What Are The Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors With Thick Nails

Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors Review


Do you struggle to reach and cut your toenails?

Well i know i do and I’m only 44 years old!.

To make life a lot easier and to safe your hard earned cash on Podiatry Visits to get your toenails trimmed.

You should buy a pair of toenail clippers for seniors with your needs in mind.

The 3 major challenges for seniors and patients with mobility problems are in my opinion.

  1. You find it hard to reach your toenails.
  2. Your toenails become thick and hard to cut.
  3. Arthritic or weak hands makes holding clippers difficult.

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What makes a good pair of toenail clippers for Seniors?

  • Long handled clippers
  • Non slip handles
  • Easy to grip indentations within  the handles
  • Rubber handles
  • Decent sized pair of clippers (too small is tricky to hold)
  • Strong and accurate blades
  • Wide jawed Clippers for thicker nails
  • Easy to use when you suffer from weak hands and fingers from arthritis

More Resources  i have written you may find useful when researching For Toenail Clippers For Seniors with thick nails.

If you would like some extra help Age UK have a great article which you can read here How to look after your feet ,

It covers the most asked questions and offers helpful advice.

How can i look after my feet ?
Which type of shoes are best for my feet
Where can i get my toenails clipped if i can’t reach them.
Why should i get my feet checked?

I believe we should all get regular foot checks even if its just once a year with your locally Foot Health Practitioner.

You can often diagnose yourself if you have a corn or callus, wart or nail fungus infection.

but what you may not know is if your feet are showing symptoms,

for conditions including diabetes, poor circulation conditions or arthritis.

Some insurance companies will cover you for Podiatry if not a basic check up should cost under $60. (£40 )


2017 Review Kohm CP-900 Toenail Clippers for Thick or Fungus Nails for Seniors

toenail clippers for seniors

Kohm CP- 900 Toenail clippers are available online and the best deals i have found are on Amazon.

What Makes Kohm CP-900 good for seniors ?
  • Long ended nipper blades makes cutting easy especially the edges if ingrown.
  • The Nippers fit snuggly and well into your hands making them comfortable to hold.
  • Accurate precision cutting allows for rough edges and thick tough nails.
  • Cuts fungus infected nails easy, clippers easiliy get under white stuff under thick toenails.
best toenail clippers for seniorsKohm  CP-900 Clippers  Work Great On….
  • Very thick nails
  • Rough Ingrown Nails
  • Fungus Nails
  • Brittle Toenails
Worst Factors about Kohm Toenail Clippers For Seniors
  • They do not have a safety latch to keep blades closed when not in use.
  • Rubber handles could be thicker.

I believe the poor comments out way the excellent reviews.

Pretty much the overall feedback from patients who have purchased the Kohm CP- 900 clippers say

“they are the best clippers they have brought and they do an excellent safe job”

Choosing the right tool for any job is always my top priority and i can be sure you will not be disappointed when you buy a pair too.

Alternative Nippers worth considering are the World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clippers by 777.

toenail clippers for handicappedIf you prefer to use square ended nippers rather then scissor like clippers,

then choose these, they are a excellent quality solid made pair of precision nippers that cut smoothly and will defiantly trim thick nails easily.

Also they are extra large so they make them top on my list for toenail clippers for seniors.

Holding them is comfortable and they have a non slip easy grip design so it makes life simple to reach your feet.

And if you have weak or arthritic hands they are light to hold and not too much pressure is needed for the actual cut.

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