What is the best portable card reader for my mobile business?

What is the best portable card reader for my mobile business?

portable card reader for my mobile business

I am a small business owner, i run a mobile home visiting foot health practice in Kent.

And i have been really struggling with my bank “Barclays” .

Because they keep shutting my local branches its getting crazy and to the point off having to make visits on Saturdays to a bank 15 miles away,

Because my local branch now shuts Saturdays too.!


My customers like to give me cheques and cash and when i get cheques it can take me 10-12 days before i am able to physically get into a branch to pay them in!.

Then wait 5 working days for the cheques to clear!  Its 2016 people whats going on!

And off course i have the same issue with the cash.

When i had my haircut recently my regular hairdresser was off sick so one of her colleagues who is also self employed did my hair for me.

And afterwards when i paid she pulled out her own card reader and mobile phone and asked me to put my debit card in for payment .

I truly couldn’t believe how easy and fast the process was.

But even more how professional it was……..

Lightbulb moment……

Can i convert all my customers to pay using a portable card reader?  and not have to keep making time to go to the bank?

I guess I’m a little behind the times with payment processing for my mobile business and have just put up with the stress and irritation of tracking a open bank down to pay my earnings into.

I believe have found the best portable card reader for my mobile business and its the same as Portia uses and its the Izettle.

My customers are so far very impressed with my new payment system and actually it helps them out too sometimes.

They maybe a little short of cash and would rather use their debit card and for customers who are house bound their cheque books are their lifeline for paying mobile services like me,

But having the option to hang on to a cheque which are getting like gold dust and use their debit cards is being well received.

As long as my elderly customers can remember their pin numbers!

Who should use a card reader to take debit card payments

  • Any mobile and self employed service businesses.
  • Chiropodist / Foot Health Practitioners
  • Mobile Beauticians
  • Self Employed Hairdressers and Mobile Hair Businesses
  • Nail Technicians
  • Home Visiting Physiotherapists

The Best 3 Portable Card Reader For My Mobile Business.

In no order……

  • Paypal
  • Izettle
  • Sumup

At the end of the day all three companies offer mobile payment processing and the only real difference is the processing fees and the back end accounting options.

Sumup has lower transaction fees of just 1.95% compared to Izettle & Paypal  2.75% fees.

But of course the more transactions you process the fees will lower.

Also Paypal and IZettle offer a great back office with the option to do reporting and collect customer data and email contact for future marketing campaigns.

What you will need to take card payments on the go.

  • Your mobile smart phone
  • Bluetooth switched on
  • Mobile data (3g/4g)
  • Pre downloaded App on your phone
  • The card reader

Thats it folks!

Now i can only tell you about the Izettle but the paypal card reader is pretty much the same concept with different fees.

What are the fees for portable card reader payments

My IZettle card reader cost me £34.80 it was on offer at www.izettle.com

My transactions vary between £17- £50 and the fee i pay is 2.75%.

So on a £20 charge i would be charged by IZettle 0.55p. (£0 – £2000 monthly transactions)

Transactions that add up over £2000 -£2500  2.74% -2.55%
Transactions that add up over £2500- £5000 2.55%- 1.92%

I personally feel these fees are 100% worth paying because it removes the stress and irritation of making time to visit a bank,

I save petrol money, queuing and most important i don’t waste my valuable time,

Will your customer feel happy and confident using their cards?

When you have taken payment you have the option to email or text your customer a receipt this is what it looks like for an email receipt.

best portable card reader for my mobile business


The feedback from my customers is very positive and its moving with the times and saves you writing out a hand written receipt!

Also the back office on the Izettle website tracks and reports daily and monthly transactions,

so if you process all your payments through the App you will not have to do daily accounts.

I push my cash payments through on the App so it adds up all my transactions for me!

I can then print off at the end of the month the transaction report which shows all my fees too.

Benefits i have found using a portable card reader.

  • Makes me and my business look more professional.
  • Saves me 4 hours a month not going to a bank!
  • Collects customer email addresses which i can use for marketing.
  • My customers prefer to use their debit cards instead of cash.
  • More time saved by printing my end of week sales in 5 minutes.

Problems i found using a portable card reader for my mobile business

  • You need phone date to process the transaction.
  • Its more equipment to carry in my bag.
  • Some of my elderly customers can’t remember their PIN numbers!
  • I loose 2.75% a day of my profit.

