How To Remove A Soft Corn Between Toes 2017 Guide

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How to remove a soft corn between toes?

A Corn is a build up of skin caused by friction or pressure mostly from shoes.

A hard corn and soft corn between toes normally appears when you wear too tight shoes or boots,

Your feet are pushed and squashed together causing the toes to rub each other as you walk.

Its the action of movement and confined space in the shoes that cause corns to form.

Soft corn in between toes are SOFT because your toes are tight against each other,

The skin sweats and air ventilation between the toes is limited, this then causes the skin to become clammy and wet.

Soft corn photos

soft corn between toes soft corn in between toessoft corn picture

Soft corns between the toes look very different to hard corns which look like a circular hard pin head.

The white circle around the corn is wet sweaty skin and the callous is sunken.

Its the soft white skin that makes it so hard to remove the corn with a scalpel so hardening the soft corn always helps to remove it quicker.

How to treat soft corns

As a Foot Health Practitioner i must admit is hate soft corns they are trickier to treat then hard corns which are just lumps of hard skin.

The problems you face treating soft corns

  •  Getting access to the soft corn
  •  Removing the entire corn
  •  Preventing bleeding
  •  Infections

Home Remedies for treating Soft Corns

These are the best treatments i can recommend you try at home but you may need your partner or a friend to help!

  1. Compeed Gel Corn Plasters
  2. Animal Wool
  3. Gel Spreaders
  4. Corn Wraps
  5. Toe Divider Supports

Do you notice on my list i have not listed ACID CORN PLASTERS!

The reason i do not like them is because they usually cause more damage then good to the skin.

When you apply a standard corn  plaster to your skin you need to know what to expect!

Corn plasters ( except Compeed plasters) all contains salicylic acid,

Yes Acid.

After about 10 minutes  your toe will begin to get warm as the acid embeds into your skin,

Corn plasters have a reputation for not staying in place ,
this is due to your bodies skin temperature  warming  or even if you have cool feet.

Plaster find it difficult to stick and they slide and move and when this happens to corn plasters with acid you will feel discomfort and burning.

That burning sensation is the acid burning healthy skin not the corn.

Are YOU Sure you have a Corn Maybe Its a Wart?

Often plantar warts and Verruca are mistaken for corns on toes so if you are not 100% wherever you have a corn vs wart,

read my post on Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns

Do you have a wart on your foot?

I would highly recommend you apply H-Warts Formula,

This powerful natural wart remover that i use on all my patients for getting rid of unwanted warts.

How you can remove your soft corn between toes without visiting a Podiatrist….

Soft corns ,hard corns, seed corns, calluses are all caused by friction and pressure.


So eliminate the pressure and friction and you will not get a corn.

Normally the cause of your corn is a particular pare of shoes, boots, or slippers.

You are going to have to hunt down these corn makers!

either get them stretched , dump them or use one of my top 5 preventive products if you want to continue to wear them.

3 Most common footwear types that causes of corns
  1. how to remove a soft corn between toesSteel capped shoes and boots. Timberland label stitches always create corns!
  2. Slippers, The Stitching around the toes and labels especially moleskin types of slippers for men.
  3. Narrow high heel dressy shoes, which are too tight and push the toes together.



Compeed Gel Plasters

Animal / Chiropody Wool

Dr Fredericks Gel Toe Spreader

Gel Toe Wraps / Sleeves