bunion (hallux valgus)  it is very common the get a corn on the bunion joint on the side and underneath the base of the metatarsal bone.  Normally a bunion causes the 2nd toe to form a “Hammer toe” which is due to the big toe pushing towards the lesser toes and the second toe become bent and clawed.  Hard corns form on the top of the second knuckle joint because the toe is raised in footwear and it rubs with each step. Very painful and usually impossible to cure totally.

5 Podiatry Tips for all day comfort

  • Be sensible wear comfortable shoes
  • Compeed plasters
  • Corn Wraps
  • Petroleum jelly (Vasaline)
  • Chiropody wool

 Sensible Shoes For Callus on Foot Problems

I know  who wants to be sensible, but if you squeeze your feet into a tight pair or mis shaped shoes for your feet corns will definitely occur. Pixie or pointed shoes will cause corns on the little toe and between toes to form.  High heels shoes will force the toes into the box area of the shoe and can form corns on the knuckles or tips of the toes.

Compeed plasters

corn of foot removal compeed

I love compeed plasters and they have a range for toes and corns and also blisters on heels.  Compeed plasters are a strong gel Hydrocolloidal plaster.
The range for bunions in my opinion aren’t as successful as they do not sit in the right place and fall off easily where the normal plaster style ones will stick in place and hang on for days if not weeks!. They are super soft and adhesive and for many patients a perfect product to prevent friction and pressure and stop callous and corns forming on their toes.

Hydrocolloidal plaster contains croscarmellose sodium (an internally cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose,[27] water-soluble polymer), as well as gelatin[27]and tackifier resins.[28] Top level of plaster is made of elastomer (that ensures that the plaster stays on skin even while moving) and polyurethane film.[29]

When applied to the blister, it starts to absorb body liquids turning into a soft mass that cushions the blister. It seals the blister forming so-called “second skin”. The plaster doesn’t heal the wound. It prevents the blister from developing and helps new skin to grow underneath the plaster.

Cushioned zone created by the plaster relieves pain and protects the wound from rubbing. The plaster repels water, and stops dirt and germs from entering the wound, thus preventing infection.

At first the plaster absorbs all the moisture from the blister but over time it becomes more permeable so the wound dries out.[27] Unlike ordinary dressingshydrocolloidal plaster stays on the wound for several days and it stays on even in the shower.

Content from

How to use Compeed corn removal plasters

When i use compeed plasters on my patients for corns i get the patient to leave one plaster on for 3-5 days and then remove the plaster and reapply another if necessary.  When you pull the plaster of the adhesive plaster pulls out the corn and its corn leaving the skin smooth.

 A 6 pack costs £4/$7 very reasonable i believe.

Corn Wraps / Corn Sleeves

corn on foot removalPodiatry toe protectors which slide over toes to prevent friction and pressure.  The wraps are made of silicone medical gel and are covered by a mesh fabric which acts as a barrier between the shoes and the toes.

Corn wraps come in two sizes large and medium , the large would be for the big toe only.

The silicone gel part of the support sits on the skin and over the corn,  like compeed plasters these will precent friction and burning and prevent corns forming.  A great choice for hammer toes and soft corns in-between your toes.  These wraps often fall off the little toe and are harder to keep on but with socks or tights they are held well in place and a great tool to prevent corns on toes.

£2/$5 for a pack of two.


Vaseline  / Petroleum Jelly

Corns and callous on heels can be treated using vaseline , this deep greasy Unknownointment penetrates the hard rough skin and softens and naturally exfoliates corns and callous.  Try applying to your feet at night and wear a pair of cotton socks the heat generated fastens the process of softening and will leave the feet smooth and well hydrated.

Chiropody / Animal / Lambs Wool

A very old fashioned Chiropody method to solve corns and callous of the toes is chiropody wool. lambs wool is 100% wool so not good if you have a lanolin Unknown-1irritation.  It comes in a 25g roll and lasts ages. You cut a piece of the animal wool and wrap it around the toe and its corn or place in the shoes box area to protect the tips of the toes.  Animal wool prevents friction because it is coarse.  And although quite fluffy to begin with the wool will mould to your toes position and matt and can be reused.  Dancers have been using lambs wool for decades especially in ballet shoes as the tips of the toes have a lot of pressure applied to them and blisters and corns can form.
I use it on patients with bunions and hammer toes and it separates the two toes from rubbing together and stops and pain pressure and corns.
This is still one of my preferred corn on the foot removal techniques i use if my patients do not have a lanolin irritation or have trouble bending down to their feet.

