2018 Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review Read Before You Buy

Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review 2018

Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors Review

If you are struggling to bend over to reach cutting your toenails?

Have you tried a long handled toenail clippers or nippers to cut your nails.

There are plenty of nail scissors on the market ,

you can choose from long handled toenail clippers with straight cutting edges or long handle toenail scissors which are very popular.

Cutting your toenails accurately and safely should be your top priority.

No one wants to cut their nails and leave them jagged and if you are a diabetic safe cutting without causing cuts and infections is essential.

Why use toenail scissors to cut your nails?

  • Normally they are long handled which means they allow you to reach closer to your toes
  • They are easy to hold and use just like a normal pair of scissors
  • Light weight and comfortable to hold
  • Angled blade to cut nails so good for left or right handed people
  • Good if you struggle with mobility issues like bad backs, arthritis , strains, weakness in hands

Benefits of using a Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors

  • Makes reaching your feet a lot easier
  • Good quality and good value pair of toenail scissors
  • Extra extension allows longer and safer reach to toes
  • Cuts toe and finger nails
  • Easy to use scissor design
  • Sharp blades
  • Easy to hold comfortable to use
  • Accurate angled blades for precision cutting

Negatives about this product

  • Some people say the holes in the scissors are too small for large hands and fingers
  • No grips or padding on plastic handles
  • I wouldn’t try these on ingrown toenails
  • The blades will not cut thru extra thick toenails easily


And as a Foot Health Practitioner i get asked to recommend the best toenail clippers for people who find it hard to reach their feet!.

Toenail scissors do make cutting your toenails a lot easier at home and are normally safe to hold and cut well.

But i would always recommend you seek advice from a professional if you suffer from diabetes or any circulation issues and get your nails cut at home or in a clinic by an expert who can see and be closer for a perfect trim.

My Review

The Helix Naturals toenail scissors will do a good job if you want well trimmed toe or finger nails, they cut well without leaving rough edges.  The extra length is great if you can’t reach or bend over well to your feet.

I would recommend to patients who suffer with weak or arthritic hands but are still pretty flexible with their mobility.

Not a good choice for very thick toenails but for average nails the Helix Naturals Toenail Scissors will do a fine job.

My Summary

These long handle toenail scissors will enable you to reach your toes a lot easier if you struggle to bend over maybe with a mobility of arthritic problem.

They cut average thickness toenails easily but struggle to cut extra thick toenails.

They are easy to hold but do not have extra grip built in within the scissor handle design which i think would be helpful for people with weak hands and fingers.

Some reviews I have read say the holes for your fingers are too small if you have big hands!.

You can cut your toe and finger nails using these Helix toenail scissors and for under £10 a good quality pair of toenail scissors that do the job in hand.

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