What is a soft corn between toes

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What is a soft corn between toes?

A Corn is a build up of skin caused by friction or pressure mostly from shoes.

A hard corn and soft corn between toes normally appears when you wear too tight shoes or boots,

Your feet are pushed and squashed together causing the toes to rub each other as you walk.

Its the action of movement and confined space in the shoes that cause corns to form.

Soft corn in between toes are SOFT because your toes are tight against each other,

The skin sweats and air ventilation between the toes is limited, this then causes the skin to become clammy and wet.

Soft corn photos

soft corn between toes soft corn in between toessoft corn picture

Soft corns between the toes look very different to hard corns which look like a circular hard pin head.

The white circle around the corn is wet sweaty skin and the callous is sunken.

Its the soft white skin that makes it so hard to remove the corn with a scalpel so hardening the soft corn always helps to remove it quicker.

How to treat soft corns

As a Foot Health Practitioner i must admit is hate soft corns they are trickier to treat then hard corns which are just lumps of hard skin.

The problems you face treating soft corns

  •  Getting access to the soft corn
  •  Removing the entire corn
  •  Preventing bleeding
  •  Infections

Home Remedies for treating corns

These are the best treatments i can recommend you try at home but you may need your partner or a friend to help!

  1. Compeed Gel Corn Plasters
  2. Animal Wool
  3. Gel Separators
  4. Corn Wraps
  5. Surgical spirit

Do you notice on my list i have not listed ACID CORN PLASTERS! which is what most people use when trying to remove corns.

This is because they cause more damage then good to the skin.

The plaster which contains salicylic acid is applied to the toe,

10 minutes later your feet begin to get warm and the plaster moves and you feel discomfort and burning.

This is because the corn plaster has moved and is now burning your healthy soft skin.



Corns on toes OMG Don’t Worry try this for the best results

Corns on toes Don’t Worry try these Chiropody Expert Tips

You don’t need to struggle with corns and callus on your toes.

Using simple and effective treatments easily available will soon have your corns on toes gone and the pain will be a distant memory.

Im not a big fan of the schools corn express kit! and i believe you can remove the corn 8/10 time yourself without seeing a foot professional if you just do these simple things first.

1/ Use a Gel Compeed plaster to remove the core

2/ Soften the corn or callus using petroleum kelly – Vaseline

3/Wear a Corn wrap everyday to protect and prevent the corn returning

Product Brand Number Of Items
Compeed Corn Plasters N/A N/A
Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly Vaseline 1
ProFoot Vita-Gel Corn Wraps, Profoot 1

What is a corn?

  • Hard Skin and Callus
  • Dead rough hardened skin
  • Caused by friction & pressure
  • Tight or loose shoes – your feet rubbed or move about to much
  • Hammer toes or bent or clawed toes tops rub in top of shoes
  • Soft corns appear in in-between the toes
  • Hard corns appear on the outside especially the little toe
  • Corns do not spread like warts
  • Corns are painful and often feel like a sharp needle is being dug in
  • Corns on toes are either hard  soft or seed corns.