Pack of Animal wool starts at £3.99/ $7 for 100g

I hope i have shared some valuable advice and information so you can prevent and cure corns and blisters on your feet.  Being sensible is really the major take away here. If you do get a corn make sure you change your foot wear whilst you are healing the corn and use a treatment that suits you.  You have several choices corn wrap, animal wool or using vaseline over night. Once the corn has gone the pain will go too.

If you have enjoyed this post: Treatments For Your Callus on Foot, and i would appreciate a share or leave me a comment below if you need any further advice on the best corn removals for your feet.

Callus on FOOt resources:

NHS Website for more advice and information about corns and callouses

Compeed Website learn more about their range and how they stop corns

Lambs Wool Lamb’s Wool Padding

7 Easy Step To Stop Feet And Ankles Swelling On Planes

7 Easy steps To Stop Feet and Ankles Swelling on Planes.

aircraft-jet-landing-cloud-46148-mediumToday i want to talk about how to stop feet swelling on planes and 7 easy steps you can take on your next flight to relief swelling and pain to your feet and ankles.

I hate flying because i swell up like a balloon! yes every flight if its a quick flight to Europe or all the way to Australia to see my sister, the minute the door shuts I’m not kidding you literally see me expanding.

Why you must buy Barefoot Science Insoles

buy barefoot science insoles

Why you must buy Barefoot Science Insoles….. Invest in your health.

Do you suffer from pain?   Each step is a struggle?

In this blog i will share with you the success i have been seeing with my patients wearing Barefoot Science Insoles and how this insole will change your life.

With over 20years professional experience working with athletes and sports persons Barefoot-Science is now available to everyone !  If you can walk! and have pain , these insoles are for you.

Unlike traditional orthotic insoles the science behind this design is all about strengthening the foots joints and muscles over time so the foot is repaired and injury free 100%.

These are not a quick insole they are specifically designed to cure long term pains at the injury site and build up the foots muscles to prevent any further pain or injury.

Regain a life without pain…. Take action and strengthen your core foot muscles and prevent further injuries.

How Traditional Orthotics work

Traditional orthotic insoles and over the counter supports do not solve  long term foot health problems.

They can be great for a quick fix to foot or knee pain but were designed to support and cushion the foot only.

They do not correct or repair the problem permanently and can actually cause further damage and prevent the foot from healing naturally.

The foot and ankle has 26 bones 33 joints and over 100 tendon and ligaments joining and  together to create one amazing structure .
The foot allows enables movement and strength to the rest of the body.

The idea behind Barefoot Science Insoles is simple…  Strengthen and Repair.

Strengthen the muscles, joints, ligaments, tissues/ Repair the root problem =  Strong healthy balance foot….. and no insole is required. 

Just some of the conditions i why my patients buy Barefoot Science Insoles for include:

Flat Feet/Over pronation
Heel pain/ Plantar Fasciits/Heel Spurs
Achilles tendon/ Shin splints
Bunions/ Hammer toes
Ankle pain/Inflammation/Swelling
Knee/Hip/Back Pain
Arthritis/Diabetic neuropathy pain.

Imagine having a personal physiotherapist at £80 an hour working on your feet making sure the foots biomechanics are running at 100% precision with each step you take.

The majority of pain to the foot and ankle and knees are caused by the footwear we choose to wear, which prevents natural flexible movement.

For example a steel capped boot for a security guard! Over time the lack of flexibility that these rigid shoe causes will allow muscle waste and weak ligaments which will make your foot weak and open to damage and injuries.

And not only your foot becomes weak but your legs your back and spinal cord.!

80% of people will complain of foot/knee/back pain in their work place because of the shoes they have to wear for work.  Inflexible / stiff/  Uncomfortable footwear which is worn for 10+ hours a day.

People like nurse, hairdressers,office workers, security guards,postal workers, bar tenders, teachers, shop assistants.

Your feet are being restricted and prevented from their natural position. Feet need motion to work thats what they are designed to do and over time your body will fail you if you prevent the natural movement and you will suffer from foot pain and chronic back pain.

8 out of 10 americans suffer from gait problems that cause back/knee/leg and foot pain.
How do Barefoot Science insoles work?

I know i keep going on about strengthening but that is how Barefoot Science insole work.  Its a foot strengthening system for the arches.

