7 Most Effective Shoe Deodorizer Sprays That Will Destroy Odour

7 Most Effective Shoe Deodorizer Sprays That Will Destroy Odour

Do you suffer from stinky hot sweaty feet feet?

Are you sick to death of people complaining about your stinky shoes and want to seriously cure yourself of this embarrassment.

This post well not only explain what products are the most effective shoe deodorizer you should use for your feet,

Doing a few simple changes to your daily foot hygiene habits can eliminate stinky feet and prevent any embarrassing moments for you!

And prevent your shoes needing deodorising in the first place!.

Why do your feet and shoes smell in the first place?

Foot odour can create an unpleasant smell, which is caused and produced by bacteria on your skin.

The bacteria on the skin is broken down by our acids in your sweat.

The result Bromhidrosis = Sweaty feet

If you suffer from excessive sweating you may have a condition called Hyperhidrosis.

This conditions makes you sweat more than your bodies natural temperature needs too.

If you suffer from excessive sweating you most likely will have smelly feet too.

Why do my shoes smell?

When you sweat especially excessively your shoes and socks will absorb your sweat,

The sweat than attracts bacteria and then the bacteria releases the unpleasant smell.

7 BEST remedies to STOP excessive sweating & Smells

most effective shoe deodorizer


  1. Washing your armpits daily with a antibacterial soap.
  2. Having a warm bath or shower every day to wash away your bacteria.
  3. Wear Clothes with natural fibres like silk, cotton, wool allow your skin to breath, this will allow the bacteria break down quicker.
  4. Apply a body deodorant or antiperspirant after washing.
  5. Shaving your legs and armpits so the sweat can evaporate easier.
  6. Wear clean fresh clothes everyday , including pants and bras.
  7. Reduce your spicy food in take, inc. garlic, also eating red meat produces more body odour.

Surgery for sweaty feet?

It may also be possible for the sweat glands to be drawn out from the deeper skin layers using liposuction

– a technique that’s often used to remove unwanted body fat.

Another option is a type of surgery called endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS),

which uses keyhole surgery to destroy the nerves that control sweating.

During ETS, the surgeon makes two or three small incisions under each arm.

A tiny camera (endoscope) is inserted through one of the incisions so the surgeon can see the inside of your armpit on a monitor.

The surgeon will insert small surgical tools through the other incisions, allowing them to cut the nerves.

Alternatively, a thin electrode that emits an electrical current will be used to destroy the nerves.

Risks associated with ETS include damage to nearby arteries or nerves,

and compensatory sweating (increased sweating from other areas of the body).

You should fully discuss the risks of the procedure with your surgeon beforehand. *

(*Extract from the NHS Website.)


How to get rid of stinky feet?

If you follow the above common cures and still suffer from foot odour and feel you still need an effective shoe deodoriser,

This is my BEST Advice !

And its such a cheap home remedy too.

One old fashioned Chiropody tip that still works 100% and is so simple to do is this.

Soak your feet in Potassium Permanganate Crystals.

Read my blog post here on the quick and easy stinky feet cure

Its a bit messy but it really kills the bacteria embedded in your foots skin.

Once you do this i would personally recommend you purchase one or more of the following products,

These are effective and proven remedies for killing and preventing your shoes and feet to smell.

I use these products on my patients so i know they work.


The most effective shoe deodorizer guide and reviews for 2017

Here are your choices for proven medicated products that work on shoes and feet that really need that extra help.

In no particular order these 7 most effective shoe deodoriser products I have personally have experience with,

or my patients have all recommended them to me as winners.

  1. Right Foot
  2. Lumi Extra Strength
  3. Sof Sneaker Balls
  4. Foot Sense Powder
  5. Dr Scholls Odor Control Insoles
  6. Elite Foot Spray
  7. Tea Tree Antiseptic Foot Wash1: Right Foot

✅ Powerful Effective Deodorizer Strong Enough For The Toughest Odour

All Natural Antibacterial Spray Product Safe For Direct Use On Your Feet 

Pleasant Refreshing Minty, Tea Tree Smell

  • This will work great in your severe sweaty stinky training shoes, just a small spray kills off the stench of the worst shoes possible, and eliminates and smells your shoes may be giving off.
  • The smell is not over whelming and is a pleasant fresh clean one.
  • Right Foot will defuse any shoes,boots,trainers, and bags that have a strong odour immediately and results are proven by the reviews buy happy customers.

