21 Reasons You Should Buy Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

Fast Facts About Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

best toenail clippers reviews

  • Easy to grip larger handles which prevents hands slipping
  • Heavy Duty Surgical Instrument Graded Clippers
  • Super sharp precession blades leave nails smooth no rough edges
  • Cuts very thick and fungus nails accurately
  • Can be used by left or right hands customers
  • Best Toenail clipper on the market for ingrown and very thick toenails

Harperton Nippit – Precision Toenail Clippers for Thick or Ingrown Toenails

harperton nippit clipper review


If you are searching right now for a pair of toe nail clippers for your thick or ingrown toenails.

Read these 21 reasons Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers reviews from Real Buyers who are already using the clippers to cut their stubborn thick ingrown nails.

Here are 21 Reasons You must add a pair of Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers to your Amazon basket.

  1. Harper Nippit Clippers Eliminate a trip to the Podiatrist
  2. They’re wicked sharp (which is usually good but can be bad if you’re not careful)
  3. Easy to grip and makes a clean cut
  4. Sharp blades + good leverage = much easier to cut thick hard nails
  5. Handles are easy to grip They seem much more “heavy duty” then clippers I have used in the past. Plus they must be super sharp as they clipped each nail in one press of the clipper.
  6. These are perfect for those hands that don’t work so well any longer
  7. These work great for tough finger Or Toe nails
  8. These bad boys are STRONG! The grip is excellent and does not slide off (even in sweaty palms) like other models.
  9. Outstanding tool and superior customer service from the company. Very impressed.
  10. Far superior to regular nail clippers
  11. Great quality clippers. Opens wide enough to get thick toenails
  12. rubberized grips are so convenient to hold and there is no slip
  13. grips are excellent for my arthritic hands
  14. There is absolutely no question, this is simply the very best toenail clipper I have ever used
  15. Harperton nippit precision toenail clippers You will be amazed and won’t have to go pay someone to cut your toenails anymore
  16. Cut is very smooth and easy
  17. I’m a nurse and use these at work, these are fabulous for my diabetic patients. Love them.
  18. I have had thick and “fungus-y” nails for over 3 decades. I’ve never had a nail trimmer as good as this one
  19. Great nail clippers. I’m losing feeling in my fingers due to diabeticneuropathy and could no longer handle regular clippers. These work great.
  20. Surgical instrument grade
  21. The best clippers EVER – you won’t be disappointed!

See Product detail below

I cut toenails for a living!

As a Qualified Foot Health Practitioner i get to talk to a lot of patients
and they all ask me what toenail clippers i recommend for their nails.

You too may visit a professional like a Podiatrist or Chiropodist and you will notice we all use heavy duty toenail clippers.

The ones i use are just like the Harperton Clippers and thats why i recommend them to my patients.

When choosing a new pair of toenail clippers for your nails make sure the clippers cover these 3 important factors.

The 3 factors when choosing toenail clippers for thick toenails are:

  • Easy to grip so they do not slip when cutting the nails
  • Blades need to be sharp and allow one cut clipping
  • Heavy duty stainless steel so they are strong enough to cut very thick nails

Other problems you may have!

You like many of my patients may not be able to reach your toenails in the first place.!

And that is a serious issue!

But do not worry!

There are 2 long handled toenail clippers i can recommend you investigate.

1: Ableware pistol grip remote clippers
2:Helix Scissors

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What the experts (Harperton)  say about their product
  • EFFECTIVE: The Nippit nail nipper was designed to easily clip nails of all sizes, making it the best toe nail clippers for thick nails, ingrown toenails and they can assist in toenail fungus treatment as needed.
  • VERSATILE: Precision crafted blades will make your manicure pedicure routine making quick work of finger nail and toe nail trimming. The Nippit is also a nice addition to your cuticle nipper trimmer, nail oil and cuticle oil nail fungal treatments.
  • GUARANTEED: Comes with Harperton’s industry-leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty means your purchase is protected by Amazon and backed by Harperton.
  • ERGONOMIC: Unique handle design is constructed from heavy duty polymers and coated in a proprietary non-slip material delivering great clip no matter what.
  • OTHER: This toe nail clipper and cuticle trimmer was built for a variety of uses including: assistance with toenail scissors, toenail clippers for thick nails, toenail clippers heavy duty trimming and assisting with toenail fungal treatment.
Product Specifics

Harperton Nippit Clippers Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 4.3 ounces

Handle: Black Rubber Grip

Manufacture: designed in the USA and assembled in China.

Blades: Made of stainless steel and open 1 inch wide

Hands: Can be used as a left or right handed clipper

Pictures of Harperton Nippit Precision Toenail Clippers

harperton clipper reviewharperton nippit clipper review