How To Stop Ingrown Toenail Pain Without Visiting Your Doctor !!! ..

How To Stop Ingrown Toenail Pain Fast With 3 Easy Steps

These are the exact steps i follow to cure and stop ingrown toenail pain every time when i get a call from a patient.

Follow these 3 steps to stop ingrown toenail pain fast.

Step 1: Bowl of warm/hot (not boiling) water Add 2 generous table spoons of table or rock salt. Soak for 10 -15 mins twice a day

Step 2: Buy Iodine Spray either Savlon Dry or Betadine Spray the ingrown toenail and the surrounding skin twice a day.

Step 3: Place a piece of cotton wool over the sore toenail and apply a plaster Repeat 3-5 days until the redness and swollen toe infection has gone.

You are then ready to treat the Ingrown nail.


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What to do next

If your toenail looked like this when you started the 3 step remedy, and still looks like thishow to stop ingrown toenail pain after 5 days of soaking in salt and spraying with iodine,

You need to call a Foot Health Practitioner, Podiatrist or Chiropodist who will be able to lift the nail and cut the ingrown nail for you.


If the redness and skin is not inflamed and tender then the toenail maybe able to be just left alone and it will grow up in a  few weeks.

Often though the ingrown nail or split nail is still digging into the side of the toes flesh and the toe may still hurt.

If you can clearly see the edge of the nail or the split you may be able to cut this troublesome piece of nail out yourself.

Expert tip!

how to stop ingrown toenail hurtingIf the corner of the nail is digging into your flesh.

Take a small piece of cotton wool and place it under the nail, this will lift the toenail and the corner of the nail that is digging in.

Often this solves ingrown toenails fast.


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Ingrown Toenail -NHS UK

How To Stop Ingrown Toenail Pain Without Visiting Your Doctor !!! ..
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