  • Barefoot Science insoles align your foots muscles/ligaments/joints to their natural position.
  • Makes them strong and restores them back to their natural position.
  • Allows for correct movement, just like walking Barefoot through sand they create a natural movement.

When you buy Barefoot Science insoles they come with a multi-level-strengthening system.

Normally 1-5 levels (7 for their therapeutic range) , These tabs are place in the arch area of the orthotic over time you change them.

As your foot gains strength you increase the level.
Generally its takes 7-10 days between changing levels but your foot will tell you when its ready ,

it does this by the way your foot feels in the insole you no longer are aware of the tab so this is the indicator that you need to go up a barefoot science insoles

And its not just your feet that will benefit , your feet are your foundation and having a strong foundation will keep your body strong including your knees/hips/back/shoulders/neck meaning less time off work, at the physiotherapist and most importantly pain free.

Test your feet! : Quick balance check on your foot muscle strengths:
  1. Stand upright with and slowly raise one leg off the ground whilst looking ahead.
  2. Slowly close your eyes for a few seconds.
  3. Take a deep breath and relax your body and open your eyes.
  4. If balancing on one foot with your eyes closed was tricky then this may prove your foot does suffer from muscle weakness or have an injury.

If you are unable to stand on one foot for less than 20 seconds without wobbling and falling theres a good chance you may have muscle weakness or an injury.   Keep improving at the exercise its great for your brain cells.

The aim is to manage 60 seconds or more then you will have fantastic balance!, and also most likely injury free.
Barefoot Science insoles improve and strengthen your core proprioception, making your balance and movement a natural motion.

So as you can see I’m a fan! and this is why i tell my patients to buy barefoot science insoles for their pain and i so far i have not been proven wrong with my recommendations.

The Cost of Barefoot Science Insoles vary from $69- $104  (£65- £90 ) depending on the range you choose and the severity of your injury or pain.  The most popular insole is the 6 step Active and Multi purpose Orthotic which both come in 3/4 and full length insoles.

To check your currency  conversion click here : Barefoot Science Cost 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please leave a comment below and i`ll be sure to answer the best i can,  and if you have found value i would appreciate you sharing this post.

Resources page

Barefoot Science Website for more information and testimonials
Buy Barefoot Science Insoles Online Direct
Vitamins that improve your foot and ankles strength 


The Best Pain Relief Cream For Knees Review

The Best Pain Relief Cream for Knees … I Believe it because it worked for my ACL Injury.

pain relief cream for knees

I want to share with you how this pain relief cream for knees got me though one of my craziest weeks at work and totally changed my pain levels from a high 10 to a 4 in 48 hours and by the end of the week i was pretty much pain free.   Although this cream was my life saviour i also helped myself by using a heat pad from Argos and physiotherapy exercises to strengthen and repair my knee joint.

Every thing was going great i was due out to my parents and i had my morning ritual exercise dvd to do and take then a quick walk with the dogs , a normal sunday morning  except today i decided to try a new fitness dvd  Jillian Michaels not that I’m blaming Jillian but a new exercise was obvisiouly to much for my 40 year old knee.

I felt a slight twinge and a pop as i was exercising a little burning but not an instant pain or jolt.  It wasn’t until i was about 10 minutes into walking the dogs i started to experience a sharper agonising pain and by the time i got back my knee was screaming!.  I felt sick and dizzy from the pain but had a 2 hour drive to do so i took some ibroprofen and hoped for the best.
Lucky for me it was my left knee and i drive an automatic car i made it down to my parents but which much sweating and pain!.

When i got home i took a tramadol tablet (i do not recommend these) it made me feel very spaced out and done nothing for the pain.

The only relief i got was from cold compressions of flannels and a packet of frozen peas, i tried deep heat cream but i personally found it made the inflammation worse and the gave me pulsing pain.

My knee injury was due to over stretching my knee ligaments to a position  my knee was not used too. ACL Injury.

Anterior Curciate Ligament

When exercising i raised my knee to my waist and moved it inwards to my centre of my body, I felt a pop and this was the ligament partially tearing…. ouch.

My physio told me that this rupture of the ligament was common when over extending or twisting the knee the wrong way.

Apparently only 20% of knee injuries are caused by direct contact and 80% are due to awkward twisting movements.

Symptoms of ACL Knee Injuries
  1. A cracking or popping sound in the knee at the time of injury
  2. Immediate Pain , when you try and put weight on the knee or try and bend it.
  3. Knee Swells up immediately but if you have a small tear the swelling may occur a few days later.
  4. Your knee may buckle with weight.
  5. Difficulty straightening the knee.

