5 products that actually work to get rid of your warts and verrucas on feet

Its that time of year again when i start getting messages and call about treating warts and verruca on patients feet.

Always when the weather starts cheering up people begin to book holidays and start thinking about being outdoors more and wearing sandals and flip flops and then realise……

Whats this nasty thing on my foot!

Well good chance its a verruca or wart or if you are lucky a corn!

In this blog post I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you the Chiropodists methods and what the industry uses to rid of warts and verrucas on feet

*** BONUS TIP***

Increase your vitamin c and zinc intake when treating warts and verruca on feet, this increases your immune system and puts your body in a healthy state.

5 Products that I use that work on my patients


warts and verrucas on feet
Available from your local pharmacy,
Salactol is a salicylic acid based topical treatment that is a firm favourite in the Podiatry world.

Its a little messy to apply especially as they have changed the applicator stick to a flat spatula!

But this treatment really works and for me probably my runner up after the amoils treatment.

Apply carefully daily to the warts and verrucas on your feet and allow to dry really well!

The solution will over a few days build up so you will need to file down with an emery board or pumice stone to ensure the treatment continues to penetrate to the wart.

Once a week i would apply a piece of tape and leave on over night and then rip it off! this will pull out the dead calloused verruca and build up of the solution.

2#H warts amoils

I love the Amoils treatment for warts and verrucas,

I have found over the last 10 years many patients just do not respond to the old fashion treatments of burning or freezing out their warts and verrucas.

But they are responding to all natural essential oils which contain marigold, tea tree , wheat germ …….

Im not sure if its because the body has not encounter theses oils before and have become immune to medicated treatments.

What ever the answer is all i know is that i get the best and quickest results using all natural products.

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3#Duct tape / leukoplast tape

 Can duct tape really get rid of warts and verrucas?

Well yes it can and in a recent study of 100 patients it was more successful then cryosurgery (freezing) treatments of verrucas.

Its super simple and a cheap treatment option!

Cut of a piece of tape apply and leave for 4-5 days .

Remove and reapply until the warts core has been drawn out.

4#tea tree oil

Always go for the bigger bottle! 10 or 30 choose 30ml as its amazing how fast you go through tea tree.

Tea tree is an all natural essential oil that works it magic for many conditions,

Tea tree will work fast on small or new warts and verrucas especially on your hands.

Apply 2 times a day and it may be worth applying a plaster after a few days to help extract the dead skin of the wart.

Tea tree for warts and verruca on feet is a good choice for children,

Also for people who are unhappy applying medicated or acid based treatments,

as it does not burn or damage the skin on application.

5#Bazuka that verruca

Good old Bazuka that verruca !

Always found in supermarkets and chemists this acid based gel treatment i believe is still a good choice for verrucas and warts on feet of children.

It does work well but careful application is needed by a parent to ensure the acid gel does not run and damage the skin around the wart.

Application should be done 1-2 times a day and the acid will burn away at the calloused skin and kill of the wart at its root.

I would personally recommend a plaster is also applied after application for two reasons!

1: The acid if not 100% dry will burn and discolour socks and carpets!

2: The plaster will assist in drawing out the verrucas root.


So there you have I’ve given you the best 5 proven treatments i can actually say that will get rid of warts and verrucas on your feet.

Now you’ve got the knowledge go out there today and start getting your feet ready for summer now.


P.S. Leave me a comment or ask me a question below I’m here to help!