2018 Best Zumba Shoes For Wide Feet That Will Make You Loose Weight Fast

How to loose weight fast and have comfortable feet whilst doing Zumba?

We review the Best Zumba Shoes for wide feet and bunions.

zumba shoes for wide feet


You can do Zumba in over 180 Countries and over 15 million people loose weight and keep fit and healthy, in over 200,000 Zumba classes every year!

What are the benefits of Zumba Fitness?
Zumba is one of the most popular exercise crazes in recent years, and with good reason!
There are many health benefits of zumba, including its ability to burn calories, work out the entire body, boost the metabolism,
increase endurance, boost mood, aid coordination, and improve confidence.
Foot Pain Relief Expert Choice For The Perfect Zumba Shoe is the Ryka Tenacity its a sneaker that combines cross training vs dancing its 10/10!.
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Zumba involves lots of pivots and the best shoes for Zumba need to be lightweight, fit like a glove, and allow a natural barefoot movement.

Best Zumba Shoes For Wide Feet

  1. ASICS Women’s Gel Fortius TR Cross Training Shoe
  2. Zumba Women’s Flex Classic Sneaker
  3. Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker.
  4. Reebok Women’s Hayasu Training Shoe
  5. RYKA Women’s Dash Shoes
  6. Ryka Womens Tenacity


  1. 1: ASICS Women’s Gel Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe is very lightweight, modern looking and a real sleek shoe!

You will have total flexibility for spinning and jumping around in.

Good Feature

SO light weight perfect for fast natural movements and spinning.
Generous and comfy.

Poor Feature

No insole support if you need arch heel or ankle support this is not the best zumba shoes for wide feet give the softness and movement but not great foot support.

Wide Feet Rating  3.5/5

best zumba shoes for bunions

2 : Zumba Women’s Flex Classic Sneaker

Zumba Classics Flex will give you a wide fitting around your heel and comfy support around the arches of your foot too.

Great Feature

If you have your own orthotic insole you can easily place this in these sneakers.

Fast Turns and pivots made easy.

Poor Feature

Sneakers come up at least 1/2 size larger but great if you have one foot larger than the other!

Some people comment the toes end of thesneakers are a little narrow so not great if you suffer from a bunion.

Wide fitting rating 4/5

Deals from $38.95

best zumba shoes for bunions

3: Bloch Women’s Boost Dance Sneaker

200 Customer reviews

Choose the Bloc Sneakers for comfort and total cushioning to your heels and arches.

Not the best Zumba shoes for wide feet but i had to add these in as they have amazing built in orthotic support to the heels and arches of the foot.

High density support for plantar fasciitis and 360degree spins made pain free!.

Great Feature

Cushioning and support to your feet good choice for Zumba and Hip Hop and boxing.

Good spinning feature.

Very light weight shoes.

Poor Feature

Shoes come up smaller than normal so go up a size at least, but once you get the right fit these are great,

Tricky inserting your own orthotic insole.

Wide Fitting Rating 3/5

Deals from $53.97 +

4: Reebok Women’s Hayasu Training Shoe

Great Feature

Sneakers that are made to move!.

Wide design for extra wide feet.

High top design fits well for wider feet, light weight sneaker comfy and spinning and pivots made easy.

Poor Feature

Some people find high tops a little flat so if you suffer from a flat foot these may be a little un-comfortable and no support.

Wide Fitting Rating 4.5/5

Deals from $89.00

best zumba shoes for bunions

5: RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

These are great shoes for zumba especially if you suffer from wide feet.

Zumba Instructors actually recommend these sneakers too!

Good Feature

Precise Bouncy Sneakers perfect for dance and zumba.

They are lightweight and dancing and bouncing is made easy.

Cushioned heel and a wide forefoot design.

Poor Feature

Not very sturdy or the best fitting if you have narrow feet.

Wide fitting Rating 4/5

Best deals from $59.00 +


6: Ryka Womens Tenacity ( AND MY PERSONAL CHOICE)

I love Zumba and these are the ultimate Zumba Shoes For Wide Feet but to be honest they are just so comfy and look super cool these are worth a punt.

Great Feature

  • Cross Training VS Dance shoe in one
  • Built in extra support and fantastic grip
  • Knee and Ankle Support is superb

Poor Feature

Some people comment the laces are hard to tie?

But that is the only negative comment about the Ryka Tenacity Sneakers.

Wide Fitting Rating 5/5

Read Review and Best Deals From $74 .00 Here

Why do they make Shoes For Zumba?

Zumba is a high impact high density exercise and wearing the correct footwear will only make your workout stronger but safer.

Zumba shoes need to be highly flexiable with excellent pivot spinning abilities.

Thats why a cross trainer combined dance shoe is the perfect choice for Zumba Training.

5 Important factors when choosing Zumba Shoes

Weight of the shoe

A light weight zumba shoe is going to assist your movement, turns and jumps will be made easier then wearing a heavy sneaker.

Pivot Points

Spinning is a major part of zumba dance,  pivot points will allow you to spin and twist with ease and all zumba shoes have these built into the soles.

Flexible Soles

Zumba shoes and the soles are unlike running or training sneakers, they have dance in mind.

Your feet need to move about freely especially flexibility in the outer and mid sole of the shoe.

Wide Fitting 

When searching for the best Zumba Shoes for wide feet or bunions,

You need to make sure the insole and shoe design is going to allow for any problematic aches or discomforts.

Do not choose a narrow or tight fitting zumba shoe which has no flexibility or softness to its design.

I like the Ryka Tenacity for problematic feet!.


Like all work outs a good one will make you sweat and your feet will need to be able to breathe so you do not suffer from sweaty feet or toenail fungus infections.

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Change your socks after each routine and buy a good shoe deodoriser spray that will keep your zumba shoes clean and healthy.

I love Zumba for all it stands for its great fun and is a great way to loose weight but more importantly become healthy and have a laugh with friends at the same time.

Which ever Zumba Shoes you choose keep at it and enjoy yourself.