For me the benefits out weigh the cons of the fees i pay to process the transactions in my business,

The most stress my business cause me is my lack of time to do “other stuff” like the back end admin side of running my small business,

This includes going to the bank, accounts, year end tax returns,

What the IZettle gives me is MORE TIME!

I could kick myself , thinking

How much time and hassle i would have saved myself from my twice weekly hunting trips to find a barclays bank that was actually open locally.

I will start the 2017 as i mean to go on and convert 80% of my business from cash and cheques to card payments.

And this will allow me not to worry about visiting a bank more than 2 times a month!

I personally believe that the IZettle portable card reader for my mobile business is the best and simplest  solution to take debit card payments on the go in my small business.

But they are not the only provider to offer portable card readers so do your research first and learn more about the back office side the provider can offer you.

Getting valuable data and analytic information will help grow your business each year.

You have got to be kidding mr bank!

best card reader for small business

I have just been invited to pilot a new scheme to scan my cheques using my iPhone for online processing!

This process means i scan the cheque and wait 5 days for the payment to be processed.

I wonder what i do with the physical cheque? well the staff had no idea when i asked them.

Well I’m sorry Mr Bank Manager its a little to late for me and my business because I’ve moved with the times and am just super happy with my Izettle.



How to Treat Bunions, Bunion Pain Treatment

Foot Pain Relief Bunions: Bunion Pain Treatment

bunionette pain

Bunion Pain Treatment – What are bunions?

For those interested in bunion treatment, you might wonder,
“What are bunions”?

Bunions (hallux valgus) are bony prominences on the outside edge of the big toe where the toe meets the main bones of the foot.

Bunions are a combination of three medical conditions that include enlargement of soft tissue; deformities in foot bones, called hallux abducto valgus; and a third condition called metatarsus primus varus.

The hallux condition is a rotated big toe that either pushes toward the second toe, sits on top of it, or beneath it.

Metatarsus primus is where the bone in the foot connecting to the big toe, rotates outward.

This is the hard bone you feel when you touch a bunion. Understanding the biomechanics behind their formation helps in bunion treatment

Bunion Pain Treatment – What causes bunions?

Bunion treatment isenhanced by understand how they are caused. There are many reasons for bunions:

•Hereditary – almost 70% of people with bunions have a family members with bunions

◦You do not inherit the bunion, itself

◦You inherit the foot structure leading to bunions

•Bunions may be caused by high heels that force the big toe to collide into the tips of shoes

•Wearing shoes that are too tight create conditions for bunion formation

•Flat Feet


•Poor foot biomechanics, such as over pronation (one of the primary causes)

•Abnormal movements, including ballerinas who dance on their toes

•Being a woman (bunions are more prominent in women)


Bunion Pain Treatment – What are the symptoms?

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of bunions helps to recognize and initiate bunion treatment in its early stages.

Bunions may be mild, moderate or severe and they may (or may not) cause symptoms.

People with severe bunions don’t always experience pain People with mild bunions can suffer greatly.

If you have pain on the outside of your big toe joint, swelling, redness, numbness, a large bump, pain in the second toe, pain while wearing shoes,

pain during activities or numbness and decreased motion of the big toe, you might have a bunion.

Bunions have a very distinctive look and if you’re not sure, look them up on the internet.

It’s important to begin bunion treatment as soon as possible to reduce severity.


Bunion Relief UK Treatment – How do you treat bunions?

Bunion treatment at home will not make the bunion go away but can lessen discomfort, allowing you to resume normal activities.

The first step is to buy wider shoes, reducing the pressure on the bunion. Stretch shoes are useful and especially cutting the shoe (in an X manner) directly above the bunion.

Additional remedies include wearing orthotics, icing the area, applying padding and toe spacers and taking medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) such Advil, Aleve and ibuprofen (check with your GP).

If these remedies do not alleviate discomfort, check with your doctor about physical therapy, cortisone injections and surgery.

If time allows, one of the best bunion treatments is allowing the area to resting, giving it time to heal.

Bunion Treatment – How do you prevent bunions?

Bunion treatment begins with prevention.

If you start to notice a bunion is forming, wear different shoes. Avoid tight shoes and high heels.

Purchase extra wide shoes. Whenever possible, wear sandals or flip-flops or go bare foot to take the pressure off the bunion.

