Why Do Warts Bleed So Much ? You Need To Do This Now

Why Do Plantar Warts Bleed?

why do warts bleed

Why do warts bleed so much?

It doesn’t matter what type of wart you have,

Plantar wart, verruca, body wart, hand wart they all survive by living off  your blood supply.

Not nice i know, but true.

A Wart is caused by a viral infection called a Human Papillary Virus,

Its part of a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body.

You can learn what is HPV here which is a link to the NHS website.

Most people at some point in their life will catch a verruca or wart,

And a myth that they will just go away on their own is just a myth.

I see patients daily who have had warts and verruca on their feet for many months if not many years,

And they are still growing bigger and  becoming painful too when walking.

So why do warts bleed so much when you start treating them?

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Why Do Warts bleed ?

  • If you cut them with a razor or scissors removing the callus around them.
  • When you file them down to hard and close to the warts heads.
  • Heavily callused warts become painful to walk on and pressure causes a bleed.

Pressure and callus removal are the two main causes to make a wart bleed.

What to do when a wart starts to bleed…

Do not panic when they start to bleed they can really go for it too.

If you wart starts bleeding apply plenty of pressure with cotton wool or a paper towel and if possible raise your foot.

10-20 mins is not unusual for the length of time it may take to stop bleeding.

I often apply a plaster with a piece of cotton wool over the wart which when applied adds additional pressure and stops the bleeding faster.

When your wart has stopped bleeding make sure you clean the area by either…

  • Soaking your foot in salty water
  • Apply an antiseptic solution or cream
  • Re-apply a plaster for 24 hours.

Your goal when treating warts and verruca is not to make them bleed!

But plantar warts do love to become engulfed in hard skin and callus,

the callus acts as a barrier and prevents your chosen treatment that you apply not penetrating through to the wart.

Removing the callus is very important but i would personally not recommend you use a razor, scissors, knife…..

A Foot health professional will use a scalpel like i do, but its not safe for you the patient to do this.

The two safest callous removers for you to use on your warts and verruca are….

  1. Compeed plasters.
  2. Pumice stones.
  3. Directions

Compeed plasters are gel made and super soft and sticky and i recommend you apply them to your wart or verruca to remove excess callus and hard skin.

Leave on for 24-48 hours and remove.

The super soft but strong gel plaster will pull excess dead skin off when you remove it.

This will make the wart much easier to get too when you apply your chosen product.

why do warts bleed A old fashioned but very successful callous remover is a  lava pumice stone,

There are many on the market but i would recommend the Natural Earth Lava Pumice Stone for Foot Callus by Zenda Naturals

For best results use in the bath when your skin is soft.

Do not share pumice stones with your family as you will spread your warts to them.

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My patients often ask me why do my warts bleed so much when i start filing them?

Warts grow within the skins membrane and are living off you,

When left alone a wart or verruca is very happy, its warm, snug with callous and just like if you roughed up any part of your skin it will bleed.

And as its surviving off your blood vessels thats why a wart bleeds a lot


You will notice as your treat a the warts and verruca shrink and die off the warts do not bleed so much.

Warts and verruca not bleeding is a great sign!

It means your treatment is drying and killing off the wart and the virus is shrinking and its blood supply is drying up.

And the treatment you are using is working.

What to do when your wart treatment isn’t working!

Warts and verruca are a total pain!

And to be honest there isn’t one single product on the market that works 100% first time.

My wart treatment plan often involves using multiple treatments as i find i get the quickest result.

Most common wart remedies
  • Liquid Nitrogen / Cyrosurgery
  • Acid applications ( Salacylic Acid)
  • Natural Oil Remedies
  • Duct Tape

Over the years i have used pretty much every single wart remedy including some crazy ones such as applying onions, rubbing banana skins over the warts and soaking the feet in potassium permanganate crystals.

So what really works?

This is in my personal opinion the best way you can remove your warts
  • Boost and increase your immune system with supplements.
  • Pick 1-2 products and be religious about applying the products.
  • Remove the callous using duct tape or compeed plasters once a week.
Boost your immune system

If you are run down or have a low immune system then i would recommend you increase your Vitamin C and Zinc intake.

These are both available in supplement forms and quickly increase your bodies intake.

Apply  daily your chosen product or products

What ever treatment you choose to apply,

apply them….

Often i see patients who get fed up with slow results and give up treating their warts and verruca and actually notice their warts getting bigger!

Yes they will, especially if you keep starting and stopping applications.

Remove the callous weekly

Warts and verruca always getting covered with dead hard callous.

This callous gets in the way of your product application so it is important to remove it.

Do not use razors or scissors to remove the dead callous,

If you need to go back up this blog post read again Why do warts bleed 

I like to recommend to my patients to use Duct tape which is very cheap or compeed plasters which are more discreet and water proof.

Both are left on for 1-2 days and when you remove them they pull away any dead skin.

I hope you have found this post Why do warts bleed helpful,

and now find yourself in a focused mindset to start removing and treating your plantar wart or verruca on your foot.

One of the first questions my patients ask me when i advise them they have a wart is…

What would i recommend?

And my answer is,

I would recommend a powerful, Easy application that is pain free and one that will not scar their skin.

Because lots of treatments do scar.

Im confident in my choices of wart solutions and the one get the fastest results is H Warts.

Its the best natural wart treatment i have used with over 100 success cases,

and am confident it will work for you too..

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