How To Stop Toenail Fungus Spreading Using Tactics That Work Instantly



How To Stop Toenail Fungus Spreading

Do you have yellow discoloured nails and have noticed your other toenails are beginning to look a little discoloured or have white spots or ridges forming?

Your nails may be under attack from fungus, and if you already have a fungal infection in one of your toenails,

then you have a 75% chance your other nails will also become infected with fungus too?

7 Instant Tactics you can do today How to stop toenail fungus spreading
  • Trim your toenails as short as possible
  • Soak your feet in antiseptic foot wash
  • Change your socks at least 1 X  a day
  • Spray your shoes or sneakers with a strong anti deodorant spray that kills bacteria.
  • Stop wearing nail varnish let your nails breath
  • Do not rub your feet together (comfort behaviour) as the bacteria can pass like this.
  • Soak your feet in potassium Permangantate Crystals – Follow my instructions here…
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How To Prevent Toenail Fungus In The First Place

Toenail Fungus is a bacteria infection and as a Foot Health Practitioner
The 3 Most Common  Causes Of Fungus are:

  1. Nail Varnish  -Nails can’t breathe, varnish is too thick and left on way to long.
  2. Sweaty feet from sports -Football , Running wet clammy conditions the bacteria gets under the nail bed.
  3. Trauma To The Nail- Nail Falls Off or Heavy item damages nail bed.
1: Nail Varnish causes toenail fungus

The #1 cause for women in my opinion.

How many times have you painted your nails and left the varnish on and just let the nails grow out.!

Well 8/10 people do just that.

Instead of removing the varnish after a 7-10 days it is left on for months!

And this causes the nails to become suffocated and unable to breathe due to the heavy varnish suffocating the nail,

the nail  bed becomes hot and bothered and sweats and bacteria forms and the result is a fungal infections forms.

does toenail fungus spreadSo if you like to wear nail varnish wherever its on your finger or toenails my top advice to you is to clean if off at least every 10 days.

Manicure and pedicure gel shellac treatments will need to be done by a professional.

2: Sweaty Wet Hot Feet

I get to meet a lot of patients from all walks of life!,

The top 2 sweaty feet conditions i come across are caused by …

  1. Sports and Poor breathable sneakers / trainers.
  2. Steel capped Boots 

Do you do a lot of sports, or have to wear steel capped boots for work?

And you notice that your feet get hot wet and sweat?

Then this will cause a fungal infection to your skin like athletes foot, over time the sweat and the bacteria from the shoes will spread and infect your toenail beds which will then cause toenail fungus to grow.

A simple solution to stop hot and sweaty feet in the first place is to use a shoe and foot deodoriser .

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I recommend Purely Northwest Tea Tree Wash treatments to my patients.

How to stop toenail fungus spreading my secret home remedy!.

  • Easy to use apply to a warm bowl of water and soak your feet for 15 minutes.
  • Strong anti fungal wash for nail fungus and skin infections like athletes foot.
  • Cures smelly and sweaty feet issues instantly.
3: Trauma To Nail Bed Will  Cause Nail Fungus

I see this a lot with my patients, and I’m sure you can think of many times you have stubbed your toes or dropped something heavy thats landed on your feet.

I have met patients who have had horses stamp of their feet, a gas cylinder landed on their toes, and patients who have run marathons  who’s toenail has dropped off after the race.

Trauma to the nail bed will cause you problems,  and toenail fungus is a big problem after injury.

If you loose your toenail it can take 7-12 months to grow again if you are lucky.

When you loose a toenail the nail often grows back with ridges and much thicker than before.