If you stop the bunion at its onset, additional bunion treatment may not be necessary.

Bunion Treatment – When to call your GP

Call for an appointment with your doctor if the bunion:

·         Causes pain even after you’ve switched to wider shoes

·         Prevents normal activities

·         Shows signs of infection or a wound begins to form

If you have diabetes, call your doctor immediately at the first sign of infection or wound formation.

Foot infections and wounds are extremely serious in diabetics. Don’t delay in seeking bunion treatment for infection in your feet

What Is The Best Treatment For Fungus Nails Guide


Best Treatment For Fungus Nails: Prevention is the Best Cure

I get asked daily what is the best treatment for fungus nails  and my answer is always the same prevention.

Fungus nails are difficult to treat.

Even after treatment, the condition often returns.

Prevention involves keeping your feet dry and clean, cutting your nails regularly, washing your hands after possible contact with fungus and avoiding pedicures and manicures.

It is also best to avoid injuring your nails and to obtain sufficient sleep and exercise to keep your immune system healthy.

Fungi thrive in moist conditions. If your feet are sweaty, keep them dry. Change socks regularly or wear open toed shoes.

If you’re an athlete, take time to dry your feet and change socks during breaks in long competitions.

Fungus nails typically return, even after treatment with prescription medications.

Fungus nails – what are they?

Fungus nails are painful, thickened and deformed toenails caused by fungal infections.

The infection causes the nail to decay, leading to thickening.

Fungi are actually primitive vegetables that live in the body, in the air, on plants, in water and in soil.

Approximately 50% are harmful. As some fungi can reproduce while airborne, you might inhale them or they may land on your skin.

Fungus nails and fungal infections occur more frequently when you have taken antibiotics or have a weakened immune system.

Fungus nails – what causes it?

Fungal infections cause fungus nails.

Our body’s host a multitude of bacteria and fungi including the fungi that causes fungal nail.

The group of fungi most commonly responsible for toenail fungus is called dermatophytes.

Under certain conditions, these fungi can multiply quickly, leading to infection. Fungi thrive in moist, warm areas of the body.

Fungus nails is a contagious infection spread by direct contact (touching) or by indirect contact through towels, floors and shoes.

Yeasts and molds also cause Fungus nails.

Fungus nails may be a hidden presence on fingernails and toenails beneath a layer of polish.

If you have manicures or pedicures, bring your own instruments. Footbaths for pedicures are often a stew of bacteria and other organisms.

As luxurious as they feel, it’s best to pass on them. Fungus nails are difficult to treat and often reoccur – avoid them if possible by not placing your feet in warm water used by the public.

Fungus in nails

what are the symptoms?

Fungus nails often begin as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail.

The spreading infection causes your nail to thicken and become ‘yellowish-brown.’

The edges of your nail may begin to crumble and the nails are unattractive and often become painful. Sometimes a foul odor is present.

How to avoid nail fungus

Fungus toenails Cure –common sense prevention methods and early treatments

Treatment of fungus nails at home involves a number of common sense actions.
Fungus can only grow in warm, moist conditions. If you take away these conditions, fungi have a difficult time multiplying.

Over the counter medications can be helpful, but oral medications prescribed by GPs are extremely hard on the liver and heart.

The best treatment is prevention.

•Wear synthetic socks (rather than cotton or wool) and change them whenever they become damp (at least twice daily)

•Wash feet every day and dry them completely prior to putting on socks and shoes

•Use a separate towel for your feet – do not use the same towel on the rest of your body or share with anyone else

•Take off your shoes whenever possible.

•Wear sandals when possible

•Use antifungal powder on your feet and inside your shoes

•Use antiperspirant powder on your feet

•Avoid wearing toenail polish

Related post: 7 Foot Health Ritals To Prevent Toenail Fungus

Best Treatment for Fungus Nails – home treatments and over the counter remedies

Treating fungus nails is very difficult.

If you have diabetes or a weakened immune system, see your doctor immediately.

You can treat fungus nails (toenail fungus) with over the counter antifungal powders, sprays, liquids and creams. However, over the counter medications are not very effective.

Prescription medications are very hard on the liver and heart. Sometimes surgery becomes the only option.

It takes a year for the big toe-nail to grow back into place. A surprising remedy that often works is using Vicks VapoRub, rubbing it deeply into, on and around the toenail.

