Toenail Cutting Service

Hi, I`m Zara Butti MAFHP MCFHP,

Im a Medical Foot Health Practitioner and the owner of this site.

Ive set up this blog to share information and advice and my personal recommendations to help you solve your foot pain,

Reviewing and advising the best products, exercises and treatment plans you can use.

I have worked as a Foot Health Practitioner now for the past 15 years with regular patients,

and i have been blogging about foot health for many years.

I test all my recommended products on my patients and get their honest reviews.

I have years of experience and i know what works and what doesn’t in the Podiatry industry.

Here I will share with you my best tips on solving common foot problems including, foot pain relief for plantar fasciitis , knee pain exercises, vitamins and nutrients to heal your feet and body.

Product reviews on new podiatry products and which products to avoid.

These are all my personal beliefs and i always invite online questions.

If i can help you i will give you the best advice i can,

But i would advice you to always seek professional advice from your local Doctor, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist before exercising or taking new supplements.

I trained at the SMAE in 2001 and qualified as a surgical chiropodist and am a member of the British Foot Health Association.

Since qualifying i set up my on mobile clinic in North Kent UK and have been busy solving feet daily.

Home Visiting Footcare & Toenail Cutting Service With Me

Local Mobile Service covering the Dartford Orpington Foot Care Practitioner

I offer a home visiting service in the Dartford  & Orpington Areas of Kent and offer a full foot care service to my patients including toenail trimming, corn and callus removal, diabetic checkups.

Just some of the conditions i treat include:

Toenail Cutting Service
Thick and Ingrown Toenails
Diabetes  Check Ups
Verruca  & Wart removal
Corns & Callus removal
Fungal Toenails
Heel & Arch Pain
Bunions & Bunionettes
Flat Feet Issues
Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Free Referrals To GP And Consultants.

If you are interested in booking a consultation or a regular toenail cutting service with me you can contact me via this blog or at:

Call or Text me on 07941 491869



My fees are £28 per visit.

I Accept Cash or I Have a Debit Card Machine For Card Payments.

I invite you to interact on my blog , leave comments , subscribe for our latest posts, special offers and my monthly best seller reviews.

And i would appreciate you sharing any of my posts you find interesting .

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Affiliate Disclosure

When you click on links in this site and buy products, i may receive a small affiliate commission which helps me fund my website and my time researching and working on these blog posts.

You will not pay more by clicking on these links.  But i like to be open and transparent as possible.  These are products i use on my patients or have researched and reviewed them and personally feel they are worthy to you as a consumer.