World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper Amazon Review 2018

World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper

Don`t you just hating cutting your toenails?

Well make your life 100% easier using these extra large toenail clippers by 777 available on Amazon.

We have put them to the test and here are my honest views and opinions the good and the bad about these top selling clippers available on Amazon only.

So whats so special about the World No.1 Extra Long Toenail Clipper that is worthy of your purchase?

Product Features I Like…

These clippers feel solid and strong and are comfortable to hold which is very important so your hands do not slip whilst making the cut.

The blades are sharp and make accurate and precise cutting and each cut leaves the nails smooth with no jagged edges.

The extra large design and its built in longer length makes reaching your toenails a lot less stressful.

I would recommend these clippers to people who struggle to reach and cut their toenails.

Product Detail

World`s No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper Amazon

✅ Dimensions Size : 5.6″(L) X 1″(W) X 1″(H)

✅ Weight 4.5 ounces

✅ Model number TS-N-221VSC

✅ Jaw length 4mm


Best Features
  • The extra length 5.5″ thats long for a pair of clippers. Makes reaching your toenails so much easier!
  • They come with a LIFETIME Guarantee.
  • The clippers are made of stainless steel.
  • Made in South Korea who are market leaders of Nail Clippers.
  • Super strong firm gripper.
  • Quality packaging and tools supplied, makes great gift.
  • Precise nipping and clean cut toenails edges.
Things you should know about 777 World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper before you buy….
  • They are heavier than standard clippers
  • Not the best solution for extra thick toenails
  • The Jaw of the clippers does not open wide if you have very thickened toenails.

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Read Genuine Customer Reviews
  1. Easiest to use clippers online
  2. Best Extra Long Toenail Clippers
  3. Extremely easy to hold
  4. Comfortable firm grip great for arthritic hands
  5. Highly recommended for thick toenails
  6. Perfect for all people
  7. Fabulous and sharp
  8. Excellent product i was surprised ow sharp the blades were!
  9. Wow
  10. Excellent quality
  11. The best toenail clipper i have ever used!.

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6 Tips to help you cut your toenails using world no.1 extra large toenail clipper
  1. Soak your feet for 10-15 mins in warm water to soften the nails before cutting.
  2. Do not cut nails in bath with wet hands as this may cause the clippers to slip.
  3. Find a comfortable position the cut your nails.
  4. To reach your toenails try raising your foot onto the side of your bath or your toilet seat (closed) for a closer reach.
  5. For extra thick toenails apply a nail softener daily.
  6. Ingrown toenails.  If your nails are sore or infected treat the infection first, soak your feet in salty warm water and use an iodine spray like betadine to cure the infection.
Also in the range…

777 also have a three piece set which is a great travel set or gift….
The 5.5″ toenail clipper is standard and in addition you receive a quality nail file and a cuticle trimmer.

For only $8 more the upset is well worth it,

And you will have a professional all round toe and fingernail trimming system.

Another Problem You May Have!

If your toenails are discoloured thickened or suffer from toe jam!

I would recommend you read this great article about toenail fungus here…

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Final thoughts

Overall i like the World No.1 Extra Large Toenail Clipper product a lot!

The precise sharp nipping cuts average thickness toenails and is comfortable to hold,

Unless you have small hands! you made struggle a little.

The easy grip and larger length design allows you to reach you toenails with less effort,

And you don`t have to worry about the product slipping.

So for everyday nail trimming i would give this product an 8/10 rating.

The World no.1 extra large toenail clipper jaws widths need to be wider for extra thick toenails,

Is my only real negative.

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