The active ingredients are camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. You can also purchase fungal nail polishes containing fungicides.

Keep your feet dry and in the open air as much as possible to minimize conditions that cause and prolong fungus nails

What do i use on my patients?

Here is my top 5 best treatment for fungus nails that i have been using for the past 13 years on patients.

Im afraid theres not just one  “Super” Remedy that works for all Nail Fungus infections.


How to fix a sprained ankle with 5 easy exercises

How to fix a sprained ankle with 5 easy exercises

fix a sprained ankle

Last year i totally wrecked my ankle when i fell over at work and sprained my right ankle.

The pain i felt initially was not too bad,

My foot went blue with brushing and i applied arnica cream, i rested the ankle each evening,

I applied hot and cold treatments but over the next couple of weeks it was still so bad it felt like it was getting worse and i started to believe i had a fracture!

I researched online how to fix a sprained ankle and discovered this youtube video which really improved my strength and pain levels.

I also purchased a Mueller Ankle adjustable strap which totally transform my walking ability and took away the pain as it kept the foot stiff.

But although the pain went i was only protecting the ankle and what i needed to do was to repair the damage to the ligaments ,

this is how to fix a sprained ankle correctly.

So the strap was great initially, perfect for work,

but i had to reduce the time wearing it to strengthen and heal the ankle back to normal.

The video is by JJ Flizanes and she recorded it for about.com.

She shows you the 5 exercises to fix a sprained ankle that are recommended by sports physios.

I personally found the Tree Exercise the best,
balance on the bad foot, lifting the other leg up was one of the best exercises and one that i felt most relief from.

Plus it strengthened my ankle so i could stop wearing the ankle brace.

Stretch 1 :The Tree

how to fix a sprained ankleThis is a balance exercise and its like a warm up and a preparation to the stretches. It sends a message from the brain to the muscles in the foot it is to heal.
Stand up straight lift up the good leg and stand on the sprained ankle.

The next 4 stretches should be done sitting on a chair. Repeat 5-10 times


Stretch 2 :Dorsiflexion
fix a sprained ankle

Lift your toe off the ground with your heel to the ground.

Keeping you heel to the ground and lifting your toes upwards.



Stretch 3 :Plantarflexion
fix a sprained ankle


Pointed your toes and working your calf muscles, lifting the foot off the ground pointing as hard as you can before you feel pain.



Stretch 4 :Eversion
fix a sprained ankle
The outside of the heel is coming up, small motion turning the inside of the foot down and the outside up, do this slowly.





Stretch 5 : Inversion
screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-15-13-31The opposite to Eversion this time you are pulling the foot inwards towards you.

I would do this 5- 10 times , start up slow and work yourself to 10 times.

What worked for me……

Initally i rested the foot each evening i raised my foot up and applied a heat pad, or a hot water bottle if you have one.I applied Arnica cream over the whole ankle as i could see brusing and i wanted to encourage the brushing to come out.

After a week i applied twice a day Bio Freeze a topical gel which is a pain reliever for muscles, sprains and strains.

I purchased a Mueller Ankle Adjustable Brace see below in table.

This was amazing the strap was easy to put on and fine to wear with trainers.

The pain factor really went down from a 9 – 6 so still uncomfortable but it allowed me to drive and walk about wincing with each step.

3 weeks in the pain was still there and the support was great on but when i took it off i felt unstable and experienced pain.

4 weeks in i started doing the 5 stretches to fix a sprained ankle as shown in the video.

This is when i started to notice a real difference.


Mueller Adjustable Ankle Support, Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Support Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer
Brand Mueller Bracoo Mueller
Size One Size S/M One Size
List Price $9.95 $14.99 $16.95

So i believe there is no real quick recovery to fix a sprained ankle,

but the solution is to combine strengthening exercises and support the ankle through the day wearing a brace or strap.

And over time begin to reduce the brace wearing whilst continuing the stretches.

Let me know what works for you, leave me a comment below and i hope your ankle sprain is fixed fast and you are getting on with life pain free.


Best Natural Verruca Treatment Review – Tried and Tested

What is the Best Natural Verruca Treatment For Your Feet

By Zara Butti

Do you have a verruca on your foot? and are totally sick of its presence,

Well i best verruca treatmentcan totally relate to you,

I had this stubborn plantar wart or verruca,
on my foot for over two years.