She worked on my ankle and knee and left me with several exercises to strengthen the knee joint which i still do today 3 years on.  At first the exercises were hard to do but every day i noticed the pain was easing and my knee wasn’t burning like hell , i personally believe exercises and stretches solve a lot of peoples foot and leg problems. You just have to do the work to see the results.

Best knee stretches for acl

Lift your knee slowly upwards to your chest and hold for 5 seconds and repeat 5 times.


best cream for knee pain


Lie on your side and gently reach for your ankle and foot and pull your leg towards your back

best cream for knee pain


Stand straight up and hold your foot and bend it gently towards your bottom. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 3 times.


best knee stretch

My favourite stretch this one really works do this stretch on both knees and when your knee is bent slowly rock forwards this releases pressure to the joint. Repeat 3 times each knee.


The cold compressions i felt had made a huge difference to the pain and swelling but i still felt burning, my knee felt weak as i walked and the swelling became worse as the day went on.  My physiotherapist recommended i tried BIOFREEZE Gel 4 times a day . Biofreeze is a topical analgesic a natural pain reliever thats uses menthol as a cooling agent.

It Penetrates through the skin and the mental relieves the joint or muscle quickly by sending receptor messages to the brains pain receptor system. This treatment is know as Cyrotherapy or Cold Therapy.  You may have seen Andy Murray taking an ice bath after each tennis game this is because it gives him instant relief to his joints and muscles.

Bio Freeze Benefits
  •  2 X  as powerful in relieving pain then just ice
  • Cooling pain relief cream for knees
  • Easy and more comfortable to apply to the knee joint
  • Strong pain relieving mental relief.
  • Lasts for a few hours rather then minutes
  • Non prescription treatment
  • No damage to kidneys or stomach like anti- inflammatory drugs
  • Can be applied frequently during the day
  • Preferred treatment used by Professional therapists
My daily treatment plan i used to heal my ACL Knee Injury

Each day i done the following three things and this is how i solved my knee pain in 7 days but i continue to strengthen and stretch my knee during my warm up and warm down exercises at the gym which i would encourage you to do to keep your knee strong and prevent repeat injuries. I still get the odd niggle and i never want that pain again so i repeat my treatment plan and especially the pain relief cream for knees and the pain soon goes away with this pain relief cream for knees.

1: I Stretched out and exercised my knees every day  spending 10-15 minutes in the morning this will set your body off to a good strong start.

2: I Applied BIOFREEZE  GEL all over the knee and down to the calfs 3 times a day. It soaks in really fast 2-3 minutes .  I also applied BIOFREEZE SPRAY during the day when i got a niggle just for a boost to relieve pain.

3: Day 5 i started to use a heat pad (Dreamland Intelliheat) i brought from Argos 40x 35cm, it has 5 temperature settings and heats up instantly. I sat with the pad under my knee and allowed the joint to relax in the evening. I also went to bed a few time leaving the pad under my knee and the heat pad has a timer on it a switches off after 3 hours. Its much safer then using a hot water bottle and not as fierce with the heat.

Its an amazing pain reliever i use this heat pad a lot i suffer from multiple aches including neck and stomach pains/ gall bladder pain and the heat pad i think is the best investment I’ve bought for my body ! every home should have one for sure.

These actions really helped me and I’m sure will improve your knee pain it is well worth the investment of visiting a sports physiotherapist to diagnose the injury and to make sure you do the right stretches and exercises just in case you irritate the joint by over stretching.  My Physio charges £4o for 30 minutes and its money well spent i generally go every 4-6 weeks as i my work involves a lot of bending and lifting and i personally get a lot of relief after my treatments.  BIOFREEZE is the best pain relief for knees i think!  is not expensive at around £20 for a 16oz or £8 for 110g and the investment for the large pump bottle worth considering.  And the heat pad!!! amazing just buy one they come in different sizes but the 40x35cm is a excellent all rounder.  Be patient and be repetitive  with these actions and your knee pain will be gone before you know it.

Resources for pain relief for knees

Learn more about BIOFREEZE at their website the science on why it is the best natural pain relief cream for knees.

Buy Biofreeze online check out todays best deals on Amazon

  Dreamland Size 40 x 35 cm Thermo Therapy Heatpad EVERY HOME NEEDS ONE!  An amazing pain relief treatment and can be used on any joint of the body. Great for backs , necks and stomachs too.