How Do You Know When A Verruca Is Dying or Dead …

How Do YOU Know When A Verruca Is Dying….

Verruca or Plantar Warts on your feet can take an age to heal and cure.

After regular applications and weeks of treatments to your foot ,

how do you really know when a verruca is dying or dead for good?

I have been solving my patients HPV Wart problems for the past 15 years.

and seen a hundreds of huge and ugly to small dinky warts on my patients feet.

SO wherever you have multiple verruca or just a lonesome one,

Trust this information because I’m the verruca removal queen!!

How Do You Know When A Verruca Is Dying


Thats it!

Simply put your foots skin will just look healthy and natural without any change of colour scaring or raised skin.

5 Little Known Signs You Might Still Have A Verruca
  1. You have a raised lump of callous dead skin (cauliflower like).
  2. No raised callous but a circular shape which is darker then the surrounding skin.
  3. One tiny black spot deep within the skin.
  4. Slight stinging or discomfort when you walk barefoot.
  5. Check your skin lines, like your finger prints the skin should have no breaks in it.
How to get rid of a verruca which you thought was dead!

One of the biggest patient failures in curing warts and verruca on their feet is this.

Patience and consistency

FACT 1: Verruca and Plantar Warts will not go over night
FACT 2: The Wart Virus HPV will continue to grow bigger or spread if untreated.
FACT 3: Verruca survive by living off your blood
FACT 4: They do not have a 7 year cycle
FACT 5: There is NOT ONE single product on the market that will cure every single wart.  Thats why you should mix up your treatments.

One Example of treatments I use,

Every patient is different and that is important to realise when you begin to treat and remove your verruca and plantar warts.

There are 3 Real options for you to choose from including,

  • Cyrosurgery – Freezing Wart
  • Acid Treatments- Burning
  • Natural Healing Oils & Creams

how do you know when a verruca is dying

Also if you have a poor immune system one HUGE tip i can give you is too boost your intake of Vitamin C and Zinc whilst you are treating your verruca.

People with poor immune systems can include, thyroid disease , diabetes, lupus.

My Checklist
  • Do you need boost your immune system. Increase Vit C and Zinc.
  • Do you suffer from diabetes?  Do not use acid based products.
  • How is your pain threshold? Cyrosurgery could work but is very painful.
  • How easy will it be to reach the Verruca?
  • Are you allergic to plasters?
  • Do you take blood thinning medications? Aspirin Warfarin, these will increase bleeding and verruca bleed a lot!
  • Do you have a lot of callous or dead skin over the Verruca? Use a pumice or compeed plaster to remove this.

My magic! combo which kills 9 out of 10 verruca cases….

I use a strong natural plantar based treatment to kill the verruca,
A compeed plaster ( gel lined) to extract the root as it is dying and to remove any callus build up.

You can if you like use Duct Tape on heavily covered verruca to remove the callus,

Apply a piece and leave on overnight then rip off.

And then once a week you should apply a different over the counter treatment like Duofilm

I get asked by every patient, How do you know when a verruca is dying.

You will see the verruca shrinking, less calloused and not painful.

But most importantly the scaring tissue where the verruca was will smooth out.

What you are going to need…

✅ Natural Healing Warts treatment  H-Warts Formula

✅ Gel Plasters Compeed Corn Plaster

✅ Salicylic Acid Solution Dr. Scholl’s Duofilm Liquid, 0.33 Ounce

If you are in a major hurry you could book an appointment at your local Podiatrist and have a Cryosurgery Application,

This is when a high level of liquid nitrogen is applied directly to your foot,

The experience is uncomfortable and painful for most,

But if you are lucky only one application is needed but in my personal experience 2-4 treatments are needed.

Read this related post :Watch Giant Wart Freezing Technique Using Liquid Nitrogen.

Choose your treatment carefully especially if you suffer from diabetes,
for my diabetic foot care advice visit

Do you need more help?

Remember my simple answer to How do you know when a verruca is dying

is this,

Your skin will look totally normally smooth and the same colour as the rest of the skin.

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