Yep thats my foot

and its nasty which ever way you look at it, it was embarrassing and painful and i just wanted it gone.

I guess i got this beast at the gym i used to walk around as we all do barefoot in the changing rooms.

Verruca & Plantar warts consist of the HPV Virus which is a viral infection.

You can pick them up so easy as walking over the same floor as someone who has one.

Just by walking their foot print or using the same bath towel as someone who has a verruca you can catch one too.

Especially if you have a cut or split in your skin the virus can just jump in and before our know it a wart/ verruca begins to grow.

Verruca Myths and Facts

  • Verruca may look like a corn or callus to begin with.
  • They will get bigger over time.
  • Filing them down causes them to bleed.
  • If you rub your feet they will spread…. so don’t!
  • They can be painful due to the extra hard skin growing over the verruca.
  • Its a myth that they have a 7 year life spam.
  • Onion and garlic and banana skins do not cure verruca.
  • If you have more than one verruca they are called verrucae

Back to the Best Natural Verruca Treatment …..
In my opinion

I had tried on my foot to date……

best verruca treatmentScholls Wart Plasters
Salactol – Acid base
Banana Skins
Tea Tree Oil

I was pretty fed up!

But of all the plantar wart treatments i had tried,

The only one that had any real effect was the tea tree oil.

I decided to do my research as I’m sure you have too and i read every blog post and forum about using natural remedies to cure warts.

I soon discovered that the top natural plant oils that other wart patients were recommending included products containing,

tea tree oil, geranium, wheat germ,marigold oils

These all contain organic and natural healing ailments that have been used for years by buddhas and chinese doctors.

I personally like the idea off natural treatments ,

You may have already used tea tee oil on blemishes or finger nail fungus.

After reading an article about the natural healing powers of organic essential oils,

One product stood out and was being repeatedly mentioned for the use on  warts , verruca, hand warts, and skin tags.

The company Amoils.com were based in California,

Now I’m in the UK ,

but even with the shipping costs i decided after reading so many positive testimonials i should  give it a shot.

Get $10 off your first Healing Natural Oils order

My Honest Review of the best natural verruca treatment that worked on my foot!

I purchased two bottles of the H Warts Formula in total, at the time one bottle contained 11 ml of product.

You have several options now a 11ml or 33ml bottle if you have more than one verruca or a large stubborn one i would recommend the 33ml size.

Problems i encountered with previous verruca treatments.

Remove your warts naturally
Two of the things i hated most about using the Bazuka , Wartner and W Compound

gels and wart plasters was the mess and the pain they caused.

Applying a gel which has an acid base  is difficult,

Especially underneath your foot,

Quickly the gel runs down your foot and you end up burning good skin and causing pain from burn damage.

Wart plasters are the same they are so hard to keep in place ,

they are acid based too so the same problem occurs.

I also tried using a banana skin and crushed garlic on my verruca!

Both ended up with a negative result a lot of mess and my foot stinked!

Also i read that banana skin can actually cause infections from rubbing it into the skin.

  • Amoils Wart Treatment is not aggressive to your skin and does not cause any burning or scaring.
  • It comes in a easy to use dropper bottle.
  • Its ingredients contains 100% of the highest quality homeopathic essential oils.
  • They offer a 90 day no quibble guarantee.


Why you should you buy Amoils H Wart Formula?

If you have a verruca or wart on your body i believe you should buy this all natural verruca treatment.

I recently recommended it to one of my friends daughters

She had previously had a scary and painful experience at the Podiatrists!

She had over 10 small verruca on her feet and they all went using the oil.

If you don’t like pain and need a speedy non messy application this will work for you.

Also you will be delighted that this natural verruca treatment will not burn or scar your skin.

It smells nice too !

And if you are pushed for time then this application literally takes 2-3 minutes twice a day.

Pricing and Purchase

Im based in the UK so i had to pay overseas shipping fees,

but to be honest i was at wits end , i had read so many positive reviews and done my research on natural oils i was happy to pay.

I just wanted my bottle.

So i paid on the trusted and secure website and i immediately got an email confirmation of my order.

As of Aug 2017 a 11ml bottle costs $32,95 33ml $69.95

Get $10 off your first Healing Natural Oils order

FREE USA Shipping on orders over $49 


  • PAINLESS EXPERIENCE                                    


Remove your warts naturally


How i used the best natural verruca treatment on my foot.