Learn more about Right Foot Best Deals Here

2: Lumi Extra Strength

Natural Organic Oil Foot And Shoe Deodorant

Strong Natural Antibacterial Oils Proven To Kill Bacterial Fungus

Eliminates The Toughest Sneaker Odours , Works on Memory Foam

  • Lumi Spray is great for sneakers and walking boots, but can also be used on yoga mats, towels, and bags to eliminate smells.
  • Strong and proven antibacterial and anti fungal ingredients including witch hazel, tea tree oil and clove leaf and lemon grass.
  • Strong mint smell subsides after a few applications and totally removes any nasty odours.

Learn more about Lumi Best Deals here

3: Sof Sneaker Balls

Quick Twist Action Balls Placed In Smelly Places! Like Lockers, Shoes,Gym Bags

Balls Soak Up Bad Smells Caused By Bacteria and Sweat

Each Ball Can Last Up To Six Months 

Are Sof Sneaker balls the Most Effective Shoe Deodorizer you could buy?

  • No not really but they are great for covering up odour in lockers and gym bags.
  • The Balls do contain antibacterial agents but in my opinion not strong enough to kill off heavy smelling shoes and sneakers.
  • Great choice for gym bags and lockers, and for childrens shoes.

Learn more about Sof Sneaker Balls Best Deals Here

4: Foot Sense Powder

All Natural Foot Odour Powder For Feet And Shoes

Eliminates And Kills Bacteria In Shoes Prevents Smells Returning

Podiatrist Recommended Foot Powder Also Works Great for Intertrigo and Skin Fold Issues

  • Foot Sense Powder Is 100% natural and the powder does not cake up and build up on your skin or within shoes.
  • Not only an odour control powder it also prevents blisters forming.
  • It will mask the smell of bad smelly feet and shoes, and is good sweat preventing powder.

Learn more about Foot Sense  Best Deals Here

5: Dr Scholls Odor Insoles

✅Contains Charcoal Which Is Antibacterial And Prevents Feet Sweating

✅Insole Deodorizer Works Even When You Take Your Shoes Off

✅Keeps Feet Dry And Fresh In All Shoe Types

  • The Charcoal layers will keep your feet fresh and dry all day and release a fresh smell and prevent bacterial forming.
  • Stronger and better than Odour Eaters I Believe.
  • Great if you suffer from wet sweaty feet, insoles keep you dry all day.
  • Comfortable and Inexpensive insoles that can be rotated and worn and washed daily.
  • Reduces sneaker and shoe smells well.

Learn More About Dr Scholls Odour Insoles Best Deals Here

6: Elite Foot Spray

Fast working shoe odour eliminating spray 

✅Odour control and daily foot moisturiser, cracked heels and cleanser

All natural product with over 17 essential oils and herbs that kill bacteria and cleans and destroys odours.

  • This spray contain high quality standard of natural ingredients that will work fast.
  • Fights bacteria and protects the skin by acting like a barrier to prevent wet and fungal infections on the skin.
  • Only two sprays a day needed for all day protection, bottle lasts ages.
  • Stinky shoes cured within days off using the oil.

Learn more about Elite Best Deals Here

7: Tea Tree Antiseptic Foot Wash

Amazing Anti fungal Soap

✅Treats Athletes Foot,Jock Itch,Ring Worm, Nail Fungus, Smelly Feet

Powerful Anti Bacterial Strength Wash Can Be Used All Over The Body

  • Acts as a barrier wash to prevent bacterial infections once cured.
  • Destroys Odours Daily And Is Great For Teenagers, Gym Enthusiasts, Manual Labourers.
  • Soothes irritated and inflamed skin
  • Great daily wash for feet with sweat and nail fungus conditions.
  • One of the most effective shoe deodorizer i can recommend to you.

Learn more about Antibacterial Wash Daily Deals Here

5 Good Daily Foot Hygiene Tips

I hope you have found todays post the 7 most effective shoe deodoriser guide helpful

and you now have some new and fresh ideas to help you choose the most effective shoe deodorizer to spray in your shoes.

Leave me a comment below with any good tips or products you have used
and can recommend to other sufferers to solve their foot odours too.