Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns

Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns

corn on foot removal   warts on feet picturesI I wanted to share with you some warts on feet pictures ,to help you determine wherever you have a wart on your foot.

And once you have, i want to give you some simple advice that I have been using with my patients to get rid of their warts and corns.

I have been treating warts and corns for over 13 years and have learnt so much about plantar warts from my patient experiences and the treatments that have worked and failed.

There are certain questions i get asked daily and that is “have i got a wart or corn” , so thats why below i have warts on feet pictures on common spots of the feet that they appear.

There are certain things i notice and can tell you about warts vs corns.

Both can be uncomfortable when standing or walking for long periods of time when not removed.

To remove a corn is fairly simple by using corn protectors / plasters or allowing a Foot Health Practitioner pare the corn away with a scalpel.

If you have a corn or callus i would recommend you read this post which is all about corns, what they look like and the quickest removal tips.

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A new pair of shoes may be the cause of  a corn, once the shoes stretch or you stop wearing them the corn will not return.

Wherever Warts are stubborn and will need a strong removal remedy with persistence treatment and can take 1-6 months to go totally.

Below our our best warts on feet pictures and my strategy to determine if you have a wart vs corn on your foot.

Have I got a wart vs corn?

  • Corns are simply hard skin caused by friction and pressure in shoes.
  • Warts are caused by Human Papillary Viral infections which tend to spread quickly if left untreated.
  • Corns do not spread they appear typically on the top and in-between the toes.
  • Warts bleed easily.
  • Cons in between the toes are called soft corns
  • Warts on the feet are called Plantar warts or Verruca.
  • Corns feel like a small pebble and causes a sharp shooting pain.
  • Warts normally do not hurt except when they grow callous over them and this is when they may be mistaken as corns.
  • The most common spot for a corn is on the little or 5th toe on the outside knuckle of the toe.


Back to the Warts on Feet Pictures…….

Below are the best wart on feet pictures I believe that you will see to determine if you have plantar wart or a corn on your foot.

wart on foot pictures

An acid treatment is being used here to treat this wart you can see where the salicylic acid plaster has been.  The wart is deep within the skin layers.


Another common spot is underneath the big toe, this small plantar wart / verruca can be seen with the black heads.

wart on foot pictures

warts on feet pictures This wart in under the 4th metatarsal joint and you can see it is beginning to spread and has a layer of hard skin over it. This may be uncomfortable in shoes.

warts on feet picturesOne of the worst spots for a wart is in-between the toes, like corns they often become soft and are harder to remove.

The problem of warts in-between the toes is that they will spread easily to the other toe next to it.

Quick Remedies: For Warts and Corns On Your Feet

No wart or corn is the same on any person and finding the best wart removal treatment for your foot may take a few attempts.

But i suggest you be persistent when treating your wart on your foot as if you begin to use a wart product often the wart will get bigger and look worse before it begins to heal and go.

So stopping and starting treatment is not recommended.

Here is a list of my recommended wart on feet products i use on my patient with success, which you can purchase over the counter or online at Amazon.


Pros: Excellent for stubborn large plantar warts, warts on hands. Painless application no burning irritation or scaring.
Cons: Really annoying applicator stick and can take 14 days to arrive outside of the USA.

This is my preferred treatment on small warts on treatment for children as it really works fast. Amoils is a 100% organic essential oil based treatment for warts not just feet by on your hands, body and face.
It is a painless application and does not irritate or scar the skin.

My only tip is to use a ear dropper for application as the once with the bottle is useless!.

I wrote a review recently about this product its worth a read if you are looking for a excellent all natural wart treatment.

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Pros: Perfect for small warts on the fact, hands and feet, contains strong healing wart oils, smells nice.
Cons: Not so good on long established warts.

This Swiss made foot cream is also a all natural wart remedy and the base ingredients include Geranium, Thuya and Tea Tree oil which are know for their ability to penetrate skin layers which will eliminate the HPV Virus.

Learn more at the Byewarts.com website


Pros: Very inexpensive treatment, Used by Professionals for years.
Cons: Contains acid so careful application needed.
I have been using Salactol for years and you can use this on warts and verruca and also hard corns.

This treatment contains salicylic acid (Salicylic Acid 16.7% w/w; Lactic Acid 16.7% w/w.). When you apply the acid use a cotton bud for accurate application and the skin will turn a brownish/ black colour. Over treatment will make the skin appear soft and white.

Please note: ACID BURNS most people who have used salicylic acid wart or corn plasters usually end up burning the good skin because unless the solution is positioned and remains in the exact spot all you end up doing is burning the good skin around the corn or wart. So be careful. Get someone to help you apply this treatment. (see below foot on wart pictures )

Although the cons of this product are that it can move in the plaster and burn your good skin , Salactol does work and I have solved many a wart and corn with the product.

And finally the worst picture of a severe and established plantar wart is this one.

worst plantar wart picture

This picture of a plantar wart on the sole of the foot shows how aggressive they can become and from a simple small wart how they can spread into a much large entity.

If you have a plantar wart like this you MUST seek advice from a Podiatrist

this case I treated turned out to actually be related to Papillary Thyroid Cancer ( remember above HPV Human Papillary Virus).

When you have a long established wart that just will not go, it may be due to an underlying health condition , poor immune system, diabetes, lupus, even cancer.   Do not panic but do seek professional advice.

Finally Note….

I hope you have found this post interesting and you have now determined wherever you have a wart or corn.

Both can always be healed and cured with the right treatment.

Even that nasty plantar wart was treated and went once the patients health was healed 100%.

I would appreciated if you have found this information helpful or know a friend or family member who may need help getting their wart or corn gone that you share this post.

If you have a question or comment,  please leave one below and i will be more than happy to answer you back.

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Warts on Feet Pictures Vs Corns
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