When i received the product in the post from California,

i was super excited and the package contained the product and full instructions on how to use the oil.

Firstly i had to do a 24 skin test!…….. UGGGGH

Patience is not one of my amazing skills but i done it and i  had to wait 24 hours to ensure i did not have an allergic reaction to the product.

Test done , all ok , so i was good to go.

Firstly i buffed down my verruca first with a pumice file as i could see so much hard skin was covering the verruca.

Removing as much dead skin will allow you to apply the oil directly onto the verruca it self not just the dead callus covering it.

I guessed i the less callus the easier the oil could soak into the verrucae.

I then applied two drops to the verruca and waited 2-3 minutes before i moved to ensure the oil had dried 100%.

I then repeated this twice daily for 37 days until the verruca was gone.

Yes I had to reorder the product as i could tell i would run out and,

Lucky for me i had received a coupon for 25% off from when i signed up to the news letter so that really helped keep costs down.

Extra tips i would recommend to you…

I found buffing down the verruca and the callus around and over the verruca every few days really helped initially.

It allowed me to expose the verruca so the treatment could penetrate deep into the root of the verruca.

I use a Mr Pumice Bar on my feet like this one its available on Amazon.


I also initially applied a compeed plaster,  after my morning application.

Compeed gel plasters are strong gel based plasters and they help pull off the dead skin tissue as the verruca is dying.

I noticed that if i used a plaster more of the dead verruca skin came off and the verruca was becoming smaller which each application.

My Final thoughts

I believe this is the best natural solution to heal  your skin,

And as a Foot Health Practitioner i have 100% confidence

in the Amoils treatment and would not hesitate,

recommending it to you or a loved one who is presently struggling to cure  a verruca or warts.

I think that because it worked for me!

However just because the Bazuka and Wartner treatments didn’t work
on my foot

theres no reason that they wouldn’t work on yours.

Bazuka and Wartner costs a lot less but a waste of time i believe,

and using these treatments i found it messy,

and i burnt my healthy skin ,

and personally my verruca got worse.

Alternative natural home remedies include using Duct tape .

Maybe its worth a try,

Simple to use and cheap to buy  a roll at your local hardware shop

Jus apply a piece of tape for 5 days and rip it off.

The wart should come out with it.

Best Natural Verruca treatment … Natural Healing Oils

If you need a easy and pain free and simple application,

That doesn’t take long to apply,

A strong and healthy treatment that will 100% cure your body of

warts and verruca,

Buy the Amoils H Wart Formula For Healthy Wart Free Feet.

It was the best choice i made,

And i now recommend all my patients to use it too.

Which ever treatment you choose to use i wish you luck and a speedy wart free foot.

Don’t for get to leave me some feedback on your own experiences.

And if you have found my post beneficial or have a family member or friend who also want to rid them self of a their verruca then please share my post with them.

Don’t forget to claim your $10 off Code here…

Get $10 off your first Healing Natural Oils order

10 warts gone in 14 days my review on Amoils
Warts Vs Corns Pictures ! Whats the difference


The 7 Best Podiatry Clinics In London You Can Visit In Your Lunch Break

The 7 Best Podiatry Clinics In London – You Can Visit In Your Lunch Break

 podiatry clinics in london

When time is a restriction and your feet are in desperation to be attended too then check our our guide to the Best Podiatry Clinics in London that you can visit in your lunch break.

Podiatry Clinics in London will offer a full medical menu of foot health related treatments including:

Toe Nail Trimming
Warts & Verruca
Fungal Nail Treatment
Hard Skin  & Callus Removal
Diabetes Care
Flat Feet And Arch Pain Advice
Orthotic Insoles
Corns and Callus removal
Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spur Pain

At some point in our lives visits to the podiatrist or chiropodist will be a regular occurrence, Personally i see having my feet looked after by a professional as necessary fixture in my calendar.

Just like going to the Physio and Hairdresser!.

If you stand all day on your feet or do a lot of walking for work you may find that your feet suffer from hard skin, corns and thick toenails.

By visiting a foot health professional your feet can be medically and expertly treated for a multiply conditions including just good basic foot care hygiene, diabetes, poor circulation, arthritis, sports injuries.

3 Podiatry Products That You Must Own For Smooth & Healthy Feet

3 podiatry products your feet need

Best Podiatry ProductsWhat It DoesWhen To Use It
Scholls Pedi Callus RemoverExfoliates Hard Skin On Heels + Polishes Skin Silky Smooth1- 2 times a week
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak With Epsom SaltSoothing Foot Soak Softens Skin And Corns, Bacteria Soak Treats Athletes Foot & Fungus1 X Week
Gehwol Blue Foot BalmDaily Foot Cream Moisturises , prevents foot odour, infections.
Softens Skin, Diabetic Safe.
Every Day

A podiatry clinic in london normally offers appointments in 20-30 minute sessions, allowing plenty of time for a visit in you lunch break.

Private health cover?

Some Podiatry clinics accept private health insurance such as AXA and Bupa so if you require more than an average foot health appointment you may be able to claim.

Patients like to visit a podiatry clinic  every 6-8-12 weeks depending on their feet and and medical conditions they have.


Find a Podiatrist  Tool

The SCPOD “Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists” have a tool that will allow you to search on their database for accredited Podiatrists who are members of the SCPOD .

Click Here to find your local podiatrist here :>>>  Find My Local Podiatry Clinic


Podiatrist London Price List

What can you expert to pay for a 20-40 minute Podiatry Clinic Visit in Central London?

Well it will vary on the treatments you require of course but a basic podiatry visit will vary between £45-75.

Locally in Clinics in the suburbs the average Podiatry / Chiropody Appointments cost £27- £45 for 30-45 minutes.

If you require more medical treatments including Verruca and Wart Removal Prices start at £240 for Cryosurgery to freeze the verruca away.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery starts at £325 as a local anesthetic is needed and follow up appointments.

Foot mapping and Foot Analysis diagnoses your foot and discovers unusual movements, muscle and tendon weakness, pore posture , stress areas.  Prices start fro £45 for a 15 minute analysis.

If you suffer from weak arches, plantar fasciitis , flat feet, running injuries or trauma it is a excellent way to diagnose the injury site to determine the type of orthotic insoles you require or before making custom made orthotics for your feet.

Some local authorities do still offer NHS Podiatry Services including Diabetic Care, Nail Surgery and Bunion Removal.

Due to cost cutting only a small amount of areas now offer FREE Podiatry .

You can be referred to a NHS Podiatrist via your local GP or a Foot Health Professional will be able to do a consultation and referral letter which makes getting a referral to the NHS a lot easier that going straight to your Doctor.


#1 The London Foot Clinic

27 Harley St, London W1G 9QP, United Kingdom
Nearest Tube: Bond St/ Oxford St.

Specialists in foot and ankle injuries, ingrown toenail surgery , heel pain. Bunion surgery.
They have Podiatrists, Podiatry Surgeons, Sports Medicine Doctors.
Bonus: They offer video consultations

#2 The London Podiatry Centre
 3 Courthill Rd, London SE13 6DN
Nearest Tube Oxford St/ Lewisham

Specialise in Orthotic Insoles and Sports Injuries and Gait Analysis. Run My Dr Ron Mcclough he also has a clinic in Harley Street.
Bonus: Custom made insoles

#3 The Walk In Clinic London
64 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7JF
Nearest Tube: Knightsbridge

Good walk in centre near Harrods although booking is defiantly recommended for lunch breaks.
Specialise in common foot problems and day to day chiropody services.
Bonus: Parking nearby and wheelchair access.

#4 City Chiropody

5 Clinics / Barbican, Fenchurch st, Gresham St, Canary Wharf E14, South Kensington.

Specialists in Verruca removal , Ingrown toenails, Corns and Callus removal. Diabetic advice, Sports injuries.
Bonus: Swift verruca removal treatments

#5 Feet By Pody
ondon Wellness – Port East Building, 14 Hertsmere Road, West India Quay, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4AF .

Located in Canary Wharf in the London Wellness Centre,  Foot Care Service offering Toe Nail Trimming, Callus and Corn removal , Hard Skin, Verruca, Nail Fungus .
Bonus: 4 Other locations available.


Resources : Podiatry Clinics In London

Diabetes Care – Visit www.diabetes.org
Society Of Chiropodists and Podiatrists – Find an accredited Podiatrist in your area.